Trav and Bri, Recently: vol7

Recently at home
If you saw my post on Wednesday, you know that I didn't spend much of the week at home. Travis does an amazing job of holding the house down while I'm gone - he's even been taking care of the chicks! - and I came home totally exhausted on Thursday to a spotless house. It's the little things.

Recently purchased
Honestly, all I bought this week was groceries. Some weeks are pretty glamour-free around here. However, I did decided to start putting things in my "Wish List" pinboard when I want to buy them. I figure if I leave it there for a few weeks, and still actively want the item, I can start looking for it, but in an effort to stop spending, I'm giving it a shot. Right now I'm really coveting these black sneakers, these olive skinnies, and a wearable fitness tracker. Do you guys have a favorite? I'm leaning towards a Fitbit Charge HR - any favorites out there? I'm also trying to give myself a workout challenge that ends with a new swimsuit reward, but with all of this travel I'm struggling to think of something other than "get enough sleep and drink enough water to survive". 

Recently styled

 photo IMG_1290_zpsuix5a0n4.jpg

Shirt Le Tote
Cardigan LOFT
Pants Nordstrom
Shoes Nordstrom
Necklace Le Tote  photo IMG_1282_zpsgernse9z.jpg

Recently consumed

 photo IMG_1240_zpskvakiahz.jpg

Remember when we went razor clamming? Well this week we made our first batch of clam chowder with the clams we dug up, and it was phenomenal. We used this recipe as a guide, and it turned out fabulously, although we ended up adding a heavy pour of hot sauce to each serving before eating, which made it even more amazing. On the first night we made it, we put it into bread bowls and feasted the night away. It was pretty incredible. 

Recently in love

 photo IMG_1233_zpsrxw0kopy.jpg

As you guys know, I spent most of the week on the road for work. I'm lucky enough to have a husband who sends cat photos once in a while.

Coming this week
Hopefully a full week of posts, if I'm lucky. 
Three-day trip to Anchorage for work.
Our first bbq'd meal of the season.
Le Tote rebound recap.

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