Sissy Style: For The Office

My sis has been sending me lots of outfit photos lately - mostly because she's been wearing lots of my hand-me-downs, and she loves making me regret giving items to her (just kidding!). But seriously, half of the time, she shows me an outfit with a piece I gave her, and I'm instantly like "why didn't I ever style it that way?!" But she's way cuter in all of it, and I don't actually regret getting rid of so much - it feels great to get dressed every day selecting items from a closet full of only things that I love. Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of her recent looks. 

Most of my sister's clothes come from a cute boutique in Portland called Sloan. Here are some similar options:
shirt  |  blazer  |  skirt  |  scarf  |  shoes

I love this look for the office - the graphic tee keeps it more casual while the (amazing!) shoes and blazer still look professional. And the way that scarf is tied is my favorite - how come I never think to do that?! 

Similar items:
shirt  |  sweater  |  ponte pants  |  boots

The polka dot mixing here is my favorite. This sweater is a hand-me-down from me, and I got it from a friend as a hand-me-down from her closet! The cute black ponte pants and boots with this cozy sweater just scream fall to me!

 photo IMG_0690_zpsullmnh1q.jpeg

Similar items:
shirt  |  blazer  |  leggings  |  flats

This outfit is a favorite of mine. I love the idea of taking leggings or skinny jeans and a basic tee and then dressing it up with a blazer and some cute pointy-toe flats. On this day my sister was working and then heading to a college she attended to help out with the design students, so she wanted to be casual enough for that while still looking pulled together. I love the result. 

Let me know in the comments if you want to keep seeing some of my sister's style once in a while! I think she's so cute and I love her creativity with her wardrobe, but don't want to force it on you if it isn't your thing! 

Posted on October 1, 2015 and filed under Work Clothes, Sissy Style.