Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.15

Recently at home

We've taken on lots of little home improvement projects lately - definitely makes it feel like spring cleaning/summer project season. We added a larger run onto the chicken coop with some vertical playing/roosting space for them:

 photo IMG_2070_zpsaedcay6z.jpg

Added a little gallery wall to our guest bedroom upstairs: 

 photo IMG_2081_zpska7spahm.jpg

And cleaned the office so that I can actually use it (photos via snapchat, user bmarie35): 

 photo Clean Room_zpslutibjgb.jpg

Recently purchased

Tickets to see a live show of Prairie Home Companion at the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery in Woodinville. We went on Saturday as an early Father's Day present for Trav's dad, and we had so much fun. If you listen to podcasts, you can get the News From Lake Wobegon, or you can go right to the PHC site to get full episodes. This one made SO MUCH FUN of Seattle, which I totally loved. He was spot on with everything he picked on. 

 photo IMG_2138_zpssaba4twi.jpg

For the concerts at the winery, everyone makes picnics and brings blankets to lay on in the sunshiney grass to watch the show. Last year we saw John Legend here, and this year we're taking our summer concert series on the road for Of Monsters and Men at Marymoor Park in August. Anything outside, especially with a picnic, is absolutely my happy place. 

Recently styled

An outfit or two with my handy dandy jean jacket, in prep for this week's Third Thursday Threads link-up. I'm not going to share any of that here, though - gotta come back on Thursday to see it! 

Recently consumed

This book. This article on my new favorite, Evernote. My daily world update courtesy of the Skimm

Recently in love

Trav and I have been making an effort to max out our fitbit steps on the weekends, since we are so sedentary during the week with our (mostly) desk jobs. Last weekend we walked a few miles down the nearest restaurant/cafe road (Phinney/Greenwood) in the morning and ended up with amazing cold brew coffee and breakfast sandwiches. This weekend we took a LONG afternoon walk on Sunday to/through Fremont that took us by a bike shop, a beer/coffee shop, and a Sunday market full of awesome trinkets and AMAZING vegan popsicles. Spending the time together away from work, responsibilities of home, and technology has given us so much time to just talk, and it's been really wonderful. On our way back last night, we picked a couple of other interesting routes near the house, which I'm so excited to tackle next weekend. 

 photo FullSizeRender 2_zpsjv0u19wz.jpg

Coming this week
Third Thursday Threads: Jean Jackets link-up
Some more summer work outfits
A bit of personal care/beauty 

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