Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.29

Recently at home
Our neighborhood (which is usually REALLY safe) has been hit with a string of middle-of-the-night car break-ins, and until last night, we were left untouched. Our car is under a big streetlight and we have a huge front window, so we thought that would keep the bad guys away. But in the middle of the night, I got a phone call from our next door neighbor that my cousin's rental car was hit (I'm in Denver so had to call Trav  to wake him up). There wasn't anything inside worth taking, and the cops arrived in a couple of minutes to help out, but it's still pretty scary. Our neighbor was smart enough to turn on her car's alarm by remote which scared the guy off - hopefully for good. Fingers crossed this is the last time they target our street! 

Recently purchased
I picked up a few pants (in smaller sizes!) at Old Navy last week on HUGE sale. Budget post coming this week with more details! 

Recently styled

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We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday in Denver so I pulled out my riding boots for a day that felt SO much like fall. 

Recently consumed
The most amazing birthday concept for a two-year old courtesy of Anne. I'm not in a rush to have kids, but when I do, I'm definitely doing this for a birthday party. 

Recently in love
Last week Trav asked me if I want a nice present for my 30th birthday (coming up in March) or a weekend away. I picked weekend away and now know I'm going to be tortured with surprise hints for the next 4+ months. But knowing Trav, it will all be worth it!

Coming up next
A budget recap for the month of October
A few outfits with my J. Crew Houndstooth Vest

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