Humpday Bumpdate: 29 Weeks

Well, we didn't finish the nursery in time for this week's post - but we did at least build a crib, so we are making some good progress! And gosh, do I love our crib! Our nursery will be lots of greys & creams/tans/natural woods, so I love the mix of white + natural wood on the crib which will help pull everything together. I added a picture at the end of the post. But now, 29 weeks!

 photo IMG_0738_zpszclzhvmd.jpg

Here's what's going on with me now: 

  • Baby Girl is: almost 3 lbs! It's amazing how fast they start to put on weight around this time in pregnancy!
  • Cravings/Aversions: Can't stop drinking water still. Also really obsessed with Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, but that happens every year around this time, so I can't really blame it on the pregnancy. Not loving typical snack foods lately and instead preferring nutrient rich mini-meals. 
  • Belly Button: No change, and I'm still thinking it may never change! 
  • Feeling: Great, actually. There are points in this pregnancy where I'm like "man, I could do this over and over again!" And then I have a less fun day and can't imagine ever wanting more than just this one time. But lately, I've been leaning towards feeling great! I had some swelling a few weeks ago in my feet and hands - and its gone now! I had some back pain a few weeks ago - and its gone now! I was pouring out of my bra a few weeks ago - and a new bra solved all my problems! So really just enjoying this time of feeling good while it is here. 
  • Thinking of: Maternity leave. I'm starting to realize just how soon this baby could come and realizing I need to get all of my plans finalized with work. I'm totally a workaholic (who really loves her job) so it is hard for me to want to hang up my bag for a while...but I know it is the right thing to do as my life will be SO DIFFERENT when baby comes!
  • This Week I've Been: Down in Portland. Usually I don't like staying away from home to sleep, but during this pregnancy, I have to say it is kind of nice to have an entire King bed to myself. I build a nice little pillow fort and sleep so so well. I miss Travis and the animals, but a couple of nights of really good sleep is absolutely making it worthwhile to be away. 

And now, the crib! We got it on Amazon (exact here) and I love the way it will tie everything together once we have the rest put together. It isn't actually going to be where it is right now, but we haven't moved some other things out of the way yet, so hoping to do that in the coming weekend when I'm back home! Rug still available here, too! 

 photo IMG_0702_zpsqkszuwvp.jpg
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Work Clothes: A Few Weeks Back

I often used to take pictures and then not post them for a few weeks - but now when I do that, I all of a sudden can tell because this belly of mine sure isn't this small anymore! Anyway, here's an outfit I loved that I've already recreated once with a slight variation - thank goodness maternity clothes grow with you!

These pants didn't fit me super well in the beginning of my pregnancy, but it was worth it to pull them up throughout the day because of how much I miss wearing my non-maternity pants this color. One of my maternity shopping tips: buy items as close as possible to your non-maternity items so that your same pre-pregnancy outfit formulas work while pregnant! These pants are a prime example of being able to do just that, playing off the navy + creams that I so often pair with a bright pant. 

 photo IMG_0383_zpsdu1ywari.jpg

Pants: GAP
Shirt: GAP
Blazer: similar
Shoes: Vince Camuto

 photo IMG_0386_zps00piq0ch.jpg
 photo IMG_0379_zpsxz0gwow4.jpg

It really is fun to have this blog as a way to look back at my maternity style, especially as I know I'll be able to repeat some of these same outfits as I lose the baby weight post-delivery. While I don't have to go back to work immediately, I know I won't want to be sitting around the house in sweats for more than a few days a week ;) 

I'm currently down in Portland for a few days for work - but don't worry - I took my 29 week photo prior to leaving, so make sure to swing back tomorrow for that update (and the first picture of our crib all assembled!). 

Friday Favorites: 1st & 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Must-Haves

Now that I'm officially in my 3rd trimester I wanted to look back at what has helped me in this pregnancy so far! For some background, I have had a pretty easy pregnancy, I think. I was nauseous 24/7 from about week 6-11 and then it miraculously went away! And since then, I've been able to stay pretty healthy and happy while growing this little girl. 

 photo pregnancy_zpsvguyhbpw.jpg

Ginger Chews - When I was permanently nauseous, these did the trick. They are pretty strong and spicy, but man did they help curb the nausea. I also drank boxes and boxes of ginger tea. 

