Farewell to the bangs

So, I'm growing my bangs out. Already. I gave it a shot, and honestly, I love them, but I'm so tired of the amount of work they take. I've stopped styling the rest of my hair because I'm required to style my bangs every day and then I don't have any more time or desire to do the rest. 

Plus, I really see myself this summer not wanting to deal with them. I'll just want to climb out of the lake and into the boat and be ready to go. But here's the thing - and I realize this is vain - but: I'm really proud of myself for cutting bangs in the first place. I've never taken real risks with my hair, and I'm so glad that I did. I now know that I can cut bangs whenever I want, and have a change of style. It's refreshing, honestly. 

 photo IMG_8847_zpsza1k0yyt.jpg

Shirt: Nordstrom  |  Cardigan: H&M  |  Slacks: Nordstrom  |  Necklace: Le Tote  |  Watch: Shinola

I only took one photo of this outfit. Major fail. It was a part of the Top 10 Remix from Sarah's blog, at which I totally failed. Too much travel is the excuse I'm going to give. It's totally valid, but I still feel like I should have tried harder. But now it is May, so we're just gonna let that little failure slide. Okay? :) 

Posted on May 1, 2015 and filed under Work Clothes.