(Delayed) Humpday Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

A day late. Ugh. You guys, I've just been so busy with real work that blogging has had to wait. But I promise I'll devote some time this weekend to getting back on track, as the end of February snuck up real fast and I still need to look back at my budget, my goals, and what I'm up to currently! 

 photo IMG_0661_zpsbva0nskl.jpg

Here's what's going on with me now: 

  • Baby Girl is: growing right into our 3rd trimester, which starts in a few days!
  • Cravings/Aversions: Sweets cravings have begun, and I notice they are strongest on days when I'm not getting enough protein. So we've been working on adding extra protein wherever I can, and man does it help!
  • Belly Button: Flat flat flat. 
  • Feeling: Behind on blogging! The last week and a half has been so busy for me at work and with travel and I haven't had the energy late at night to stay up working on the blog because I've been so tired again! Let's hope I get another energy burst here soon before baby girl joins us!
  • Thinking of: How relaxing prenatal massages are. I had one today and it was SO helpful for some of the nagging back pain that comes with pregnancy. I already can't wait for my next one in just over 2 weeks!
  • This Week I've Been: Working on the nursery! We went to IKEA to pick up some office & nursery furniture last weekend and then we placed a few other key orders (like our crib!) so that we can finally put together her room! This weekend we're hoping to get all the furniture built/assembled so that we can have that checked off our list!
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Humpday Bumpdate: 26 Weeks

We got home from a ski weekend at Schweitzer late last night, so here's a quick Humpday Bumpdate just to keep on schedule!

 photo IMG_0628_zpsoy2ulxfi.jpg

Here's what's going on with me now: 

  • Baby Girl is: the size of a large cauliflower (aren't the fruit/veggie comparisons so weird?!)
  • Cravings/Aversions: Chicken tastes so good to me right now. I mean, I always eat lots of chicken, but right now I'd be okay with it being my lunch and dinner EVERY DAY. 
  • Belly Button: I'm thinking its going to pop out - and maybe soon. We'll see!
  • Feeling: Tired. The bed at our ski cabin was super stiff and uncomfortable, so I didn't sleep well at all. I'm on a flight to Anchorage as this post goes up for work - a flight that took off at 6am, but I'm hoping I can get some good sleep in my Anchorage hotel. 
  • Thinking of: Travis being a stay-at-home dad! This has been our plan for a while but lately its been getting me so excited that I'll get to see him in this new role with our baby girl in just a couple of months! 
  • This Week I've Been: Super emotional. I had lots of alone time at the ski cabin while everyone else was out skiing, and it did nothing for my emotional health. I read some great books (thanks for all the recommendations!) and that helped me escape a bit, but the boredom/relaxation led to lots of tears and sadness/loneliness. Let's hope this is a phase that goes away quickly!
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Work Clothes: Oxfords

I've been in a shoe rut for workwear. I either wear booties with a slight heel (such as these BP Trolley Boots which I have in multiple colors) or I wear flats. And occasionally I'll toss on a pair of black riding boots with tights & a dress. But I took a leap into trying a style that I've loved on other people and never thought I could pull off, and turns out...I love wearing oxfords

 photo IMG_0430_zpsdqu6i5vp.jpg

Shoes: Franco Sarto
Pants: Motherhood Maternity
Tank: Similar
Cardigan: Nordstrom

 photo IMG_0443_zpszhqviiko.jpg

So far I've only worn the oxfords with slacks and a slightly feminine top (maybe because I'm worried they are super masculine on their own?!) but I'm excited to try them with dresses too! So far I'm liking them enough to want a pair in black - has anyone found any super cute oxfords out there that I should check out?! 

Also, any favorite places to find welcome mats? We needed to get some quick so I bought these really plain ones (which work fine), but I'm ready to find something more fun! With such a bright door, its time to bring the rest of the front porch up to its level.

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Humpday Bumpdate: 25 Weeks

Two posts in one day?! I know, crazy. But I couldn't skip out on my Humpday Bumpdate this week! 

 photo IMG_0589_zpst5xpjrxc.jpg

Here's what's going on with me now: 

  • Baby Girl is: about 14" long and nearing 1.5lbs
  • Cravings/Aversions: Breakfast smoothies taste delicious to me right now. Really fruit all the time, actually, and I'm back on my ice water kick where I just can't get enough of the crisp delicious taste!
  • Belly Button: Totally flat. I'm wondering if it will stay like this or if it'll pop out ever. TBD, I guess!
  • Feeling: Sore! I fell down the stairs earlier this week (baby is fine!) and hit my back pretty hard in one spot, which now hurts *really* bad. I've been icing and using a heating pad, but I'm ready for it to feel back to normal. 
  • Thinking of: My upcoming relaxing weekend. I'm joining my family on a ski trip - but my two favorite things about ski trips (skiing & winter beer in the lodge) aren't available to me. I'm loading up my kindle (please leave me book recommendations in the comments!!) and am taking my coloring book, and I'll be venturing out into the snow for some snowshoe walks at some point I hope. 
  • This Week I've Been: Realizing how fast this is really going. We've got less than 15 weeks to go (ish) and so far haven't bought the few key things we need (a carseat/stroller & a crib & some basic onesies/diapers at least) so we've gotta get on that in March. Still plenty of time to do it all, but the last 15 weeks FLEW by, so I feel like the next 15 might too. 
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Work Clothes: Navy and Blush