Maternity Pillow - I got this around week 20, I think, and man has it made a difference. I still use another pillow sometimes depending on which side I'm laying on, but since I was a back/stomach sleeper exclusively, this has really helped me get used to sleeping on my side. I still don't love side-sleeping, but since I don't have another choice right now, this helps a ton!

Nordstrom Bra Fittings - With the super-speedy changing of my chest size, new bras have been purchased on 3 different occasions. And it is SO NICE to have someone fit me each time so that I don't waste a ton of time guessing and trying on a bunch of sizes. Another bonus? If you buy a bra at Nordstrom and later want it made into a nursing bra, they only charge you $16!! I'll definitely be doing that with some of the larger sizes I have had to buy throughout this pregnancy. 

Maternity Jeans - In the beginning, I lived in these exact Paige Denim jeans. Now I'm liking jeans with an over-the-bump panel a bit more (I have these from GAP), but I still do toss on the Paige ones with my belly band (also linked below) for some outfits. 

Maternity Bodycon Dress - When I first started showing, I just felt fat. It was hard for people to tell if I was pregnant or had just eaten a big meal. I found that bodycon dresses really helped me differentiate that feeling - and the best part is that the dresses still fit me perfectly even now that the bump is much bigger! I think these are definitely the most versatile styles during pregnancy - and I found some for *dirt cheap* on Target clearance (see post here), which helped!

Vitamin E Oil - As someone who has stretch marks on her hips and boobs from earlier in life, I was worried I'd get them all over my belly during pregnancy. And I don't have a single one yet! There's a lot of factors that play into stretch marks - genetics, how fast your bump grows, and how well you take care of your skin are a few. As soon as I started growing a visible bump, I added two steps to my routines - one of which was putting on this oil EVERY NIGHT before I fall asleep. 

Mambino Belly Butter - The other routine I added was putting this belly butter on my stomach and hips EVERY TIME I get out of the shower. Since I know I'm someone who does have existing stretch marks but who hasn't gotten any during this pregnancy, I think these two belly treatments have been huge helps! 

Belly Band - In the beginning this was great to be able to wear my non-maternity pants unbuttoned when they no longer fit, but when I didn't quite need maternity pants. But now, I love it for the little bit of extra support it gives my belly when I go on long walks - the difference of when I wear it to when I don't is about 2 miles of distance! :) 

Baby Bump App - This has been my favorite pregnancy app. I downloaded a few early on and this is the only one I still log into daily to read. It has great (but short) daily tips as well as a weekly digest on what's happening with my body, my baby, and my health. 

Baby Story App - This app is what I use to make my weekly photos, and I'm sure I'll keep using it once baby girl is here to add important milestones and dates to her photos! It is super easy to use and has lots of fun little options that make it easy to doctor a photo! 

That wraps up my top 10 favorites so far in the pregnancy! I'm sure I'll have more by the time she finally joins us, so hopefully I'll put together an updated list at that point. For those of you who are or who have been pregnant - what are your favorite items that I've missed? Or do you agree with any of these?! Let me know in the comments! 

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Five Goals: March

First up, how is it so far into March already?! Just crazy to me how fast little February always goes with its 28 days!

Anyway, how did I do in February? Let's look: (the short answer is: pretty okay but not great). 

