A Day In My Life: Seattle Edition

Here's what Monday of this week looked like - it was a pretty standard day of local meetings.

We have Sonos (the best sound system ever) so our alarm is a series of well-coordinated musical changes from room to room. At 5:45am our bedroom speaker starts playing classical music, which stops at 6. At 6am, the main downstairs room speaker starts playing upbeat indie, which goes for 30 minutes. The upstairs speakers go from 6:15-7:15 with some random selections - often from other countries - and signal that we should be moving upstairs for breakfast and then by 7:15, Trav should be out the door. Its all automatic and it is all amazing. So that being said, we get up between 5:45 and 6 M-F. Lately I've been heading upstairs around then to check my email for a few minutes before making us breakfast.

 photo 6-45_zpsctcubdjz.jpg

Once Trav leaves for work, I shower quickly and get ready for my day. 

 photo 7-15 am_zpsatmruymb.jpg
 photo 7-22 AM _zpsdqbvigwg.jpg

After I'm dressed, I head up to my newly cleaned office to get a bit of work done before heading into the office. I hate driving in between 7:30-9 because of traffic, so I'll usually work at home to wait it out. 

 photo 7-40 AM _zps5mhq6zkg.jpg

Gorgeous day in Seattle - I love that my daily commute takes me right under the Monorail :)

 photo 9-15 AM _zpsjogjqobe.jpg

Then it's work from my office downtown. We have great views but right now I look at a less-interesting side of the building - construction of the Amazon empire downtown. Monday I spent most of my morning prepping for a data review and doing some meeting prep for my trip to Portland this week.

 photo 9-35 AM _zpsoo678wrs.jpg

Quick break to run downstairs to the best coffee in Seattle: Monorail Espresso. Gotta get me some cold brew while "in season." Then its back upstairs to work some more in the quiet office.

 photo 10-27 AM _zps5vzpouyi.jpg

Always leftovers for lunch, and lots of liquids. Gross-looking leftover grilled sausage + baked beans were the special of the day. I ate it quickly at my desk because I had an errand to run before heading across the water for my afternoon data review.

 photo 12-25 PM _zpstfre4zpy.jpg

Our office is 5 blocks from Pike Place Market, so I ran down to get some Garlic Spears to have with dinner since we were having guests. They are amazing on the grill and I've been craving them all season. 

 photo 12-45 PM _zpsagsopvmb.jpg

Then I had to hustle back to have a quick hurdle with a teammate on the inside sales team. We needed to sync up on my top meeting targets for the next few weeks and my upcoming travel. The meeting was cut short as I had to leave for my data review across the lake. 

 photo 1-05 PM _zpsmftuvlbs.jpg

See that way out there right in front of me? That's Mt. Rainier - I love how it shows itself so well on sunny days. Luckily no traffic so I made it in plenty of time to my meeting.

 photo 1-18 PM _zps5gjgptj2.jpg

Meeting time. Went long - from 2pm until almost 4, but it was a really successful conversation! Here's to new customers!

 photo 2-27 PM _zpsfme4qpil.jpg

And of course, brake lights on the way home. We have lots of bridges and tunnels here, so I spend a lot of my time watching brake lights as we travel through areas of condensed lanes. Not fun at all.

 photo 3-55 PM _zps8hcsgvdo.jpg

Got home and quickly prepped the salmon for dinner. Lemon zest salt (from Jacobsen Salt Co) on one and brown sugar, smoked paprika, and cayenne on the other. The lemon one I'd be grilling on top of lemon rings with a dill butter, and the brown sugar one I'd let caramelize all on its own on the grill. But first, time to let the flavors really soak in.

 photo 4-45 PM _zpsrs1mm4xm.jpg

Back to my office to wrap up work for the day. Lots of emails from the afternoon and some follow-up from earlier in the day. And as always, the reminders for meetings the next day wraps up my daily activities. 

 photo 5-25 PM _zpsmwwa6l1u.jpg

Trav comes home from work and snaps a few quick photos on the deck. I usually wait for him and then change into something more comfortable. He was confused - I never turn the camera around on him when he's snapping my pictures, because I like it to last no more than about 45 seconds!

 photo 6-15 PM _zpszwjie8tx.jpg

Quick change into something more comfortable for the rest of the night. We were having guests so I wanted to be relaxed and have something to cover my legs in case we spent lots of time outside - which we did!

 photo 6-30 PM _zps7qxhgo3r.jpg

Spent a long time visiting before finally prepping dinner. The menu: salmon two ways, grilled bread, grilled garlic spears, and a caprese salad with a fresh peach mixed in - my favorite way to have caprese. A phenomenal meal that we capped off with fresh homemade strawberry rhubarb (from her garden!) crisp and ice cream. We visited a ton and had a longer night than planned, but it was totally worth it, as we hadn't seen Trav's cousin and his wife in a while. 

 photo 8-00 PM _zpsmjlflclb.jpg

At night we lock the cat downstairs with us so that he doesn't keep us awake with his adventuring around upstairs. He sprints down with anticipation most nights - as you can see here he didn't quite want to hold still for a photo. A quick brush of the teeth and wash of the face and it was time to crash after a long and busy, but really successful and fun, day. 

 photo 10-15 PM_zpsiqzoanal.jpg

Writing these recaps is always so weird for me because no two days are the same in my job. As a reminder, here is a travel day recap. I'll have to do another on a day when I start and end my day in another city. To see a TOTALLY different day, check out Fran's that she put together last week. 

And as a reminder, tomorrow is Third Thursday Threads: Denim Jackets. Cannot wait to see what you guys have put together! 

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