If you've been around for a while you know that last year I worked on migrating my closet away from all the black and towards navy as a neutral. As part of that, I tried to focus my shopping on two main color families: blues and pinks. This outfit is a result of that effort, which has been a gradual shift but a very welcome one. 

 photo FullSizeRender_zpsjsvro1bu.jpg

Pants: Motherhood Maternity
Shirt: similar
Shoes: Hand-me-down from mama
Cardigan: similar

 photo FullSizeRender-2_zpszoxoffgf.jpg

This outfit is from a few weeks ago and I actually wore this shirt again last week - it still fits over my belly!! It's amazing how much joy I get when I toss on a pre-maternity shirt that still fits. As that number gets smaller and smaller, I appreciate it even more! I'm definitely missing some of my wardrobe that doesn't fit right now, and I'm already thinking about getting to wear them again once baby joins us on the outside!! 

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Five Goals: February

A couple of weeks late, but I've had this post ready to go and wanted to be sure to publish it before too much of this month flies by! As always, I first want to look back at my January goals and see how I did. 

  • Read 4 books. This one was easy, so yes! I finished The Challenger Sale for work, Bringing up Bebe for my pregnancy, and a few books just for fun: The Art of Being Normal (LOVED), Maude (liked more than I thought I would), and The Hating Game (eh, it was okay). 
  • Go to at least 10 yoga classes. I went to EXACTLY ten, which feels like a success. February has been not as successful, so I need to work on picking up my game for the rest of the month!
  • Disconnect 1 evening per week. I made this work on 3 nights in January. So not quite every week, but close! And man, I loved these nights. I took baths, read books, and played cards with Travis. The one exception was that I use my phone to control our Sonos music system, so I still did that on these nights, as I love my relaxing music while lounging in the tub!
  • Take care of my skin before bed. I figured out how to be good about this, and then ran out of supplies. If I have makeup removing wipes and a good nighttime face lotion, and they are right by the rest of my nighttime routine, I do really well here! Time to restock, I think. Any favorite wipes that don't have to be rinsed off after use?!
  • Blog at least 3x/week. I did great here! February...not so much. But January was a pretty consistent blogging month for me. 
 photo feb goals_zpsdxfgoees.jpg

And now, on to my goals for February! 

  1. Focus on little acts of love. Travis and I aren't big Valentine's Day celebrators since our Anniversary is on Jan 31, but this month I'm trying to focus on loving all the rest of the people in my world in little ways. Sending little texts of appreciation, making a sweet treat and sharing with those I love, and putting my phone away when I'm spending quality time with friends and family are just some of the little acts of love I'm going to focus on this month!
  2. Drink more smoothies. I love smoothies, and I make them periodically, but I know that right now I hate the idea of salads, so I'm slacking on my leafy greens. I'm going to aim to perfect my smoothie recipes this month - especially the ones that include a big handful of spinach! Do you have a favorite?? Let me know in the comments!!
  3. Stretch when traveling. I'm so good about going to yoga or spending some time stretching when I'm at home - and I notice such a difference in my posture and how I handle this new baby weight - but I'm not so good at it when I'm on the road for work or for fun. This month I have an overnight in Anchorage, day trips to Spokane, Boise, and Portland, and a family weekend at a ski resort - all good trips to practice stretching even when not at home!
  4. Try swimming. I've never really swam as an adult for exercise, but everyone else I know who is pregnant seems to really love it, especially as they get bigger. This month I want to find a date and a pool and go try to swim a few laps to see how it feels!
  5. Organize our bedroom shelves. Since moving upstairs, our bedroom shelves have not been organized. In the beginning we needed to dump a bunch of stuff on them as we organized other spaces, and then...I haven't really touched them. This month I want to get them organized and dare I say - styled! I'll be sure to take before/after pictures to highlight on the blog. 

Linking up with Nicole, as always. What are your goals for February?? 

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Weekend Wear: Anniversary in Palm Springs

I shared my trip recap for Palm Springs last Friday, and now its time to talk about what I packed and what I wore while we were in town.

Packing for Palm Springs was a bit of a challenge for me for a couple of reasons: 

  1. I don't have *that* much warm-weather maternity wear yet.
  2. Weather was supposed to be warm-ish (like 65+) during the day but still cold (around 40) at night.
  3. I wanted to fit everything into my carry-on (as always). 

