Humpday Bumpdate: 37 Weeks

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly get any more pregnant...

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Here's what's going on with me now: 

  • Baby Girl is: still breech, so we have an external cephalic version scheduled for Friday morning. She may still flip on her own between now and then, so I'm still working on all the little tricks I can between today and Friday. Keep your fingers crossed for me and think good head-down thoughts!
  • Cravings/Aversions: I haven't been super hungry this week, but now that it is sunny here, I'm loving watermelon and other fresh fruit, as it is refreshing and hydrating on warmer days. 
  • Feeling: Super puffy, but pretty okay overall! I'm sleeping well, still loving walks with the dog (although slower and shorter, for sure), and am pampering myself with weekly massages on top of the prenatal yoga classes I've already been doing a few times a week. It is definitely helping me feel like I can make it through these last few weeks!
  • Thinking of: How excited I am to meet her. Baby girl is still SUPER active, and I just can't wait to see her little limbs kicking and punching around outside of me sometime this month! I also know she has a full head of hair, which I can't wait to see on the outside too!
  • This Week I've Been: Realizing that the whole 40-week pregnancy countdown has kind of played a trick on my mind. As the person who is pregnant, I'm counting down toward the end of the 40 weeks as though that's the end (and it is the end of pregnancy)...but this week I've noticed it is really counting down towards the beginning. The beginning of being a mom, of taking care of a tiny human who lives outside of me yet totally depends on Travis and me.
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Humpday Bumpdate: 36 Weeks

I'll start by saying wow - I feel so much better than I did last week. I've upgraded my pillow situation substantially and have started taking a bath EVERY NIGHT before bed, and its working! I'm sleeping again, I'm more comfortable during the day, and I feel like I can actually make it through these last few weeks. Let's hope this feeling sticks around. 

 photo IMG_1159_zpsax7nrenq.jpg

Here's what's going on with me now: 

  • Baby Girl is: killing my right ribs - aka still breech! I'm working on inversions, acupuncture, and a lot of other at-home tricks that should help her flip, as I'd love to do it on my own. But if not, we'll be scheduling an external version. Anyone have experience with this? Let me know in the comments!
  • Cravings/Aversions: Toast with honey has kind of taken over peanut butter toast. And citrus fruit, especially in the morning, is helping me quench the thirst I get from not drinking as much water overnight. Spicy food suddenly doesn't taste great (so weird), so I'm sticking to things with a bit less spice this week. 
  • Feeling: So much better than I was last week. I'm taking nightly baths (where I honestly sit there reading or listening to music or watching a show on my laptop for over an hour!) and sleeping well, and I'm back to having energy during the day. Hoping this sticks around!
  • Thinking of: The last few must-dos before baby girl comes. Big one on the list: car seat installation! And a pedicure. I'm in huge huge need of a pedicure. 
  • This Week I've Been: Enjoying the last few weeks with it being just me & Travis. We've been playing board/card games together after dinner, snuggling a few extra minutes in the mornings, and have been trying to relish the fact that next month, we'll be parents and not just a happily married couple. 

In case you don't follow me on snapchat (but you should because I'm sure baby girl will be on there a bunch once she arrives - username is: bmarie35), here's my current pillow setup for sleep: 

 photo IMG_1143_zpsnqazrsws.jpg

I'm hoping I don't need to add any more before the end...otherwise I may have to go sleep on the guest bed by myself so I don't leave Travis without any room at all!! :) 

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Humpday Bumpdate: 35 Weeks

Okay, are we there yet? Like really, can we be? I can't believe I still have a month to go...but here's where we are this week...

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Here's what's going on with me now: 

  • Baby Girl is: breech. I spoke too soon last week, apparently. I've been spending lots of time in inversions hoping to flip the little lady back around, but no luck yet. 
  • Cravings/Aversions: I'm back on a pretty serious peanut butter kick. I had a few weeks without it (we were out, and I avoided buying more on purpose) but I couldn't resist adding more to our pantry again this week. 
  • Feeling: Uncomfortable basically all the time. Baby girl's head is permanently connected to my right ribs which is NOT comfortable, my ankles are starting to swell at the end of each day, and I'm feeling more tired (probably because sleep is not going so well). So really, lady, whenever you're ready, I think we could handle you being born now!
  • Thinking of: Patience. Trying to focus on it, enjoy these last few weeks as a childless couple, and give her time to finish cooking. Despite being uncomfortable these last few days, I've felt really good the rest of the pregnancy, so I'm trying to remind myself of that and to just be patient. 
  • This Week I've Been: Trying to get work tasks in order for my maternity leave time. I have a couple of people who are going to step in and help manage my sales territory for me while I'm out, so I've got to leave them with detailed notes on the status of everything prior to the delivery. 

Any favorite tricks for hanging in there the last few weeks of pregnancy for those of you who have been here before?? I'm really trying to be patient (because I know I honestly don't have a choice) but oh man the last 3 days patience has not been my strong suit! Let me know in the comments!

