July Budget Recap

July was supposed to be a cheap month, but instead I went a bit crazy at the Nordstrom sale, picking up a few basics I really needed - and then a few things I didn't need but really wanted. I'm pretty happy with it all, though! 

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And now the breakdown:

  • Trench: Not sure if I'm keeping this one or not, but I have been looking for a non-black coat for work for a while now. This one was a great steal! $100
  • Green Dress: I've already worn this twice. No photos yet, of course (fail!). Work dresses with sleeves are on my list, still! $72
  • Two-tone flats: You've seen these already, so we know it was a wise purchase. $40
  • Zella capris: I have the legging version (and grabbed another pair) but have been wanting a summery pair, so these were the winners! $30
  • Romper: A Target purchase! Not sure if I'm keeping it, though...tbd! $23
  • T-shirt Bra: The basic Nordstrom day bra was already mine in navy, so it was time to grab it in basic black. $12
  • Fancy-back bra: The free people bra has an awesome back detail to it, so I had to have it! $20
  • Zella Leggings: Can't have too many black leggings, right?! $34
  • Silky top (2 colors): I love these tops, and with my effort to increase the amount of pink in my closet, these two colors won. $60 for two
    TOTAL: $391 
    Oops, plus the Nike running shoes for $100, so actually $491! 

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Posted on July 30, 2015 and filed under Budget, Work Clothes.