Internet Trolls and a Blazer

Lately when dressing at home I'm struggling to remember the pieces of an outfit that help me feel put-together. Yesterday, when dressing in this outfit, I got as far as the shirt and pants and necklace, but couldn't wrap my brain around what was missing. Travis told me to add a blazer (smart suit-wearing guy) and solved the world's problems. Because I think that's what blazers do - help me to solve the world's problems. Oh, wait, I forget sometimes that I'm not actually solving the world's problems here on the blog. Silly me. Thankfully, I have some super-helpful readers who leave comments like the one below to remind me. 

 photo Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 7.06.56 AM_zps2vofe1sp.png

In case you ever get into an internet fight, it's good to have a BIF (Best Internet Friend) to write the most eloquently-worded retort. Fran, you're my hero, seriously, and I'm so happy my unproductive time-waster of a blog gave me the chance to meet you on the internet and in real life. 

ANYWAY...on to the outfit:

 photo IMG_8941_zpsb4oa98ir.jpg

Shirt: Le ToteBlazer: Hand-me-down from mama (similar), Pants: H&M (while in London, similar), Wedges: Anne Klein (similar), Necklace: gift from mama (original)

 photo IMG_8937_zpsen3w8r4z.jpg

In case you're wondering, Le Tote totally and completely redeemed themselves with this last shipment. Two cute tops, a sweater that I don't love but definitely will wear at least once, and a couple of simple necklaces, which I'm really into. 

Also in case you're wondering, I thought about completely ignoring the comment that was left yesterday on my blog. But I remember a time, when I was first starting to blog, that I read a post on another blog about rude comments people were leaving on her blog. I couldn't believe that happened to people - that there were people out there who waste their time traveling through the internet insulting people - in this case a normal person with a hobby blog and not some celebrity. I couldn't believe that one day that might happen on this blog - mostly because I'm naive still about internet trolling and because I believe that by being real, I protect myself from that kind of behavior. I've realized now that you can't be protected at all if you have any public anything - but more importantly, I've realized that it doesn't bother me. I don't feel the need to defend myself because I'm confident that I make the right decisions for me. And right now, that includes this blog, no matter how deplorable and pathetic it may seem to some. For those of you who come by once in a while or every day and leave nice comments (or no comments at all) instead of insulting ones, thank you

Posted on April 24, 2015 and filed under Work Clothes.