May Budget Recap

I bought more in May than I had originally anticipated, but I did manage to avoid all of the Memorial Day sales, which I see as a really good thing. Some shoppers do a really good job of sale shopping, checking off the things on their list for far less than they would have spent otherwise. I, however, tend to way overbuy. I see things that I've just kind of wanted go on big sale and even if I don't need them, I buy them anyway. It's not good. I'd rather buy things I really want and have wanted when I find them, not having to re-arrange my schedule in order to save a few dollars during a hectic shopping time. But hey, that's just me.  

 photo Budget Recap_zpsiskmxdcm.png

Most of my purchases came right before my Chicago trip, which meant I had fun new clothes to wear in Chicago and over Memorial Day. In fact, the three things I bought pre-trip have already each been worn at least three times. Doing good, for sure. 

 photo MayBudget_zpsbxaemwnn.jpg

LOFT ($20)  |  Nordstrom ($52)  |  LOFT ($35 - now on sale for $25!)

Also, while in Chicago I picked up a new skirt. It's super similar to this one, and cost me $40. I wore it to Second City and I've worn it once already in Seattle too. Again, a good buy, I think! I love my existing cotton maxi skirt, and this one definitely allows me to dress up more, which I'm going to love this summer! 

Lastly, I picked up a black sleeveless Portofino tank at Express. I ordered two but think I'll be returning the other, so the cost will end up at $45. 

Total: $192

I was also lucky enough to get a few awesome items from Asos. I wore this one here and will be showing off the other items (this tee, this tank, and these pants) in the coming weeks. 

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