Swear I'm Not Cheating

This outfit doesn't include anything from my Top 10, but I took the photos before I started the challenge and didn't want to have them sit around all month until May when I will be done rocking the Top 10. PLUS, Sarah did the same thing, and it's her challenge, so if she breaks the rules by posting an old outfit, I can do it too. Right, Sarah?

In other news, I managed to kind of stick to the Top 10 when I was in Boise this week. And by kind of I mean for 2/3 of my outfits, I had a Top 10 item. I also took no pictures of the outfits, so they really don't even count. Bad, bad blogger over here. 

One more important and unrelated thing: Third Thursday Threads is here next week! I'm getting specific this time around, so you can link up an older outfit if you want since a lot of the country may not be white-pant-ready, but the theme is WHITE PANTS. I'm on the hunt for new ones, and looking for more ways to style them, so this is a totally selfish theme choice. But its my blog and I've picked every theme, so I guess I'm always a bit selfish when it comes to picking themes. 

Swear I'm Not Cheating - Work Clothes I Suppose
Shirt: Le Tote, Necklace: Le Tote, Pants: Nordstrom, Flats: BP

Shirt: Le ToteNecklace: Le TotePants: NordstromFlats: BP

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Posted on April 10, 2015 .