6 Months

Today is our 6 Monthiversary. Which we won't be celebrating, because it isn't even a whole year. However, I wanted to look back at the last 6 months here, because there's been so many amazing days I don't want to forget!

Most of Month One was spent in Africa, which I've been thinking about a lot in the last week (RIP Cecil). I can't imagine wanting to kill any of the animals that we saw; especially not in their amazing natural habitats. 

 photo IMG_0637_zpsuhvbnilv.jpg

In Month Two we wrapped up a little kitchen remodel. What a difference this little change has made on our entertaining! Also in month two I cut bangs, which was scary but turned out to be one of my favorite hair changes to date! 

 photo IMG_0848_zpshaeubygm.jpg

Month Three was filled with little baby chicks. The lived in the bathtub, let us hold them, and were adorable little fluffballs. We wrapped up the month with a visit from my sis and her boyfriend, which was a blast. 

 photo IMG_1025_zpsji4g2i7a.jpg
 photo IMG_1432_zpsfj6mg8fl.jpg

In Month Four of marriage, we met a new baby family member, I went to Chicago for our annual sissy weekend, and Travis and I spent Memorial Day in Chelan with some of our best friends. This was a month spent with lots of people we love! 

 photo IMG_1912_zpsaoonujdb.jpg

Month Five we faced a huge challenge: building a chicken coop & run together. And we did it! I think that proves we're meant to be more than anything else, right? Also this month we got bikes and started riding together! 

 photo IMG_2073_zpskmm7ktcy.jpg
 photo IMG_2280_zpsr5ripa3n.jpg

And this most recent month of marriage, Month Six, has been filled with our newest addition, Niko. I like to think I knew how amazing this family would be once we had a dog, but even I've been surprised by how much Travis loves him. 

 photo IMG_2757_zpsyrlal3qm.jpg

(The photo above is Niko and Trav in bed after I got up for the day - hard to see without much light.)

If our first six months are any indication, I made the right choice marrying this man. Can't wait to see what's next for us!


Posted on July 31, 2015 .