Trav and Bri, Recently: vol8

Recently at home
Not enough time spent here to have much to share. Tomorrow I'm off to Portland and Tuesday is Spokane, but the rest of the week I get to be at home sweet home!!

Recently purchased
Tickets to Hawaii for Thanksgiving! We're going to the Big Island with my family for TEN DAYS of sunshine and I couldn't be more excited.

Recently styled
A meal for the first time! Usually I'm not thinking about presentation when I'm plating my food, but on Friday, I made a sesame noodle dish to go with some flank steak we'd been marinating in curry and when I plated, I put some thought into styling. Definitely not perfect, but I'm learning!

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Recently consumed
My sister and her boyfriend came up to Seattle for the weekend and last night we had an incredible feast of the largest cheese board I've ever made and 4-dozen oysters. It was pretty incredible. 

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Recently in love
aturday morning we tried a restaurant in Pioneer Square for the first time - The London Plane. It was quite delicious, but what I loved most was having time to catch up with sissy & her boyfriend and to share some amazing food with Travis. 

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Coming this week
Honestly, who knows? Too much travel to have much planned out right now. But stay tuned!

Posted on April 26, 2015 .