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Celebrating the kick off of my Stella & Dot business. Make a purchase here and for every $25 you spend, you get one entry to become the Mystery Hostess! 

Reading 1Q84. I have just a few pages left - this one has taken me a while to get through, but I really love it. Leave me a comment with what I should read next - I'm stumped!

Pondering which pieces to purchase from the Surprise Shopbop Sale! I got some white Soludos and now am thinking of adding another color or style, and I'm loving everything from Splendid lately! Some of their pj sets are even on sale! 

Sipping lots of water. It's been hot again in Seattle, and I think I've been a bit lazy on my h2o intake. I've noticed that I do way better with some ice and a straw, so I've been carrying around a tumbler with me everywhere. Maybe I should pick up a cute one?? 

Going to Walla Walla in just 10 days for my dear friend's bachelorette party! Can't wait to taste amazing wine and spend the whole weekend with some of my favorite gal pals! 


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S&D: Mystery Hostess Trunk Show

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I've gotten a few comments and questions about Stella & Dot, and so I thought this would be a good opportunity to open up a trunk show to all of you. It won't be nearly as fun as having you all over to my house to drink wine & try on accessories together, but it'll have to do. Here's how it works:

Usually, a trunk show has just one hostess, and she gets the following rewards based on how much people buy at her event:

For this show, I'll be drawing a random hostess at the end - and you will be entered into the random hostess drawing once for every $25 you spend. So if you spend $125, that's 5 entries - and a way better chance at winning! And the more orders we get, the higher the chances of getting a TON of product credit & items at 1/2 off. 

The show opens today and ends on Tuesday, May 24. Click here to shop!

 photo 7496_10153914953825953_6656748002304633651_n_zpskwpumgzd.jpg

Also! If you spend more than $50, make sure you check out the Trunk Show Exclusives. There will be a link on your shopping cart, and they are AMAZING deals this month. Like, amazing. And so summery. The clutch - I love it!

Need some inspiration? Here are all of the posts where I've worn some S&D! And here are some of the items that come in under $50, if you just want to make a small purchase as an entry - just remember to keep your fingers crossed to win so you get to pick way more in free product credit! 

 photo 12744355_10156425729160062_7261371840230810898_n_zps4n80cy0i.jpg

Happy shopping! Leave me a comment with your favorite items or any questions you have - and I'll be doing a drawing to one person who leaves a comment for a free pair of stud earrings :) :) 

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Work Clothes: Blue Not Black

After I took these pictures in my dimly lit hotel room, I realized that the pattern in this shirt is navy and not black. Which meant that my crazy pattern-mix of a shoe choice (in black and brown leopard) was just chaotic. Thank goodness the other day I'd planned on this work trip included my nude flats - I made the change and went about the rest of my day. Was a pretty close call, though!

 photo IMG_6881_zpsnbhc63ba.jpg

Shirt: Le Tote  |  Cardigan: J. Crew Factory  |  Pants: similar
Necklace: S&D Riad

 photo IMG_6884_zpsvpy9ovv9.jpg

I've gotten a bunch of questions about the Madewell top I can't stop raving about - and I got a ton of questions in person when I wore it on Saturday to a S&D trunk show. So here's the quick recap:

  • I don't own other Madewell tops, so I can't say if the sizing is on-par with their other shirts. However, I'm typically a M, and the M is perfect on me. 
  • The sleeves are fitted - so if sleeves are ever tight on you in sizing, I'd size up for that. Otherwise, sizing to normal should be just fine. 
  • The buttons up the back don't leave any gaps and they aren't uncomfortable at all to lean against. 
  • The white version hasn't come yet, so I don't know if it is at all sheer. I'll update once I receive it! 
  • Yes, you should order it. But I can't promise it will fit you perfectly or that you'll love it. I just know it fits me perfectly and I'm 100% in love. 

Skipped Trav & Bri, Recently yesterday because our weekend was JUST.TOO.BUSY. Off to Boise today and then to Vegas Tuesday through Thursday. Thank goodness Trav has a job that keeps him in town so someone can hold down the fort!  

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April Budget Recap

Oh man this was a fun month of shopping. 

 photo Budget Recap_zpsiskmxdcm.png

You've already seen me wear most of this, too, which is fun! I haven't gotten the Soludos shoes yet, but I've gotten everything else, have worn it all, and for the one thing you haven't seen yet, you will soon, because I cannot stop wearing it. For those of you debating on that Madewell top (the red one below) go buy it now. Nordstrom is price matching so it is less than normal, and it is the best piece of clothing I've worn, ever. Thanks to this post for talking me into trying it. 

 photo PicMonkey Collage_zpsd8mqvbbu.jpg

Mimi Chica Pants: $48
Pleione Shirt: $48
Lush Tank: $34
Madewell Shirt: $80 (on sale now! so I'll get some money back!) UPDATE: GOT PRICE ADJUSTED, SO ONLY $60
Halogen Skirt: $59
Soludos Shoes: NOT ARRIVED YET

Total: $249 ( - $90 Nordstrom Card) = $159
Quarterly Budget: $500 - $159 April = $341 remaining for May and June

I haven't decided if I think I should roll over what's left of Q1s money. What are your thoughts? I returned the J. Crew blazer but kept the bikini top, so my total leftover from Q1 would be over $200. Do I roll it over or just keep it as money I didn't spend, which is a good thing? Let me know in the comments! 

Linking up with Franish, as always! 

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Work Clothes: A SKIRT!

You guys know how yesterday I said I had to go to Nordstrom in Spokane to replace a days worth of outfits because I ruined one of my options? Well, while I was there, after I had purchased the outfit I posted yesterday from the Trend/Juniors section, I was walking past the Point of View section and saw this skirt. And so I grabbed it and tried it on and bought it. Seriously.

