End of Summer Bucket List

Summer in Seattle tends to extend far into September, but when I realized we were already almost done with July and I still hadn't done some key things I love to do each summer, I realized it was time to put together a summer bucket list. With the limited time and our schedules already fairly packed, I limited myself to ten items. 

See an Outdoor Movie or Go To an Outdoor Concert 
I put this one first because we JUST saw Of Monsters and Men. I actually made this list before buying the tickets, which was done pretty spontaneously, so I'm counting it!

 photo FullSizeRender-2_zpsnu2doutc.jpg

Make S'mores
S'mores are definitely not my favorite summertime dessert (I much prefer ice cream or homemade berry cobbler with hand-picked berries) but they are one of my favorite things about camping in the summertime. This summer we haven't had a single opportunity to go camping, but my parents just put in a fire pit at the vineyard, so I'm making this a goal for the next few times I'm visiting them!

Read 3 Books Off My Reading List
I've got quite a few books on my list right now, so I'll just read them in the order they come available at the library. We'll see if I manage to write about them here on the blog!

Try a New Restaurant or Bar
We've been saving money when it comes to food really well this year, but that means that my list of new places to try is growing too fast! I'm thinking we should try Frelard Pizza CompanyRoux, or Hotel Albatross.

Take Niko For a Swim
We don't know if this guy enjoys the water or a swim. Definitely must give him a chance to cool off with a swim in the lake if he's into it.

Have a Tech-Free Day
Do I even need to back this up with reasoning? How great will it be? You'll never know, because I won't be able to take photos of it or post on social media. And if it isn't on instagram...it never happened, right? 

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Go For a Long Bike Ride Somewhere New
Now that we have bikes, we've been trying to cross off a lot of our urban trails, and there's still a bunch left to do! I want to be sure to do at least one more before the end of summer! Honestly some of them will be easier when it cools down this fall, but a nice easy flat ride on a hot day does still sound nice!

Watch the Sunset from Golden Gardens
Golden Gardens is a beautiful beach near my house with amazing views of the Olympic Peninsula & Mountain Range. I can't believe we haven't taken a blanket down to watch the sunset yet! Total summer fail! And with skies like this lately, we've gotta do it soon. 

Ride a Ferry
Luckily I know we'll get to do this one when we head out to Orcas Island for a wedding in a couple of weeks. It isn't summer without a ferry ride in Seattle!

Try a New Winery in Lake Chelan
A few new wineries have popped up over the last year or two and I haven't tried any of them! How can I be a Lake Chelan wine expert without crossing them all off at least once?! 

What's on your bucket list for the end of summer? Anything already planned that you've been looking forward to all season? 

Posted on August 11, 2015 and filed under Personal.