Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.33

Recently at home

The view from our "home" for the week is a beautiful one, even on an overcast morning. 

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Recently purchased
Nothing yet, but while I'm here, I hope to pick up a new cover-up and a new hat. And maybe a new swimsuit, since I decided I don't love either of the new ones I bought online, so they are heading back. I also may pick up a new golf polo, but only if they have a sleeveless one that's really lightweight - its hot on the links here!

Recently styled

Anything and everything that'll go with these glasses. I made a swap to my DITTO subscription right before I left for Hawaii, picking up these amazing Smoke x Mirrors Volunteers for my trip and I'm loving them so far. They are super high quality with their UV protection, and its noticeable in how clear the view is through them. Remember, you can still get your first month free with code WORKCLOTHES.

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Recently consumed

So. Much. Poke. If you aren't following me on snapchat, you should be! I'll be posting updates there more frequently than on instagram while I'm on my trip. Username: bmarie35 - and my snaps are open so feel free to send me stuff too!

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Recently in love
We're loving being back in Hawaii together - this time all 6 of us: Trav & me, my parents, and my sis + her bf. Last night we played rounds and rounds of Mexican Train Dominoes (why is it called this?!?!) and had so much fun. Tonight we're thinking we might play BANG, which is one of my favorites. 

Coming up next
A Hawaii packing post (I hope - working on it now...)
Some work clothes from last week
Sissy style: Hawaii

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