  • Focus on little acts of love. DONE. While I didn't do something *every*single*day*, I did make more of an effort and definitely felt the love all around me in February. I'm hoping to revisit this one again later in the year, for sure!
  • Drink more smoothies. DONE. This one definitely happened. I had probably 5 smoothies a week and experimented with all kinds of flavors and ingredients. I fell in love with using the pre-cubed frozen mango from Trader Joe's to add in a tropical flavor to whatever else I was mixing, and I relied heavily on baby spinach, chia seeds, and banana as the base formula. Can't wait to continue this one into March and even summer when all the good produce is local!
  • Stretch when traveling. DONE. But only out of pure necessity. I honestly forgot this was a goal of mine - but discomfort on the road meant I did it constantly anyway, and I did notice a difference! Thank goodness!
  • Try swimming. NOT EVEN CLOSE. I didn't even look into local pool options. Ugh. 
  • Organize our bedroom shelves. NOPE. Didn't work on the nursery as much as I wanted to either. But I did get our office sorta set up, which is a huge win for my every day. Bedroom shelf organizing will be right after nursery set up, I swear!
 photo march_zpsofehg59f.jpg

AND NOW...onto the goals for March! 

  1. Walk on hotel treadmills when traveling. I've got more overnights than usual this month, so I know I need to be good about packing some good walking shoes and putting in a mile or two every night when I'm on the road. 
  2. Don't buy any more maternity clothes. I'm constantly seeing new maternity clothes I love and the thing is - I don't think I need any more right now. I may need something in April or May when the weather changes, but for March, I just don't. The one exception would be buying a dress for maternity photos (check out this post to let me know your thoughts on a few options!). 
  3. Assemble all nursery furniture. Seriously, I've just gotta get this done. I'm starting to get the nesting itch a little bit, so hopefully this weekend I have the energy to tackle a bunch of things on my list!
  4. Nap often. This one seems silly, but I was really good about letting myself take quick power naps during the first trimester, and I need to be good to myself now too. As time allows in my schedule, I'll be taking quick 15 minute power naps to keep myself feeling refreshed all day long!
  5. Keep flowers in the house. Tulips have started to pop up in our local stores and I want to keep some around the house all month long. It isn't the cheapest of goals, but it does add so much happiness to my day, so I'm going to give it a shot!

As always, linking up with Nicole!

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Humpday Bumpdate: 28 Weeks

We're dressed in black today as I'm on a business trip and didn't get a chance to take these pictures before I left! 

 photo IMG_0697_zpss9kngt4c.jpg

Here's what's going on with me now: 

  • Baby Girl is: approximately 2.5lbs and 15.5" long...and we are on day 199 of this pregnancy, officially in the 3rd trimester!
  • Cravings/Aversions: Water water water. Like, more than ever before in this journey. The colder, the better. 
  • Belly Button: I'm thinking maybe it is going to stay put right where it is through the end of pregnancy. We'll see if it ever pops!
  • Feeling: Exhausted, because I'm not sleeping well! From about 3am-4:30am EVERY DAY I'm wide awake. I'm not sure what exactly is going on but I'm hoping it is just a weird phase that goes away really soon. 
  • Thinking of: A book that I'm reading that I probably shouldn't be reading right now - Jodi Picoult's new book Small Great Things. I love her writing and was so excited to grab her new book, which I heard was mostly a story about race. What I didn't realize is that the whole story surrounds a brand new baby who dies. Maybe this is why I'm not sleeping well??!? It's a really good book that I don't ever want to put down, but I'm not sure right now was the right time to read it...
  • This Week I've Been: Starting to receive some gifts from our friends and family from our registry! Now we just have to finish putting the nursery together so that it all has a place to live! Let's hope next week I can show pictures off during the humpday bumpdate of a furnished nursery!

More to come this week - I know, a full week of blogging? Can't be true! But it is! Come back tomorrow to see how I did on my February goals and what I've got lined up for March!

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Work Clothes (on the weekend): Floral Fitted Dress

I've worn this exact same outfit for work once already, but I wasn't able to take pictures in any decent light, so I had to wait until I wore it again to capture it, and that happened on Saturday night before heading to dinner with my parents for my birthday. Something about a floral print in fun purple colors just felt celebratory to me, and I love how the dress fits me now that my belly is really making itself known. 

