Casual Friday

I think I deleted the post with all of my Chicago outfits. So...I'm just going to cry and never post about it. But trust me, I packed a suitcase that was really flexible for our trip and that I was really happy with. If I get some time this weekend, I'll try to rewrite the post, but no promises.

So instead we go into a normal casual Friday post. Not the worst thing in the world. I'm not wearing a casual outfit at all today because I have a big 2-hour presentation this afternoon to a new prospective customer followed by a black tie gala. So my hair's nice and wavy right now, and I'm dressed professionally, and then I'll be sprucing up the curls and tossing on a floor-length gown for the event tonight. Not exactly a casual Friday. But we'll pretend it is:

 photo IMG_9053_zpsslr9pv07.jpg
 photo IMG_9054_zpsnsqphx0w.jpg

Shirt: Sloan PDX (similar)  |  Pants: J. Crew (similar)  |  Flats: Steve Madden

I wore this on Tuesday night for the Arbonne + sangria party I hosted. It was the perfect outfit to comfortably sit and learn all about the company and products and also to run around in the few minutes before everyone arrived prepping all of the food & drinks. A win-win, for sure. If you're interested in learning more about the products, check out Claire's page here. I ordered a few things I'll be sharing once I have time to test them out!

See you back here on Sunday for Trav and Bri, Recently! I'll be sharing the recipes from the party as well as an update on married life now that we're a few months in!

Posted on June 5, 2015 and filed under Work Clothes.