White Pants Inspiration

Happy Tax Day! Or not so happy, if you owe the IRS more money. BUT anyway, tomorrow is the big day - the first Third Thursday Threads on the new bloggity blog. And the theme is white pants. Which I think lots of you have and love but maybe haven't pulled out  yet this season. So as a reminder, if you want to link up an old outfit, you are MORE than welcome to. But if you want to throw together a new outfit, I thought I'd stop in real quick to share some of my favorite white pant inspiration for the spring:

 photo Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.13.41 AM_zpssccrsaig.png

As you can see, I'm loving white jeans with pastels, bright springy colors, stripes, and chambray. Can't wait to see how you all wear white pants tomorrow!

Sorry I don't have more for you today - this has been my schedule so far this week:
Sunday: stay up late to watch GoT (bad decision given my schedule Monday & Tuesday)
Monday: 10pm flight to Portland, delayed, arrive at hotel at 11:45pm
Tuesday: Up at 6am for an event, at event from 7-12, fly to Seattle at 2pm, at an event from 4-7pm, home to shower really quick, 10pm flight to Spokane, arrive at hotel after getting rental car at midnight
Wednesday: Wake up exhausted after sleeping in a teeny tiny bit (till 8!)

I'm in Spokane now until tomorrow, then it is home for a few days before I leave for Anchorage on Monday morning. This girl needs a vacation :)

Posted on April 15, 2015 and filed under Third Thursday Threads.