Weekend Getaway Pyramid Packing Guide

When packing for Denver a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I've been packing in the same way for weekend trips for a while but that I haven't shared with you guys how I do it. I took a few notes on my exact process and finally got around to creating a few images to help you do the same, if you're interested! 

This packing guide is to be used for a 3-ish day trip where you want to fit everything in a single carry-on. And remember - it is just a guide - I think that this one works well for spring, fall, and winter, but in summer you may need to swap out a few categories in order to have it make more sense! I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments, as well!

Here's how I do it:

 photo packing list - example_zpsrzbmt24l.jpg

For Denver, here's exactly what I did:

Step One: CHECK THE WEATHER: The weather was going to be sunny with some clouds and in the low 60s, so I knew I could get away with a vest as my warmth & didn't need a heavy coat

Step Two: PLAN FOR ACTIVITIES: We had plans to go to the pumpkin patch (muddy - bring boots!), to do some casual touring (walking - comfy shoes!), and to go to dinner Saturday (chic - pack lipstick and a fun necklace!)

Step Three: PICK A COLOR SCHEME: I knew I wanted to take my camel boots and my  new camel cardigan, so just added black and white to that. Tossed in a couple of olives pieces, which I knew would look great with everything else I was packing. 

Step Four: SELECT YOUR ITEMS: Here are the items I packed:
 - 1 Dress: One green shirtdress (with tights just in case)
 - 2 Bottoms: One pair ripped jeans (wore on the plane), one pair olive skinnies
 - 3 Shoes: Black sneakers (wore on the plane), camel boots, camel booties
 - 4 Shirts: Chambray button-down, two-tone Old Navy sweater, everlane tee, b&w striped tank
 - 5 Accessories: blanket scarf, gold pendant necklace, statement necklace, Ray Ban sunglasses, Shinola watch
 - 4 Necessities: socks, undies, pjs, swimsuit (just in case!)
 - 3 Outers: camel cardigan, herringbone vest, Everlane sweatshirt
 - 2 Toiletries: this is really two categories, so I packed my clean items like shampoo & deodorant, but also my beauty items like makeup and hair styling supplies
 - 1 Bag: one camel purse (this isn't the luggage, but the day-to-day bag)

And as a reminder, here a couple photos I snapped during the weekend which show example outfits:

 photo PicMonkey Collage_zpschpw9ejl.jpg

I ended up wearing almost everything - the only things that didn't get worn were my dress, my swimsuit, and my black and white striped tank. My suitcase was light, had room for shopping in Denver just in case, and was full of outfits I loved and felt comfortable in! I'll make sure to continue to show you how I use this in the future - but for now, I've included an empty version for you to try filling out for an upcoming weekend away! Make sure you share your thoughts in the comments so I can include any improvements or changes in future posts! 

 photo Weekend Getaway Template_zpsqfo3tkjc.jpg

You can also download the guide directly here

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