Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.18

Recently at home
In case you missed it, we got a dog! This means we've now built quite the urban farm here in our little Seattle plot of land. Thought it was time to do a little farm tour, starting with the original responsibility, Amos. His favorite thing lately is roaming the backyard with the chickens - he thinks he's going to attack them, but when they turn towards him he runs away like the scared little boy he is. I can't believe he's turning 6 this December!

 photo IMG_2534_zpskoezjsqw.jpg

A few years ago, we decided to add more things to keep alive, so we built some garden boxes right out front. Not only do we want the produce from them, but we've got to keep them somewhat tidy because EVERYONE CAN SEE THEM. Currently growing: kale, peas (almost done), carrots, beets, lettuce, beans (almost done), squash, and cucumber. And of course out back we have our tomato and pepper pots.

 photo IMG_2676_zps2t9si89n.jpg

Then we got the girls: Gertie, Hattie, Charlie, and Dottie. They are growing up into big healthy ladies (they turn 4 months today!) who should laid their first egg on Thursday! Charlie and Gertie are still letting me hold them, so we'll keep our fingers crossed that will last. 

 photo IMG_2665_zpsdqhftfkq.jpg

And of course, now we have Niko.

 photo IMG_2648_zpsuecxilvv.jpg

With the exception of the constant rotation of produce in our garden beds, I think we're probably going to hold off on adding more life to our family, at least for a couple of years. 

Recently purchased
So much stuff for Niko. I didn't like his leash, so we got a new one. His harness was too big for him, so we got a new one. He also needed food bowls, a couple of toys, and of course some treats. We're set for a while now, though! 

Recently styled
I've been loving the daily walks we take with Niko, especially because of some new gear I've added to my closet lately. I've been wanting black Nikes for YEARS and finally pulled the trigger. They are so comfy and versatile. And of course, during the Nordstrom sale I had to pick up some more Zella pants - I got one more pair of long pants and one pair of capris - both in black. They are my favorite workout pants. Lastly, these little bralettes are perfect for a casual walk. Super comfy, feels good to get out of a structured bra, and yet they aren't as restricting as a sports bra. The perfect dog-walking bra, and only $12! 

Recently consumed
Last weekend we headed to Portland (with Niko!) for a couple of days with my sis & her boyfriend. We had the best weekend - manhattans upon arrival, dog park visits, walks through town, amazing brunch at Olympic Provisions, ladder ball games in the backyard, voodoo donuts, oysters for dinner, and the main reason for our visit: Project Pabst. It was the hipster-event of all hipster events - in the hipster city of Portland with the hipster beer PBR as the sponsor and there were beards and curly mustaches and outfits that didn't make sense in 95 degree weather EVERYWHERE. We went primarily to see TV on the Radio and Run the Jewels and we had a great time consuming large amounts of PBR to beat the heat. 

 photo IMG_0101_zpsonba0kht.jpg

Recently in love
This weekend Travis and I are both out of town on bachelor and bachelorette parties for some friends of ours who are getting married next month. I'm loving all of the wedding festivities this year that aren't for me - it's so much more fun to be a guest and celebrate someone you love. Friday is our 6 month anniversary - can you believe how fast time has gone?! More wedding recaps coming eventually, I promise!

 photo M0h7lVaJLDQ4uqRDlDTS6inHo-n4J7q1J1bEo_m0zcYvOZ2yJRtMHuf6dHzn2LfQlmAavehgx0rX3OZB4Kazss2UU_v0nfm4XF6hLLkp8Kja9VhlR4Cq5y5UZay_zpsafar07sj.jpeg
A shot from our first look.

Coming this week
A look back at 6 months married.
A post about shopping and my closet goals.
July's budget recap.

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