Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.14

Recently at home
Today we get to meet with our architect to see his first take on the upstairs addition. We are so excited. 

In other home news, the cat has seasonal anxiety (not actually, I just think so) and cries constantly because he wants to live outside. The chickens make him even more jealous than he used to be of the neighborhood outdoor cats and dogs. Here's our newest torture device for him: a harness and leash so we can tie him up outside: 

 photo Amos_zps02jirxp9.jpg

Recently purchased
1500 ladybugs. We've got an aphid issue in our backyard, so these guys and gals are headed our way to help eat the issue. I'll make sure to snapchat their release when they arrive later this week (snapchat name: bmarie35)

Recently styled
On Friday I got to attend an awards gala for work - our founders were finalists for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year - that was black tie. I was so happy to repurpose a bridesmaids dress I had worn a couple of Januarys ago - and I paired it with the belt I wore over my wedding dress. I also wore my wedding hair extensions :)

 photo Gala_zpsu9cjhcft.jpg

Recently consumed
Lots of protein, veggie, and legumes. The 4hb slow carb eating plan is really working. I'm down 12 lbs in the last 6 weeks and I'm feeling great. The weekly cheat day really keeps me going - yesterday I had a breakfast sandwich, lemonade, a sandwich for lunch, and pasta for dinner. I even indulged in dessert and a margarita later in the night. Pretty fantastic cheat day, if you ask me! 

Recently in love
Welp, we've been married for 4 months now, and have yet to acknowledge even a single milestone or month-iversary of marriage. Not really our style, though. Everyone asks how married life is, so I thought I'd share a few things that have made married life special or weird. 
 :: Every time we eat, we do it on matching plates and bowls and use matching silverware :: 
:: My last name is Clark, which is way easier for people to spell than Pettigrew :: 
:: Everyone asks me when we're going to have a baby (the answer is not yet) ::
:: I gained a ton of weight and now am trying to lose it again :: 
:: I have a whole new family that has embraced me and who I love so much ::
It really isn't that much different, being married. But every time I see him playing with his wedding ring, wearing it proudly, it reminds me just how incredibly lucky I am to have convinced him to pick me!

Coming this week
Honestly, who knows? All I can promise is that I'll announce June's Third Thursday Threads theme at some point! Have a good end to your weekend.

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