Budget Recap: June

June was a spendy month - and not all of it will be featured here as some is still en route to me. But here's what I spent that I have to show you:

 photo Budget June1_zps8rgsoiqn.jpg

The two dresses on the left and the twisty top were part of my Sloan purchase down in Portland, where I spent $300. It also included a slouchy purple tee, a dressy orange tank for work, a kimono, and a few small accessories. Pretty good, considering all that was included. I've worn it all, but so far only these few pieces have made it onto the blog. 

I also got the floral shoes, as you know, from Target for the wedding last weekend. They were only $20 in stores. I also got this bracelet from Stella & Dot - you should see it in some upcoming outfit pictures next to my fitbit :) 

 photo Budget Recap_zpsiskmxdcm.png

The whole endeavor puts me just under $400 - including the pieces that are in the mail, so that's pretty outrageous, but not the end of the world. Until you add in the bike...and helmet...and bike shorts...you guys - biking is really expensive!

Linking up with Franish, as always. She did much better this month - and got some awesome pieces from sponsors too!

Posted on June 29, 2015 and filed under Budget.