A Closet Inventory

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After yesterday's post started to get insanely long, I decided that my closet inventory could be its own post. Nothing too interesting here, but thought I'd share where I ended up after my closet cleanout. I should mention one key thing: I didn't do an inventory beforehand, but I did count the number of pieces I put into bags to be sold/donated. So I don't have a before/after by category to share, but I do have a general before/after that I'll share at the bottom.

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6 blazers
1 vest
16 open sweaters/cardigans
13 blouses/button-down shirts
22 silky tank/tee-shirts
11 pullover sweaters (not pictured)
6 everlane tees (not pictured)

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16 pants
4 shorts
7 skirts

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30 dresses

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(not all are in this photo)
5 slip-on/boat shoes
11 heels/wedges
8 flats
5 sandals
5 booties
5 boots

(slippers, underwear, gym/lounge clothes not counted)

Total Items Before: 396
Total Items Now: 171

I felt so accomplished when I realized that I purged more than I kept. And when I realized that I had almost 400 items of clothing/shoes beforehand, it made me feel completely insane. Completely. I'm much happier with the idea that I'll be keeping this under 200, so here's how I plan to do that:

  1. Buy replacements, but donate/toss the item being replaced.
  2. Focus on a curated closet from a color perspective. I've decided I really love neutrals, pinks, and blues, and that I can do without the reds, yellows, greens, and purples for the most part.
  3. Stop buying items I love in multiple colors. Having two of the same thing just means I wear each piece left. (Excludes Everlane tees, obviously.)
  4. Shop with intention, seeking out items that will fill holes in my closet from this list

For those of you who've mastered this long before I have, anything else I should add to this list? How often do you guys do closet cleanouts or take closet inventories?? Help a girl out in the comments!

Posted on August 13, 2015 .