I really can't wait to wear this dress once it is a bit more Spring-like outside so that I can play off the white (and not wear tights!) more than the dark colors in the pattern. It was sent to me by Pink Blush, my favorite place to shop for maternity dresses so far (I'm struggling to pick out a dress for our maternity photos now...maybe this one? or this maxi? or this lacy one? let me know in the comments what you think will photograph best!)! Their maternity clothes are all seriously the cutest! 

 photo IMG_0666_zpsevyl6zey.jpg

Tights: c/o Berkshire
Cardigan: Target
Dress: c/o Pink Blush Maternity
Booties: STEVEN (exact in suede)

 photo IMG_0674_zpsrzmhlobl.jpg

The face I make when Travis makes makes a comment when I turn sideways about how far this baby sticks out: 

 photo IMG_0672_zpsef3pq1pz.jpg

If you're expecting, I highly recommend checking out Pink Blush Maternity (I'm definitely going to buy a delivery robe to take with me for post-birth!). And no, they didn't pay me to say that - but they did send me this dress after I reached out to them, which was SO nice of them. 

Come back tomorrow for the first Third Trimester Humpday Bumpdate! Here's a link to all of the past ones so that you're all caught up!

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Weekend Wear: Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Monday! I'm having a nice slow start to the morning (even though it is Monday) because yesterday was my birthday and this is my treat to myself! Travis and I had a weekend full of building new furniture around the house (the office is done! the nursery is not!), going on long walks with the pup, and having dinner plans 4 nights in a row!

This is what I wore to dinner last night. Travis and I originally had much bigger plans for my birthday, but after sitting down to talk about it all, we decided what we really needed was a long walk with the pup to kick off the day, some time to work around the house, snuggle time on the couch in front of a movie (Manchester by the Sea - so good!), and a fancy dinner out at a local steakhouse (The Metropolitan Grill - my favorite!). It was the PERFECT birthday. 

 photo IMG_0678_zpsrgw85ppr.jpg

I made sure to bring my basketball with me...haha

 photo IMG_0682_zpspqjzpyqw.jpg

Dress: Old Navy
Tights: Berkshire (c/o - these things are the best!)
Vest: Forever21 (used to be a coat; I cut off the sleeves), similar
Shoes: similar

 photo IMG_0686_zpsgm1qqdzt.jpg
 photo FullSizeRender-13_zpsqpfglenv.jpg

You may notice a new piece of jewelry - Travis got me an Apple Watch for my birthday, and I'm already obsessed! If you have any favorite apps or things to do on it, let me know! I've already read Fran's whole update, which was so helpful, but I'd love to hear more! Also would love to know if you have any favorite places to get additional bands - he got me the rose gold + blue, which was what I really wanted, but I know I'll want some variety soon! So let me know in the comments :) 

Make sure you check back this week - there will be our 28 week Humpday Bumpdate (yay for third trimester!), another outfit I wore this weekend to celebrate my birthday with my parents, and some of the posts I promised last week!

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(Delayed) Humpday Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

A day late. Ugh. You guys, I've just been so busy with real work that blogging has had to wait. But I promise I'll devote some time this weekend to getting back on track, as the end of February snuck up real fast and I still need to look back at my budget, my goals, and what I'm up to currently! 

 photo IMG_0661_zpsbva0nskl.jpg

Here's what's going on with me now: 

  • Baby Girl is: growing right into our 3rd trimester, which starts in a few days!
  • Cravings/Aversions: Sweets cravings have begun, and I notice they are strongest on days when I'm not getting enough protein. So we've been working on adding extra protein wherever I can, and man does it help!
  • Belly Button: Flat flat flat. 
  • Feeling: Behind on blogging! The last week and a half has been so busy for me at work and with travel and I haven't had the energy late at night to stay up working on the blog because I've been so tired again! Let's hope I get another energy burst here soon before baby girl joins us!
  • Thinking of: How relaxing prenatal massages are. I had one today and it was SO helpful for some of the nagging back pain that comes with pregnancy. I already can't wait for my next one in just over 2 weeks!
  • This Week I've Been: Working on the nursery! We went to IKEA to pick up some office & nursery furniture last weekend and then we placed a few other key orders (like our crib!) so that we can finally put together her room! This weekend we're hoping to get all the furniture built/assembled so that we can have that checked off our list!
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