Holiday Favorite Things

I'm probably sadder than you are at the lack of posts lately, mostly because this is my favorite time of year and I wish I could be sharing a million and a half things with you. But instead I'm working my butt off at work to close some business before the end of the year, and it's keeping me totally busy. I'm taking pictures, and doing awesome things in my spare time, but none of it is making its way here. I figured I owe you a few posts this week, though, so I am starting with my current holiday favorites from around the internet. 

Favorite Things to Gift:

 photo gifts_zpsqehavjbu.jpg

for your friend who needs her morning coffee, the foodie friend who travels the world, and for the list-lover in your life, look no further than these three favorite things.
mug  |  where chefs eat  |  52 lists project

Favorite Things to Receive:

 photo for me_zpsm0yf2fez.jpg

a cozy sweater for chilly days, fun workout pants that make going to the gym so much easier, a beautiful wine-colored bag to lug my laptop around (might have treated myself to that bag already...)
sweater  |  pants  |  bag

Favorite Things to Decorate with:

 photo decor_zpsqtt7msbd.jpg

an easy DIY for christmas card displaying, the pattern I can't get enough of in the form of a snuggly throw, and a sing-a-long pillow make for perfect holiday decor.
DIY tutorial  |  throw  |  pillow

Favorite Things to Consume:

 photo consuming_zpst9ettpau.jpg

what we're serving when we host christmas eve dinner this year: prime rib with scalloped potatoes, brussels sprouts, and more - plus a pumpkin cheesecake dessert!
scalloped potatoes  |  brussels sprouts  |  pumpkin cheesecake

I'll be back tomorrow with a recent outfit and again on Thursday for a quick post to kick off the long weekend. It isn't too late to link up to Third Thursday Threads, so hop on over with your holiday outfit and join us! And of course, take a minute to let me know some of your holiday favorite things in the comments! 

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