A Kind-of Handmade Mother's Day

My parents kind of have everything, which makes gift-giving really hard. I really love spending time with them, though, so most often my gift of choice for them is a dinner or experience together. But this year, my mom wasn't going to be in town on or around Mother's Day, so I wanted to give her something that would be beneficial for her trip. She doesn't love to wear scarves because of the warmth, but I knew that a lightweight scarf is my number one travel essential, even in hot climates, and I wanted her to have the same experience. 

The first step was finding the right scarf. I didn't know what she had planned to pack, so I wanted something that could work with any of the main neutral colors - black, brown, gray, and navy. This scarf ended up being perfect for that. 

Then I had Travis help me take photos of me wearing the scarf in a bunch of different ways. See some of them below:

 photo ScarfOptions_zpsohpyqb7z.jpg

I got the photos printed out and then wrote the how-to on the back of each photo. In some cases there were 3-4 photos showing the various steps, so I carefully numbered and ordered them to highlight each step. Then, I punched a hole in the corners of all of them and tied them with a ribbon, making a little travel guide along with the scarf itself. I gave it all to her before she left on her trip, and I think she really liked it!

Best part? She's sent me a few photos already of how she's worn it - some of my ideas have been used, and she's also done some of her own, like the one below!

 photo IMG_7439_zpsqpf8ablf.jpg
Posted on May 13, 2015 .