Just Cut Off The Sleeves

I've been wanting a cute cargo vest for-ev-er. Since the day I was born, if I could remember that far back. But I'm saving money and I have TWO field jackets (one bought in London when I hadn't brought the other one for my long work trip there last June which seemed to totally justify the purchase), one of which has awkwardly thin sleeves that bother me so I never wear it. Plus the one I got in London is better. So I had these big dreams of getting a seam ripper and taking the sleeves off and then sewing the hem back together with an inherited sewing machine that I wasn't even sure worked and this is how far I got: 

 photo IMG_8852_zps048lmdjr.jpg

Shirt: LOFT (similar)  |  Vest: Forever21 (similar)  |  Jeans: LOFT  |  Sneakers: Target

I don't think you can even tell that the seams aren't sewn back together. Even in real life! I got the seam ripper, ripped the seams, removed the sleeves successfully, tried to use the sewing machine and learned that it is absolutely done with its sewing career. So now I have a totally dismantled sewing machine (Trav tried to fix it - got close, but they don't sell the broken part anymore!) and a fringe-hemmed vest. I'll take it. I wore it anyway, as you can tell, for a day of Costco and Home Depot and other thrilling activities like that and I absolutely adored this outfit. I'll definitely wear it again - and soon! I asked on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, but any sewing machine recommendations? I'm not sure when I'll pull the trigger and buy one...maybe not until after our remodel because it will be crazy to be buying more stuff I have to figure out where to put during the project? Who knows!

 photo IMG_8860_zpsdgcc0jld.jpg

Turns out these shoes are the best $15 I ever spent at Target. Definitely going to be a staple this summer, and hopefully I can continue with the amazing luck I've been having that it doesn't rain a single raindrop whenever I wear them. Because white sneakers + Seattle rainy days = new white sneakers because I'm terrible at cleaning shoes. (Speaking of - any tips there? Good products or best habits you're in to keep shoes looking new for longer than one day?! Please share!)

Posted on May 5, 2015 and filed under Work Clothes.