More Hawaii Outfits

Since I skipped an entire week of blogging (work was crazy, I'm sorry!) I feel like it has now been forever since I was in Hawaii. So instead of having posts about Hawaii go on forever...we're just going to toss the rest of the outfits into this post. Sound good? Here's what I wore on our final 2 nights in town:

 photo IMG_4365_zpssawuhw6u.jpg

This skirt is one of my favorite things to take on vacation, because it is totally not wearable for anything but tropical trips. The wrap slits go HIGH on my thigh, and then it trails LONG behind me, and with a simple tee and sandals, this was the greatest final-night outfit. It was obviously insanely windy when we took these photos, and I loved the way the wind blew the skirt out behind me. 

 photo IMG_4340_zps5rdjriyo.jpg

This dress was brought with me to be my Thanksgiving dinner dress, but since I ended up buying a new one, I decided to try to style this dress in a more casual fashion. I always travel with a scarf, even for hot-weather vacations, and it was perfect to have this one available for inside the air conditioned sushi spot we went to for dinner. I love this dress but I do NOT love how it wrinkles so easily! Sitting in the car for the drive over was enough to put severe creases in the darn thing. 

 photo IMG_4360_zpsyhbkjsyw.jpg

Shirt: Banana Republic (current favorite)  |  Skirt: Lush (similar)
Sandals: Steve Madden (similar)  |  Purse: Madewell

 photo IMG_4337_zpslbdnlaxn.jpg

Dress: similar  |  Sandals: Steve Madden (similar)
Scarf: J. Crew Factory (similar)  |  Purse: Madewell 

 photo IMG_4362_zpssqi7vubt.jpg