That never happens to me. Skirts never look cute. I hate skirts! You've noticed that, I'm sure - you come to this blog, look for work clothes, and wonder how a business-casual/professional dresser never wears skirts. Well, things are a-changin' - at least with this one. I've been on the hunt for skirts, because I look at so many other cute inspiration outfits with them and think they are the perfect thing for me. And then I just never wear them. But I've worn this skirt twice already since getting it, and I've wanted to wear it one more time but then I realized I'd be seeing some of the same customers on time number three so figured I should hold off. 

 photo IMG_1377_zpsom8vculo.jpg
 photo IMG_1364_zpsp50ylp39.jpg

Skirt: Nordstrom  |  Shirt: Nordstrom  |  Cardigan: LOFT (similar)
Shoes: Nine West  |  Necklace: S&D Sutton

 photo IMG_1367_zpsi23lbebw.jpg

Don't you guys love these sunnies?!?! They are the Jason Wu Brigitte on loan from DITTO. I'm going to keep them for a while longer before returning - one of the things I love about rental services like Le Tote and DITTO is the ability to keep the stuff you love as long as you want without actually buying it. At $275, I'm not in a big hurry to buy them, but to keep them for a few months is JUST what I need. Don't forget you can try DITTO's Endless Eyewear program for one month free using the code BMARIE35 :) 

 photo IMG_1375_zpsqlzi7sia.jpg

Also, I was going to do a big remodeling update this week but then realized that the background of my pictures is telling quite the story (yesterday insulation with plastic, today plywood - taken one day after the other!). So far, they've been working to stabilize the existing structure. Our house was built in 1927 and then some small remodels were done in the early 2000s, so there's a lot that needs to be done to the house to make it strong enough to hold another story. So far they've done the following:

  • cut/dug holes in the basement foundation, strengthened with rebar and fresh cement
  • removed all brick from the outside of the house
  • attached new foundation footings to the walls of the main story as anchors
  • re-insulated main story walls and covered with plywood, nailed in a million places, to act as a shear wall stabilizer 
  • removed insulation from attic to get ready to remove roof

And up next, we'll be getting new flooring put in the basement. Once that's done, we'll move downstairs, the roof will come off, and they'll start framing the new upper story. PROGRESS, people! 

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Work Clothes: In The Kill Room

Any Dexter fans out there? As Travis was taking my pictures, we realized it kind of looks like I'm taking pictures in my kill room...instead of outside on our deck with plastic holding our home's insulation in place.'s what I wore on a travel day last week from Spokane back home to Seattle. It includes almost all new purchases because I had an outfit mishap on my Spokane trip and had to run to Nordstrom in order to have enough clothes to last me my whole trip. 

 photo IMG_1360_zpsboyoki5m.jpg

My bangs are finally getting to the point where I can sometimes get them to stay in a braid. Of course, as you look at these pictures from some angles...some of the pieces had gotten a little alfalfa-y throughout the day, which isn't awesome. Ugh. Progress but still not where I want them to be!

 photo IMG_1354_zpsxfeetazg.jpg

Pants: Nordstrom  |  Tank: Nordstrom  |  Shoes: Crocs

 photo IMG_1356_zpsg7ky0cn4.jpg

So of course, these couple of purchases are going to put a deeper dent in my budget than originally planned, but oh well. Sometimes you put on a dress, punch your arm right through the side hem where the zipper is still zipped because you're exhausted and not paying attention, and have to go buy a new outfit. The good news? The dress is totally repairable because it ripped RIGHT along the hem and not through any random areas. Thank goodness. 

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Trav & Bri, Recently - vol.48

Recently at home
I'll be posting a remodel update this week - stay tuned! For now, I'll just say that depending on the weather outside, we're living with a heater or a fan on at all times, because this house can't seem to regulate its temperature AT ALL without siding & insulation. 

Recently purchased
Finally pulled the trigger on some Soludos espadrilles. I went for plain white, and they haven't arrived yet, but I'll be sure to let you know what I think! Nordstrom is price-matching on them right now so its a great time to order a pair if you've been on the fence!

Recently styled
The sutton necklace has been my go-to for the last week. Love the mixed gold/silver and the variable length options. Oh, and hair half up, all day every day. I'm stuck in a rut, for sure. 

 photo IMG_6967-2_zpsmjmrut4o.jpg

Recently consumed
A whole bag of Swedish Fish purchased on Trav's first IKEA trip. We got a rug for the basement and a few little staples for the house - this will be the first trip of many as we put the house together multiple times throughout this project! 

Recently in love
We can't wait to hunker down tonight for the Season 6 Premier of Game of Thrones! Who else will be watching?! 

Coming up next
A remodel update
Work clothes
A Mexico recap video!

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Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday from Niko the dog who is 100% being spoiled rotten by my parents over in Lake Chelan right now. 

I never do these Friday Favorites posts, but there is just too much going on right now that I'm in love with and have to share. So here we go:

In the blogosphere...
...Go enter Fran's giveaway to mark her 4 year blogging anniversary!
...Anne wants to get to know you and has the greatest cocktail chat questions ever
...I haven't loved as many of the Dress Your Tech features lately, but this week I downloaded them ALL

In my shopping cart...
...Finally ordered this Madewell top so I can try it on and see if I'll love it or hate it
...I'm committed to this J. Crew Regent Blazer, so the navy one is sitting in my shopping cart waiting for me to pull the trigger
...I have wide feet and don't love anything that laces up, so this trend is one that is going to pass me right on by, and I'm totally okay with that

On the weekend calendar...
...I hope to finish all of Season Two of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which I adore
...Breakfast will be made - we're going to try these marinara baked eggs!
...Book club with my favorite girls to discuss a book I could not put down!

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