Shopbop Sale Favorites

If you read other blogs, you probably already know about the Shopbop friends and family sale that went live today. It only lasts through Thursday night, so act fast if there are pieces you've been considering picking up. 25% off can be a big deal when talking about some of my favorite things, like designer denim and fancy handbags. The sale details can be found here - use code INTHEFAM25.

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Since I just recently started my partnership with the team at Shopbop, this is my first time sharing my picks from one of their awesome sales. Here's what I would pick up (and what I did pick up):

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Madewell backpack: I've seen this on Anne now a few times and can't get over how much I love it as a day pack. The idea that she can also use it as a diaper bag for H makes it an awesomely versatile piece.

Black flat booties: I have a pair of cognac flat booties that I got a few years ago, and I love them. They always feel a bit edgy to me, which is something I've learned to embrace recently. I've been on the hunt for some black ones but haven't found the perfect options yet. I'm loving the detailing on some of these - the zippers, buckles, and other embellishments are making me crave these more than ever.

Black jeans:  I wear my urban outfitters pair fairly frequently, but they are starting to lose their blackness a bit and are starting to fray a bit around the waist hem. I'm thinking that black will be something I continue to wear the heck out of so its time to pick up a new pair.

Blush tops: If you followed along during my closet cleanout (part 1, 2, 3) you know that I decided pinks and blues are going to be my closet colors. Blush is my favorite of the pinks for fall and winter, so I'm thinking of adding another blush top to my closet. How about that adorable Cooper & Ella double layer tank??

Blue blazer: If I'm sticking more to blues and pinks, I need a classic blue blazer for dressing up my outfits. I'd prefer to do navy first, as I can see it going with the most, and I love the detailing on some of these options - especially the shape of the Theory one.

Swimsuit: When I started this 8-week challenge I decided that if I lose 10% body fat, I can get a new swimsuit for our Hawaii trip. Anne got an adorable one a month or two ago that she just posted on Instagram, and I'm ready to make a purchase here. If I lose the fat, I keep it. If I don't, it'll have to go back. Which is your favorite? I need help narrowing my options!

Wool coat: I live in a rainy town so I wear lots of rain coats, but I don't have much as far as cold-weather coats. With my travel to Boise and Anchorage, which are both colder but dryer than Seattle, I need another option. I'm leaning toward a non-black. When looking at the colors, which one is most versatile? I love the idea of a forest green which they don't currently have, but I also love the classic red.

Outside of all of this, the brand I'm most excited to see on the sale is Sam Edelman. I purged so many shoes that I just didn't love and some of them need replacing. I need a good cognac flat, a tan wedge, and black booties, and I'm tempted to buy some of that from Sam Edelman.

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Make sure to check back in my October budget to see what I end up buying - I can promise it'll be something great!

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