June Budget Recap

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June was such a successful month of shopping for me, because I finally found both a blue and a black blazer that I completely love. And with the job I have, both of these items were so long overdue! Here are the blazers I got along with the rest of what I found this month!

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J. Crew Regent Blazer in Linen: $100
LOFT Blazer: $68
Flamingo Scarf: $25
Citrus Scarf: $17
Madewell Flats: $74 (Returned! $0)

Total: $210
Quarterly Budget $500 - $219 April - $112 May - $210 June = -$41

I'm 100% okay with going $41 over considering I found *BOTH* the black and navy blazers in the same month. I did a great job not shopping for myself during sister's weekend in Vancouver, and I returned the Madewell flats, which I liked but didn't love, because I would have been way over budget. 

Linking up with Franish, as always. 

What'd you buy this month? How did you do on Q2 budget tracking, if you're following the calendar quarters?? 

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Trav & Bri, Recently - vol.55

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Recently at home
We spent all of Saturday running errands for the house - we picked out our front door, our front door hardware, our shower tiles, our bathroom floor tiles, and our upstairs bedroom flooring. We're definitely getting into the fun part where we get to pick out all of our finishes - up next is meeting with the cabinet-makers about our bathroom sinks and a built-in bar cabinet in the dining room! 

Recently purchased
This blazer! I got it in black. And I love it and I'm keeping it and I'm super happy about it, especially because I got it on sale. That means that in the last few weeks I've gotten a navy blazer and a black blazer, and they have made it fun to get dressed for work again! 

 photo weddinglooks_zpswvxxf5ag.jpg

Recently styled
 I don't think I ever came back and showed you what I picked for Cassie's wedding and rehearsal dinner! Thanks for all of your help & comments on this post - I ordered both 1 and 2 and was undecided up until the very last minute, when I decided to take all of your advice and go with dress 1. Isn't it fun with that big necklace and coordinating lipstick (M.A.C. So Chaud)? For the wedding, I wore a beautiful teardrop pearl necklace I got from my friend Rachel a few years ago - it is such a beautiful statement piece, don't you think?!

Recently consumed
Our neighborhood farmers market is back and that means my favorite Friday date night tradition is back! Travis and I walk up together after work and pick out everything we need to cook a dinner together. This week we got a ton of fresh berries to have on hand along with everything for dinner - pork chops, beets (and we cooked the beet greens), salad stuff, and so much more. 

Recently in love
Tonight we wrap up this season of Game of Thrones with some of our best friends - this season we've been watching (almost) every week with a couple of our favorite couples, rotating houses and dinner-cooking responsibilities on Sunday nights. Tonight we host the finale at our house with a bbq on the deck followed by some cozy basement GoT watching! 

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Work Clothes: Black Base

A few weeks ago I had lunch with a business partner of mine while on the road, and she showed up in the cutest outfit that felt summery while still made up of primarily black. The very next day I was at LOFT picking up my new favorite blue blazer and I saw this gorgeous flamingo-print scarf, which I knew would allow me to perfectly recreate the outfit I had so loved on her. 

 photo IMG_0258_zpspdfo2zo3.jpg

Pants: Banana Republic  |  Shoes: Similar nude ballet flats  |  Scarf: LOFT
Tee: Nordstrom  |  Cardigan: similar long cardigans

 photo IMG_0270_zps0r4lbpbj.jpg

What I love about this outfit formula is that I can swap it with just about anything. I can wear my bright green cardigan and a scarf with some green in it; or pink; or whatever color I want! And I definitely want to try it with navy as well, although I have to see if I have a navy top that can match enough to my navy slacks to not look bad!

Outfits like this are especially helpful when I'm on the road, as I could get away with wearing the same base layer on two different days and just swapping out the detail pieces on top. Add some fun lipstick and no one will notice I'm wearing the same black pants and black top two times in one week!

 photo IMG_0262_zps085agtv3.jpg

As mentioned in an earlier post, you'll see quite a few outfit pics with this background in the coming weeks, as I kept my suitcase packed from my most recent work trip when I headed to Chelan last weekend so that I could put all of the outfits on again and photograph them. Hope you don't mind!!

