Packing List - Alaska

I'm up in Alaska this week and it snowed 2/3 of the time we were here, so I thought I'd pop in to share how I packed in a tiny carry-on for three days of snow and meetings. I use a super-small carry-on suitcase (the smallest I could find) for most of my trips, since they are usually just 1-2 days. Because of that, re-wearing shoes and coats is really important on most of my trips. I recently got some Kushyfoot Flats-to-go and they have become a permanent part of my luggage (along with my toiletries that never leave the bag) so that I always have a simple pair of black flats with me. 


 photo IMG_1352_zps9l5orgeo.jpg

Left Outfit: This is what I wore for meetings on Tuesday. It was snowing in the morning but ended up getting quite nice in the afternoon. The dress, cardigan, and boots, with some tights and a coat, were perfect for the chilly temperatures all day. (dress, cardigan, necklace, tights, boots)
Center Outfit: This is what I wore for the flight to Anchorage on Monday and for Monday afternoon's meeting. Stretchy ponte pants were perfect for the plane (6am flight = naptime) and transitioned perfectly to a meeting thanks to the chambray popover and (Travis') sweater. I also wore my boots with this outfit. (pants, chambray, sweater, boots)
Right Outfit: I try to take one casual outfit, if I have room, as I don't often know what my evenings will be like. In this case, I wore this outfit on Tuesday evening to go for a drive into the Chugash State Park since the sun was out and we didn't have a dinner meeting. It was really great to throw on something loose and stretchy for the sushi dinner we ended up eating on our way back to the hotel, too. (shirt, jeans, scarf, boots


 photo IMG_1355_zps5fsq00en.jpg Not pictured, the outfit I was wearing when I took these photos, which I wore on the final day in Anchorage for meetings and my flight back home. Sorry for the crappy cell phone image in the dark hallway of my hotel room. Dress: LOFT (similar)
Cardigan: BP
Tights: HUE

Also not pictured, the coats I wore. Travis gave me the idea to take two layerable coats instead of my big puffer coat, which was a great option. I had my small, compressable Uniqlo coat for warmth and my long North Face raincoat to wear over that in case of snow/rain. I ended up wearing it layered together almost the whole time, so I'm definitely glad I took his advice.

Other things I always have with me:

 photo IMG_1354_zpsd7vtvwh2.jpg

Not pictured: deodorant because I finished it and need to replace it. Can't forget!

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