Tears And Stains

I wore this outfit all day and then realized I had an ENORMOUS hole - basically the entire underside of my left arm - in the cardigan. One of my favorites, and not an easy spot to repair, although it is kind of near a seam so I can hopefully fix it. But no one told me all day! Maybe it wasn't noticeable? Or maybe it was but no one thought to mention it?! Do you guys tell people when you see them wearing something with a hole? Or something on it that can easily be brushed off, like some pollen from walking by some flowers too close (happened to me last week)? Apparently no one tells people things like this! Anyway, now this is getting added to the pile of items needing repair...it is a much bigger pile than I can handle in one sitting, especially without a sewing machine. 

 photo IMG_8953_zpsz7hsecbe.jpg

Shirt: Le Tote  |  Cardigan: BP (similar)  |  Pants: LOFT (similar)  |  Booties: BP

 photo IMG_8946_zpstknkhnuo.jpg

Other things this week:

  • The chickens are no longer under their heat lamp, which means they are getting close to ready to be outside permanently. Until then, our guest bathroom smells like a farm. 
  • This time next week I'll be in Chicago with my sister. I've been working on lots of little surprises for her, and I'm so excited to have four days with JUST her in a place we've never been together.
  • I've been doing the 4hb for an entire week now, and I'm down 5lbs so far! I weigh myself every day with this eating plan because my weight tends to fluctuate a bunch (especially given the cheat day) and it keeps me motivated to see that trend going down.
  • Travis is off on a bachelor party this weekend, which means I'll have the house to myself and will be able to check lots of things off my list - including some work on the blog to fix the final few glitches from the Squarespace cut-over. 
  • This shirt is from Le Tote - I got a tote this week that included the thickest sweater-coat thing ever, which I (hopefully) won't get a chance to wear except for at night since we've had such nice weather. We'll see, though - spring in Seattle can be pretty unpredictable. 
Posted on May 8, 2015 and filed under Work Clothes.