October Budget Recap

October has almost come to an end and it was full of shopping. A handful of these things were purchased in September, but since they didn't arrive until October, I'm including them here. I did a good job picking off a few items from my wish list, which has now been edited to reflect those changes. Progress, people! Anyway, here's what I bought (and got, in the case of my black jeans purchased with Shopbop credit). 

When I signed up for my 8-week workout challenge, I told myself that I'd treat myself at the halfway mark if I was still on-target. I decided to treat myself with some fun workout clothes and discovered the brand Onzie, which I'm completely obsessed with now. I purchased both of the workout pants below from them and have gotten tons of compliments at the gym! Makes it way more fun to work out when I'm in fun clothes. That's also what I picked up the Old Navy tank for :) 

 photo finaloct_zpsy05iojpo.jpg

Top Row: Loft ($41), Old Navy ($30), Shopbop ($0 thanks to credit), Old Navy (purchased in olive, which is no longer available online ($34)
Bottom Row LEFT: Onzie ($70), Onzie ($56), LOFT ($27), LOFT ($42)
Bottom Row RIGHT: J. Crew Factory Cardigan ($35), Old Navy Shirt ($14), Old Navy Tank ($5)

TOTAL: $354

This month I finally returned a bunch of things I had purchased in past months and included in blog recaps (oldddd stuff from the Nordstrom sale, mostly) which put $450 back into my bank account, so I put some of that towards purchases this month. My waist especially is getting much smaller as part of this 8-week transformation at the gym, and so it was finally time to buy a few pairs of pants in my usual size (and even one size smaller, in one case!) so that I have some things that fit. But since I'm not sure where I'll end up, I didn't splurge on super-nice pants, yet! 

As always, linking up with Franish & all the other amazing budgeting bloggers out there! 

Posted on October 28, 2015 and filed under Budget.