BUT I ended up being SUPER happy with what I packed, even if it meant that I re-wore the same couple of pieces over and over again remixed together. Here's what made up my suitcase:

 photo packing list_zps3wmzsh9u.jpg

Out to dinner I wore versions of the same outfit - a dress + booties + some warm layer for walking around after we ate. It made it easy to stick with the camel colored accessories: booties, purse, necklace, and cardigan - everything went together that way!

 photo spa day_zps0ssecb2g.jpg

Having this outfit was awesome for daytime wandering. The dress was comfy and casual, the soludos are the best for walking around in warm weather when you don't want to wear sandals, and being able to pull on and off an open chambray shirt for cooler parts of the day was key!

 photo travel_zpsvcc7sz8d.jpg

I tend to wear as much as I can on the flights - I get cold or hot and want to be able to layer on and off as much as possible. This worked great for both days of travel, especially as the weather in each location was way different!

 photo joshua tree_zpsnwopih1v.jpg

This outfit became a common one for early mornings when we would walk to get coffee - and then it worked well for at Joshua Tree, too, where I did also throw on my Field Jacket when it was super windy!

Overall I was really happy with what I packed and how it all came together. Some maternity-wear, some not, but all really remixable for the weather and activities we had planned - and I know there's a ton of other ways I could have worn these things even beyond these few days of outfits!

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Trip Recap: Palm Springs

 photo IMG_0341_zpsl3ymejjt.jpg

Travis and I spent a long weekend in Palm Springs to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary - and it also ended up working out as a perfect little baby moon!  After seeing Palm Springs recaps on a few blogs, I knew I wanted to make a trek there myself- especially in the winter when it would mean a little warm weather and sunshine to break up the long gray winters in Seattle.

After lots of research into hotels we narrowed it down to two options: Korakia Pensione and San Giuliano. The pensione was booked out for a wedding which meant we'd be staying at the San Giuliano - an old motor inn turned adults-only boutique hotel. Pretty fitting to stay somewhere kid-free for our last trip as just the 2 of us until we are parents!

The resort was gorgeous - our room overlooked the pool and had its own little patio with a hot tub, a rustic and comfortable bedroom, huge bathroom, and a separate little living room. And the pool was built into a little courtyard with the sweetest seating areas and lighting at night. Truly the best. Another benefit? Parking was included and the hotel was just a two block walk into downtown, giving us lots of opportunity to take nice warm walks in the sunshine!

During our stay, we knew we had a few things at the top of our list: eat lots and lots of great food, get outta town to explore Joshua tree, and split up for half a day where Trav could go golfing and I could go to the spa. And we did just that.

 photo FullSizeRender-3_zpses8sjxqc.jpg

Joshua tree is a must-visit, if you ask me. About 45 minutes from Palm Springs, the drive is easy and goes through a few adorable little towns. The park itself is massive and has a little bit of everything - but no water, so definitely bring some! We went on a little one-mile hike through Hidden Valley, drove up to Keys View to take in the views of the San Andreas fault, Salton Sea, and Mexican border, and then drove around admiring all of the crazy rock formations (like skull rock!) and Dr. Seuss-like Joshua trees.

Also worth visiting was the Moorten Botanical Gardens, where we spent about 45 minutes looking up at giant cacti, down at colorful succulents, and all around at the fauna brought to Palm Springs from around the world. If only we'd lived closer I would have picked up a few plants (some for $1!) to take home to create my own little indoor garden.

 photo FullSizeRender-6_zpsmoahluiw.jpg

Food-wise, we found some real gems. The trip started out with lunch at Kings Highway, an adorable diner at the ace hotel (which we also walked around to check out!). Definitely recommend this spot for any meal of the day! We had two amazing dinners (the third I'd skip) - one at Work+Shop kitchen (romantic ambiance with excellent small plates and more) and one at Birba (incredible pizza!). Our favorite breakfast was at Farm, but we also loved the chilaquiles and the bacon flight at Cheeky's - and we had a great little breakfast at little coffee shop Joey Palm Springs, which included their homemade granola (toasted to perfection!). We had date shakes from Great Shakes that left us wanting to try all of the other flavors - next time! And it wouldn't be a California weekend without a stop at In n Out, which we hit up on our way out of town on Monday.

 photo FullSizeRender-5_zps456khce4.jpg

We drove around town admiring the architecture and design, visiting the Saguaro Hotel, the Parker, and of course the house with the famous pink door. We also stopped in a handful of the interior design shops in the uptown district, which were full of amazing mid-century modern inspiration.

Travis loved his afternoon of golf, I had a great series of pre-natal spa treatments, and we both felt lucky to treat ourselves to those little luxuries on an already luxurious weekend.

Our trip was really perfect - Friday afternoon through Monday evening were filled to the brim with quality time together, relaxing in the sunshine and just taking in the sights. But I will say - Palm Springs is kind of a weird town! The mix of places catering to the elderly vs the hip young crowd create quite a juxtaposition. A great weekend retreat, though.

If you've been to Palm Springs or are from the area, what did we miss? Let me know in the comments and I'll keep track for next time, as I'm sure we will make it back eventually!

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