Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.17

Recently at home
We have our "final" floorplans for our upstairs addition, so I thought I'd share some of our concept and idea here. Right now we live in a 1900 sq ft house - one story with a finished basement. It has 4 small bedrooms and 2 bathrooms - split evenly between those two stories. As we looked at our house and imagined having kids here someday, we realized that we wanted a space that could be ours - that would allow us a king-sized bed, an area to have a baby near the bed, and a bathroom that we didn't have to share. Sounds selfish when I write it like that, but growing up my parents were able to have a mostly-kid-free retreat area in our home and I really believe it helped them be better parents to us! 

Right now, this is the plan for the new second story - it will be a master bedroom primarily: you walk right into the master when you exit the stairwell (there will be a door at the top of the stairs), and to the left is a large, open-concept bathroom/closet with access to a small deck where we'll put a table+chairs to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee and a view of the lake. The front of the house allows for a nursery/office/den that can be used for different purposes at different stages of our lives. The master bedroom will likely be vaulted in the middle to allow some more light in, and will have sliding doors on either side to allow the bathroom/closet and nursery/office to be separated if necessary. All 4 corners have small attic spaces to store holiday decorations, luggage, and other items. 

 photo Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 9.54.34 AM_zpsp7ldkhar.png

If you've done a home remodel, you know that this is a lengthy process. Now that we have these drawings done, we take them to a builder to get a ROM (a very rough estimate of the price range), and then from there lots of things need to happen before we can even start: we need to finalize designs based on the cost, we need to secure a loan, we need to get bids from builders and then select the contracting team we want to work with, we need to get permits from the city, and we need to determine a schedule. That doesn't even include the steps of looking into materials, styles, furniture, etc. Ideally, all of that happens and allows us to start the project in February 2016, ending in the fall. 

If you guys are interested, I'll toss an update into Trav & Bri, Recently every few weeks on how this project is going. If it's totally boring to you, I'll leave it out! Just let me know in the comments!

Recently purchased
I bought a bracelet from a Stella & Dot party last week to wear with my fitbit so that it isn't so ugly. It arrived on Friday and so far, so good. More to come this week on my budget recap post, though!

Recently styled

Hopefully you took the chance to vote on Friday for your favorite way to style my green dress for the wedding last night. Here's how I ended up wearing it - Color Craze won by a landslide: 

 photo IMG_9185_zpslaigg2vw.jpg

Recently consumed
Lots and lots of produce from our garden - lettuce, peas, beans, basil, and much more to come. But no fresh eggs from the chickens yet - that should happen around September, if all goes well. We think one of them might be a rooster...uh oh! 

Recently in love

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My cousin sent us this book last week, and I've already devoured so much of it. It goes through marriage-related topics from A to Z (like Anniversaries, Endings, In-Laws, Passion, Secrets, and Youth + Age) pulling from various famous and not-so-famous sources (like the Bible, 60 Minutes interviews, movies, and personal letters) to share advice, warnings, and motivations. I've already read big chunks of it - it is an awesome book to just pick up and leaf through, or to pull up a specific theme (such as Communication, which I read in full and LOVED) to read in entirety. Anyway, I highly recommend it - for yourself, or as a gift for anyone who wants to be, is, or was, in a marriage. It's available on Amazon, of course. 

PS. We got married this year, and it was (to date) the best day of my life. SO proud to live in this country where anyone can now marry the one they love. #LOVEwins. 

Coming this week
A budget recap for June
4th of July Inspiration
An outfit that's black and white and red all over 

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