Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.30

Recently at home
Fall is in full force here, and we're loving taking Niko walks during rain breaks so he can play in the leaves. Hard to get a photo that isn't an action shot with this guy:

 photo IMG_3993_zpsrrdoyjmt.jpg

Recently purchased
Lots of flights for work, like the one that took me to Boise bright and early to witness this gorgeous sunrise last week: 

 photo IMG_3968_zpsngocwfc6.jpg

Recently styled
A Le Tote shirt with some pieces I own for a day of work in Spokane last week. Elevator mirror selfie was the best I did - and only on one of the days I was on the road. Thinking about keeping this top though - thoughts? It's $44 for members.

 photo IMG_3972_zpsycjys1hs.jpg

Recently consumed
My new favorite take on a Moscow Mule, using Makers Mark whiskey instead of vodka. The rest is the same, the copper mug is still the delivery mechanism, and the flavor is way more my style. Give it a try if you're a whiskey drinker!

Recently in love
Friday night was spent at the 30th birthday bash of my oldest friend - she turned 30 on the 30th, making it her golden birthday, which led to a gold-themed party. Trav's outfit was my favorite - in this photo he let my cousin wear his vest...but imagine it all in the same outfit and you'll see how he looked most of the night! I failed with photos but will try to track some down to post in the future! 

 photo IMG_3981_zpsz4jvfsfw.jpg

Coming up next
That puffer vest post I promised.
A post with my new Page Denim black jeans. 
Some other fun stuff, if I get my act together! 

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