Fall Bucket List Progress

We're working our way successfully through fall and I'm doing my best to cross off all of the items on my bucket list. Here's how I'm doing so far:

 photo fall bucket list - update_zpsixkr5orz.jpg

A few of these were pretty easy - I knew I'd be going to a pumpkin patch & trying a new restaurant in Denver, so those were checked off from that trip. For those of you in Denver, we LOVE Anderson Farms and go there every year, and the restaurant we tried was called Green Russell, and was a speakeasy hidden behind Russell's Smokehouse in Larimer Square. Super delicious!

I also decided not to make a new wreath because I FOUND ONE I had already in our fall bin. To be honest, I had forgotten I had a fall bin. So that was a nice discovery :) 

As for crockpot recipes, I made a new chili (first time using tomatoes I had picked myself!) with sweet potatoes in it, a chicken soup with lots of kale, and a version of this, which was incredible. I'll definitely be making it again! Seriously anything with squash lately has been right up my alley! 

Now, for what I have still to do - it is a lot! The movie marathon day is going to be tough...but maybe I'll count our flight to Hawaii, when we plan to watch a few downloaded movies together on our iPad. Any recommendations for awesome new releases? 

The "give thanks" item is because I still have a few thank you cards from the wedding I need to send. I'm using this fall as my deadline as we are REALLY close to hitting our one-year etiquette deadline!! A couple of them are more of thank you GIFTS, so I've been working on orders & that's been the delay. We're close though!

As for the apple cider...we bought some and then drank it all cold without ever making a hot version to enjoy by the fire or outside. But it's finally starting to cool off a lot in Seattle, so I see this happening sooner rather than later!

What are the best things you've done this fall? Any recommendations for me to add to a version of this list next year?

Posted on October 29, 2015 and filed under Personal.