Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.28

Recently at home
Last week in Lake Chelan Kendra and I picked about 60 lbs of grapes from my parents vineyard for Trav to make into wine. SO this week, that's what we've been doing. We pressed it yesterday and now it is finishing its fermentation in a carboy. Can't wait to try the stuff! 

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Recently purchased
As you saw, Shopbop had their big friends & family sale last week. I got a pair of Paige Denim jeans and can't wait for them to arrive. 

Recently styled
Fall is here, so I had to pull out my blanket scarf (purchased last year at Target, but still available) and boots. And yes, that is a pumpkin spice drink from Starbucks (americano with one pump pumpkin is all I do). 

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Recently consumed
I am so happy that Fran wrote this post. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend hopping over there and doing so. I've always felt really lucky to be "average-sized" (5'6", ~145lbs, wear a M/6/8) where I can wear almost any style and most things come in sizes that are just perfect for me. BUT entering the online world has at some points made me feel like its more of a curse than a privilege, and so there were definitely things within her post that resonated with me. 

Recently in love
I got a coffee-in-bed delivery yesterday morning from one of my favorite coffee shops in our neighborhood, which was a first. That extra 30 minutes of laying in bed with the animals and reading my book was soooo appreciated. 

Coming up next
A post with patterned pants and a new cardigan
Some busy-day mirror selfies
A new "sissy style"

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