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At Home: A Nursery for Baby Girl

I've promised this a few times and today I finally got around to taking a few pictures, so I wanted to stop in and share the finished nursery with you guys right away. There are a couple of little things I'm still going to do (like mount the baby monitor and hang a couple of other items on the little gallery wall-to-be above her crib) but for the most part, we're all done! Until baby girl comes and we realize none of it works and we have to re-arrange the whole room. Just kidding...I hope!

I'll share sources at the bottom of the post if you are interested in where any of the pieces are from - and if there's anything not included that you're curious about, just let me know in the comments!

 photo IMG_1104_zpswrpnjedd.jpg

The doorway that you can see to the left is the big barn door opening into our master bedroom, which I think is going to be so convenient when we're dealing with middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes. The door can start open and as she gets older we can work towards having it totally closed. 

 photo IMG_1103_zpsohvi3izw.jpg

The closet (doors seen in far right photo below) is half baby girl's stuff and half my stuff, which seems to be working really well. I've been storing my dresses in this closet since we moved upstairs into the new construction and I think I'll plan on keeping it that way as long as possible. She still has two little racks of clothing and then 5 shelves that are organized with little baskets, making it pretty easy. We have no shortage of storage space, thankfully!

The gallery wall seen below is just getting started, obviously. I already have a framed piece I need to hang, as well as a couple of other cute little pieces that still need frames. I'm hoping I can tackle that this weekend, just so that it is alllllll done! 

 photo IMG_1098_zps98hjh487.jpg

We have had so much fun buying and receiving the pieces necessary for a complete nursery. I can't wait till I can show off all of her adorable outfits, too! New feature on the blog, perhaps?? 

Rug: West Elm
Crib: Babyletto (on Amazon)
Glider/Recliner Combo: Target (similar)
Dresser/Changing Table: IKEA
Bookshelves/Bench: IKEA
Bench Seat: DIY (tutorial here)
Diaper Cart: IKEA
Mallory Sign: Mecko Designs on Etsy
Crib Sheets/Changing Table Cover: Burts Bees
Giraffe: hand-me-down (can be found on Amazon)
Swan Mobile: Nordstrom
Colored Paper Garland & Mobile: Made for my shower by a friend! Tutorial here
M Pillow: Land of Nod

Just 5 weeks to go until my due date! Can't wait to meet the little girl who will get the best room in the house! 

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Humpday Bumpdate: 34 Weeks

Really entering the home stretch now! 

 photo IMG_1086_zpsiuezkf64.jpg

Here's what's going on with me now: 

  • Baby Girl is: currently head down and I'm really hoping she'll stay that way until delivery time!
  • Cravings/Aversions: Drinking loads of ice water, craving vegetables and salad like never before, and loving egg salad sandwiches, oddly enough. 
  • Feeling: Still feeling really good, although I'm starting to need more sleep every night. My energy doesn't fade during the day, but the minute I hit the pillow, I could sleep for 12+ hours! My alarm is a pretty rude awakening every morning. 
  • Thinking of: Packing a hospital bag! We haven't done this yet and we're getting to the point where I should have one at least started. What things were MUST HAVES when you were delivering? And what should you have left at home?? Let me know in the comments, please! 
  • This Week I've Been: Putting finishing touches on the nursery. I think its ready for a post of its own to show off all of the little details! Let's hope I can pull that together this week! 
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Humpday Bumpdate: 33 Weeks

33 weeks! I can't believe how fast time is moving during this pregnancy - and I'm sure it'll move even faster when I have a tiny human to take care of on the outside. Just a couple more months...!

 photo IMG_1034_zpsxgl1ptna.jpg

Here's what's going on with me now: 

  • Baby Girl is: moving more than ever before. I'm convinced she never sleeps, or she's the most mobile sleeper ever! She's gaining weight (over 4.5lbs at this point!) and even has some hair on her head already. 
  • Cravings/Aversions: Ice water, pineapple, and chicken breast could be my whole diet right now and I'd be pretty happy. Especially if you toss in a lemon bar or two (Travis baked some for my sister's bridal shower and they are HEAVENLY!). 
  • Feeling: Really great, actually. I feel like I keep getting more energy, I'm sleeping well again, and I'm feeling fewer aches and pains of growth. It is as though my body has finally adjusted to carrying all of this extra weight. 
  • Thinking of: The last couple work trips with baby girl on the inside! Today I fly to Anchorage for a quick overnighter, and next Tuesday I have my final day trip to Portland. Then its no flying until she's on the outside and I'm back at work!
  • This Week I've Been: On a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions. During our ultrasound last Thursday (profile shot of baby girl taken is down below!) we found out that I have an excess of amniotic fluid (called polyhydramnios if you wanna google it), so they scheduled me for weekly ultrasounds and non-stress tests. Then during the ultrasound on Monday the fluid levels were normal. So we'll do a couple more weeks of testing, but I'm hoping that the first ultrasound just got a bad reading somehow and was a fluke. Everything looked great at this most recent non-stress test and ultrasound, so I'm hoping that trend continues. Think good thoughts for me and this baby girl!
 photo IMG_1014_zpsy1l8qbrf.jpg

I'll be back later this week to show off some pictures from my two gorgeous baby showers (and I get a third at work on Friday!) as well as from my sister's bridal shower that we had at my house last weekend. Stay tuned!

