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Recently at home
The chicks are getting bigger and have taken up the entire bathtub now. They are super adorable and I'm loving my snuggle time with them each evening when I'm in town. It was really hard for me to be in Boise this week and not get to see them every day. We've picked their names, and I love them all so much - and I think they work really well once they are grown-up egg-laying hens, too! Meet the girls:

Trav and Bri, Recently - Work Clothes, I Suppose

Hattie (Harriet), Dottie (Dorothy), Gertie (Gertrude), and Charlie (Charlotte)

Recently purchased
We bought a chicken coop this week to get the backyard ready for these growing little creatures. It has a garden box on top of the coop area, and a big run, so it should be a fun place for me to grow some extra veggies and share them with the chicks once they are older. We'll probably wait a couple of weeks to assemble and install it in the backyard; once we do I'll make sure to share a photo!

Recently styled
It was already time for a little bang trim, so while at the salon I added some lowlights into my hair. I went pretty blonde for the wedding, and wanted to get my hair back to a more manageable, natural, dirty blonde color, so the lowlights will help a lot with that. I'm not a big fan of the length right now, but I'm glad I have fun new bangs to distract me (they still feel new even though they have been around a month now).

Trav and Bri, Recently - Work Clothes I Suppose

Recently consumed
It's no secret that Trav and I love a glass of wine after a long day at work. We're big fans of some local wines, so I thought I'd take the chance every once in a while to share what we're drinking. If you guys find these in stores in your non-Seattle hood, let me know - and buy them and try them!
Cairdeas Reserve Nellie Mae: This is currently our favorite white wine, and when we went to the market last weekend to cook ourselves a seafood feast, you better believe we paired some of the meal with this beautiful viognier/roussane blend.
Chelan Estate Pinot Noir: While Oregon is known for its Pinot Noir, some good stuff is coming out of Washington too, and this is one of the only Pinot Noirs in the Chelan AVA. I love it, and could drink bottle after bottle if I would let myself!

Recently in love
This couple is focusing on saving money and choosing health now that we're married. We've got a few big decisions to make in the next few weeks (no, not a baby or a dog or a job or a move) so we're trying to put ourselves in the best position to make the right choices. And for that, lots of budget talk. But saving money stresses me out, which makes me want to eat ice cream, so we're also trying to focus on buying, cooking, and eating healthy at least during the week.

Trav and Bri, Recently - Work Clothes, I Suppose

Top Left weeknight dinner: Flank steak, baked sweet potato fries, roasted purple asparagus
Top Right weeknight dinner: Blue Apron meal - chicken, barley, carrots (the best of the 3 we tried)
Bottom Left weekend dinner: Fresh basil pasta with peas, asparagus, bell peppers, and fresh mozzarella with greek olive bread
Bottom Right weekend breakfast: Waffle with fresh strawberries, bacon, coffee, and a mimosa (because Easter)

Coming this week
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Posted on April 12, 2015 .