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Coffee Shop Musings

For my job, I traditionally spent a lot of time working from home. I now spend a lot of time working from coffee shops - both in Seattle and in the other cities I visit (Boise, Portland, Spokane, Anchorage). And while not everyone who walks into a coffee shop is stylish, I do often take a little sneaky picture or note about outfits I see that I love. Of course, I usually look at the outfits or items and think "I could never pull that off..." which can be super frustrating. Here are some of the trends I'm noticing that I really want to experiment with! 

 photo coffee shop covets_zpshslas4ua.jpg

The mini cross body - in really fun colors! 

The open toe mule/bootie/sandal - I'm especially loving the idea of these lasting into the fall! 

Overalls! I'm not sure I'll be trying this one out ever, but man whenever I see a pair of fitted overalls, I have the desire to impulse-buy a pair or two! 

Fitted midi dresses - another trend I'm not sure I can pull off, but with a cute jacket on top, I'm loving this look! Can curvier girls wear fitted midi dresses? Or do they only work if you're 5'10" and 110 lbs?!? 

Embroidered tops - I *love* my embroidered dress, but haven't found the perfect top yet. I want one with both pink and blue on it...too much to ask, maybe?!? Have you seen one anywhere that would fit this requirement? 

Cat eye sunglasses - this is one that I know I love, but that I don't own. Time to find a new pair! I really love the two-tone look I'm seeing everywhere - I have no fear when it comes to bold sunglasses, I guess. 

Linen pants - gosh I want to rip out all of my fitted work pants and jackets and be able to pull of an entirely linen wardrobe. Totally not possible, but wouldn't it be nice on the few hot days a year we get? 

Tassel earrings - I'm trying to teach myself to be a statement earring person, and when I see women dressed professionally but with a fun statement earring, I try to convince myself I could do it too. Can I? Any tricks to getting used to it?? 

What are the trends you're seeing around town that you aren't sure you'll dive into or not? Have you tried any of these out and have some tips on how to ease myself into it?! 

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Trav & Bri, Recently - vol.54

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Recently at home
The progress this week has been crazy. If you watched along on snapchat, you know that we've expanded the scope of our project to include some changes on the main floor of the house. We're removing a room completely and using that space to grow the living room & dining room - it will now be one big space. We couldn't be more excited about how this project is going. A few recent pics of the project are up above. 

Recently purchased
I snuck into LOFT the other day looking for a blazer. I've been really needing some more flexibility when it comes to meetings with CIOs, and blazers really help me take some of my more fun pants and make them into professional outfits. I got this blazer (on huge sale in navy!), but am even more excited about these two fun scarves I got (flamingo & citrus).

Recently styled
My hair! I've been working on not just wearing it down or in a messy half-up style, and it's been such a fun challenge. My bangs are still my nemesis, but they aren't nearly as bad as they had been a couple of weeks ago. I've been playing with braids a bit and when I do go for an easy pony, I've been doing a bit of teasing to get some more volume. Nothing complicated, but working away at my June goal

Recently consumed
This video of an 8th grade graduation speech done in the style of 2016 Presidents/Presidential Candidates. He did such a good job!! Seriously a must-watch. 

 photo IMG_8086_zpsfo6pib0k.jpg

Recently in love
We're in Chelan again this weekend visiting my parents (and the animals!). We miss the pup so much, and the cat too I guess...how cute is he curled up against the window?? It's so fun to be able to come over and be with my dad for Father's Day - Travis and I are cooking brunch for him & my mom this morning before we have to head back home!

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Work clothes (for real this time)
Vancouver recap (for real this time)
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A Quick Note

So I promised I'd be here this week, and I haven't been. Things are okay - I'm just struggling to find time in the day for the things I want to do because of all of the things I need to do.