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Five Goals: April

Happy Monday!! I loved my March goals and I am so excited to get going on April now that we've entered the month. But first, let's review how I did in March: 

  • Walk on hotel treadmills when traveling. DONE! This was a huge win for me. I walk the dog when I'm home, and I walk quite a bit while traveling for work, but spending some time on the hotel treadmill to end or start the day helped my mood (and my travel body fatigue) so much!
  • Don't buy any more maternity clothes. ONLY KIND OF. I did buy a couple of things - but they were for specific things like my second baby shower and my maternity photos. And I'm okay with that :) 
  • Assemble all nursery furniture. DONE! Can't wait to show off the finished nursery once all the decorating and tidying is done too. 
  • Nap often. DONE! This was kind of a cheat, but man it was such a treat to have this on my goal list to check off. 
  • Keep flowers in the house. DONE! Spring sunshine still hasn't arrived in Seattle, so it was so very nice to have flowers in the house all month. Travis even bought me some! And some flowers that I got for my birthday to start the month lasted over 2 weeks! So this was easier than I thought it would be to achieve. 
 photo april goals_zps02bqvx7g.jpg

Here's what I hope to focus on in April: 

  1. Finish decorating the nursery and get all of the blankets and newborn clothes washed & put away. This is self-explanatory, but I don't want to be scrambling to do this as we near her due date, so I'd like to have it all done in April!
  2. Keep nails painted! I've had this as a goal before and it was really helpful. I've been slacking lately and my nails have been driving me crazy, so time to throw this back on the list. 
  3. Build arm strength. I've been great about walking and prenatal yoga, but I haven't been doing any weight-lifting for my upper body. I'd like to do some arm toning 3x a week for the month of April! 
  4. Blog at least twice a week. I barely kept up with my Humpday Bumpdate in March, and I've missed coming to this space more often. So I'd like to have 2 posts per week at minimum in April! 
  5. Write all of my thank you notes. We have been so lucky to receive some amazing items from our Amazon registry, and I've got lots of thank you notes to write! I made it through the first 10 or so but I've got a lot left to do, and I'd like to have that all done in April!

Linking up as always with Writes Like a Girl! What are your April goals?? 

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Tips for Building a Maternity Wardrobe

I've mentioned this before, but shopping for lots of maternity clothes just seems silly to me. You're only pregnant for a short amount of time, and even if you plan on having multiple kids, you don't know that you'll necessarily be pregnant during the same seasons again. So I've relied on four things to build my maternity wardrobe, and all have been equally important!

  1. Borrow from friends who have already had their babies. This is the cheapest (free!) option of course but isn't an option for everyone. I got lucky in that a good friend of mine is very close in size to me and she had her baby last fall. So I raided her closet to borrow the pieces she purchased during her maternity. And you guys - she's got great style!
  2. Buy some necessary basics. This is the part that can cost some money, but you don't need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. For me, this has meant the following: 5 pants (2 pairs of jeans, one pair of black slacks, one pair of navy slacks, one pair of purple ponte pants), 5 dresses (navy 3/4 bodycon, gray sleeveless bodycon, navy scalloped shift, b&w striped bodycon, bright pink short sleeve bodycon), and a variety of basic tops (a couple of sweaters, a couple of tank tops, and a handful of solid/striped long & short sleeved tees). I've relied on sale items from Target, Gap, and Destination Maternity (they have amazing sales!) to do most of my buying. 
  3. Rent from Le Tote Maternity. This is where I spice up my wardrobe from week to week without making a ton of investments. I get to rotate through some more interesting pieces, keeping a couple of them here & there that I fall in love with, and returning the rest once I've worn them. 
  4. Wear layering pieces that are non-maternity. Of course, layering with existing pieces from your own pre-pregnancy wardrobe is super important. Vests, cardigans, blazers, and accessories like necklaces and scarves are key!

Here are some recent outfits that have been made up from all three of these options:

In this outfit, I'm wearing maternity slacks I bought, a borrowed-from-a-friend maternity top, and a pre-maternity cardigan, shoes, and necklace. 

I had no idea I'd get so much use out of this pre-pregnancy vest, but I'm so glad this style is coming back around for spring. Here I have it layered over a basic maternity tee I bought and some maternity jeans

For my first baby shower, I wore a borrowed dress - that my friend Lindsey wore to her baby shower too! Having a fun piece like this (from PinkBlush, of course!) without having to buy it myself was such a treat!

Here I'm wearing a basic maternity tee and slacks with a jacket I used to wear a bunch pre-pregnancy. It doesn't button anymore, but turns out I love it open just as much as I love it buttoned!

For my second baby shower, I picked up a dress from Target to wear with my trusty field vest. Like I said, I'm getting way more use out of this vest than I ever thought I would!

Overall, I've felt really pulled-together despite not having access to my full closet. I guess this is why people like capsule wardrobes so much!  

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