Light & Airy

It's been hotter than usual here, and I'm having a hard time getting dressed for work. After 8 days in a row of wearing dresses to stay cool, I sometimes just have to wear pants. And then I don't know how to style them in a way that is optimal for warm weather. You see, in Seattle, most homes, and even some offices, don't have air conditioning. The number of days a year we would need it in our typically mild summers just don't warrant it. So when we have a hot streak like we've had this year, we suffer. It makes it hard to sleep, to work, and mostly for me right now - to dress!

I'm loving loose blouses like this - sometimes it feels good to wear sleeves and feel more covered, so having something that is light and airy and flowy is a must. I'd like to find some more in a t-shirt form - I feel like Fran's knocking it out of the park in this outfit, and I want to replicate that look and feeling with some similar tops. 

 photo IMG_9135_zpspfqjhdzy.jpg

Pants: LOFT (similar in a fun pattern)  |  Top: LOFT (short-sleeved option)  |  Shoes: BP

 photo IMG_9133_zpsejwigcsc.jpg

You'll start to see a lot more sunglasses around here - the subscription service from DITTO is my absolute favorite right now. I just received pair #3 - I'm burning through them quickly right now because there's so much I'm loving, but I think this third pair will stick around for a few weeks. Remember, you can try it free for the first month with code WORKCLOTHES. Here's a picture of me not really showing them off - I didn't get a good face-on shot - oops!

 photo IMG_9128_zpspincvllr.jpg
Posted on July 7, 2015 and filed under Work Clothes.