Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.19

This edition of Trav and Bri, Recently, is a look forward at August. I hope you enjoy the change-up. 

Coming Up at home
This month we're focusing on organization around the house. We have about 11 loads of clean laundry piled up, unfolded. I haven't mopped the kitchen floor since before the 4th of July - in fact, I've barely swept. We've made a few purges and we have bags ready to donate, stacked up in the hall. I want to go into September with a clean, organized home, and I know that we'll finally have time in August to do that, since we won't be traveling every single weekend like we were in July!

Upcoming purchases

Costa Rica (source)

Costa Rica (source)

We have a trip booked to Hawaii for November. Last week we bought tickets to Costa Rica for February. We plan to go to Mexico for a few days in April for my dad's 60th birthday. Oh - and we have a big upcoming remodel. This month I'll be buying a present for Travis's 30th birthday (labor day weekend) and hopefully that's it! We've got some saving to do. 

Coming Up styles
It's not looking like fall anytime soon around here, so I'm still loving the summer look. But I know that fall will probably start to creep into the end of the month, so I'm loving some of the workwear I'm seeing with summery pieces mixed with some chunky knits and booties (like this, this and this)

Up Next To consume
We froze lots of summer fruits and now we get to start integrating them into our meals more often. I'm making this later this week with some of our cherries, and a version of this probably next week with our apricots. And with all of those tropical vacations in the works, I should probably cut back on sweets, but this just looks so good!

Coming Up in love
We're headed to a concert next weekend that I'm so excited for. We've seen OMAM once before, and I know this time is going to be even more awesome, thanks to their new album, which we both love. 

Coming this week
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