In addition to that, I had a bad couple of weeks in relation to my phone...I smashed the screen and dented it at Cassie's wedding and then the phone I was sent as a replacement was faulty. So then they sent me another phone, and I dropped it in the toilet after two days in Vancouver with my sis. I've had an iPhone since 2007 and this is the first time I've had issues - and they all happened all at once. I didn't lose much, but I did lose the photos from Canada. Luckily my sister had taken a ton and let me use her phone to keep taking more after I dropped it. 

 photo Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 7.42.49 AM_zpsyuf3hfkx.png

Work has been crazy busy lately. Typically I run 1-2 evaluations at a time with potential customers, and right now we are running 5. Typically I spend 1 night at most in cities I visit, and this week I was on the road for 3. Typically I hit my number and do just fine, right now I am really hitting my stride and have crushed my first half goal (!!!!!!). All of this is good, but it is taking more of my time than it typically does, which means that at night when I used to work on the blog while relaxing after dinner, I'm now plugging away at work. Don't worry - the glass of red wine is still a part of this scenario!

 photo Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 7.42.43 AM_zpsf9ufkfby.png

The house is coming along really well. But we're living in a plastic-bordered kitchen in a house covered in plywood and the basement lighting doesn't allow me to take many outfit photos. I'm going to try something different this week and will be putting on all the outfits I wore during the week on Sunday to take a big batch of photos. I know some other bloggers do this with outfits they may not actually wear, which I promise I won't ever do. But this week I wore some *really cute* new items I've purchased recently, so I'm going to put those outfits back on and take the darn photos! 

 photo Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 7.42.32 AM_zps00u44k0t.png

So here's the deal: I'll be posting at least three times a week from here on out, because I do really miss this place. You'll get your Sunday Trav & Bri, Recently, an outfit post, and one other post every single week. And when I can, I'll aim for 4 or even more. Know that I'm still checking in on all of your blogs, because when I'm sitting on the tarmac about to take off on yet another flight, it's my favorite thing to do. I hope you all have an AMAZING weekend - see you Sunday!!

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Trav & Bri, Recently - vol.53

So, I took an unexpected week off from blogging. There wasn't any one reason - but a lot of reasons that just kept me away. I even had a post scheduled for one of the days already, but I moved it to this coming week so as not to break up my mini-blog-break. But anyway, I'm back!

Recently at home
The remodel is really taking shape. We've got a full second floor - as in, a floor you can walk on! In this project, there are some days where the crew is at our house all day and I can't see a single thing they did, and there are other days where I feel like they did a whole weeks worth in a few hours. And when they finally gave us the go-ahead to stick a ladder up there and walk around ourselves, I felt a weight lift, because it made this project feel so real and so progressed. 

 photo IMG_1596_zpsrrndy8gx.jpg

Recently purchased
I'm loving the relaxed peplum style out there right now in tops. The rigid peplum was never for me, and this style is working way better for my figure and my existing wardrobe. I kept this shirt from Le Tote and am on the hunt for more. Next style goal: I want to try something off-the-shoulder. I would love this one, but the sleeves look a bit billowy for my style. Thoughts? 

Recently consumed
It's sissy trip weekend, and my sister and I are currently up in Vancouver BC! Follow along on all our adventures with our hashtag #ABSeeVBC :) So far we've had lots of great meals together (including a lunch at a vegan restaurant we wandered into) - most of which have been chased down with some bubbly or red wine or local beer! If you haven't been a reader for long, you can see our previous sissy trips with hashtags: #APnBPdoNYC and #AlynBriCitySpree - we took 2014 off as we were in Nashville for #BriMarieNashBash.

 photo Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 8.14.03 AM_zpsqrfrqhme.png

Recently styled
I cannot get enough of my white espadrilles lately. Even on not-so-hot days, they help me feel like summer has fully arrived. I'm ready to pick out another color or style for summer, as I know I'll get so much wear out of them - which ones would you pick?? Let me know in the comments, please!

Recently in love
Travis is all finished with his production wine-making class as part of his education at the Northwest Wine Academy! Up next is an internship at JM Cellars (we had our engagement pictures taken at their winery) and making some of his own wine from Amos Rome Vineyards grapes. If you want to stay on top of what my parents are doing at the vineyard, or how Trav's wine-making is going, be sure to like the Amos Rome fb account!

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