Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.34

An almost photo-free post because I'm having too much fun soaking up the last bit of Hawaiian sun before returning home to Seattle to spend time on the computer. But there's some good stuff in here, I promise.

Recently at home
We don't know!! But we get home tomorrow and I'm currently feeling like its a pretty bittersweet thing to have to leave this gorgeous island but to get to return home for the holidays. Next up: Christmas tree farm & decorating the house!

Recently purchased
I picked up a few things once arriving on the island, including the dress I wore on Thanksgiving, which you can see on my instagram. I also got a new swimsuit, which is reversible and fits me perfectly. I'll be highlighting all of this and more in my budget recap post this week!

Recently styled
My mom posted the photo below and it made my sister and I both realize it might be time to pick up a couple of new golf polos. I'm a fan of sleeveless ones since I tend to golf more in tropical weather than typical Seattle weather, so I'm now on the hunt for good sales. 

 photo 12247880_10153887383752873_3080936155021030463_o_zpsuno0o5dk.jpg

Recently consumed
Some awesome blog posts from favorite bloggers. Anne's Spice Girls inspired gift grid is amazing. Krista's 10 holiday looks post was super inspirational. And Katrina's NYE Dress Wishlist made me just a tiny bit bummed that I won't be donning anything sparkly for NYE this year. (We're heading to the ocean with the family for a cozy weekend of board games, seafood feasts, and sweatpants.)

Recently in love
This is our first year as a married couple and we just designed our first Christmas cards. Of course we used a wedding photo, and then we stuck a photo of Niko on the back. He really does complete our little family. Once I get them all sent out I'll be sure to share the cards here!

Coming up next
A budget recap for November
Some more Hawaii outfits
A Hawaii packing recap?? Maybe?? Or maybe that'll wait till next week.



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Sissy Style: Hawaii

I've been featuring this sister of mine on the blog off and on for a while and realized that I haven't properly introduced her. So please meet my baby sister Alyssa. She's 20 months younger than me, lives in Portland with her boyfriend and their dog + 2 cats, and works in the colorful world of interior design + art. Oh, and she does this pose all over the world: 

 photo PicMonkey Collage1_zpsmjclvd3e.jpg

Pretty incredible, isn't it? This week in Hawaii she even did it while standing on a paddleboard! 

Anyway, she's nice enough to take most of my hand-me-down clothes and wear them better than I did, so I've been featuring her a bit on the blog. As a thank you, when UncommonGoods reached out to me about some of their incredible jewelry (here), I knew I had to pick a piece out for her. It felt like a really good way to get a start on the holiday gift-giving season, and it's been so fun to see her wearing the bracelet I picked out all through Hawaii.

I've been a fan of UncommonGoods for a long time now, especially loving their pinterest-like DIY kits. Check out some of the fun stuff in their gift guide for friends (here) like the amazing slate state cheese boards, a make-your-own hot sauce kit, and the cork globe, which I'd love to start pinning on! Speaking of globes, Travis and I recently picked up this map to hang in our bedroom - so much fun! 

 photo IMG_4189_zpsxpppsfrz.jpg

Shorts: Sloan (similar)  |  Tank: MiNe (similar)  |  Shoes: Shelly's London (similar)
Bracelet: c/o UncommonGoods (exact)  |  Purse: Nine West (similar)

 photo IMG_4194_zpsm1zigbnz.jpg
 photo IMG_4197_zpswgqy4v1q.jpg

In case you're on the market for some gifts for your female friends, there's an amazing gift guide on this page. UncommonGoods has a HUGE selection of handmade jewelry here, which is probably my favorite gift to both give, and receive. Thank you to UncommonGoods for sending me this bracelet to gift my sissy - as always, all opinions are my own! 

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Happy Thanksgiving!

 photo PicMonkey Collage_zpsscuhdjf3.jpg

Hadn't planned on posting today but just wanted to hop over for a minute to say THANK YOU. It has been a year to be thankful for - a wedding with all of our loved ones + dream honeymoon in Africa, getting chickens and a puppy, focusing on my health + confidence, spending time with family and friends in Lake Chelan, Hawaii, and Chicago, and so many more things I can't even begin to list. And all year long, I've gotten to share my joy with all of you, which makes it that much sweeter. Thanks for coming to this blog and commenting, sharing, and supporting me. This community sure is a special one. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and have and endless list of things you are thankful for. Let there be lots of love, good food, and a few great (online or normal store hour) sale purchases. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

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Christmas Shopping Has Begun!

I'm sure you know about Shopbop's sale - if you don't, they are running a sale right now through November 30th where the more you spend, the more you save. 

 photo asset_zpsdb9eis31.jpg

I'm using this as an opportunity to pick myself up another pair of jeans - this time in a classic blue wash, but also to buy a few Christmas gifts. Now, my family and friends sometimes read this blog, so I may not be buying EXACTLY what I've posted...or maybe I am. (insert sneaky laugh here) Either way, here's some of the things I'm loving. 

 photo Shopbop Sale_zpsq9xxqftd.jpg


1. I've loved Anne's espadrilles since the day she first posted them, and I'm thinking my mom would get a ton of wear out of a fun pair like this on all of the tropical vacations she takes with my dad. Spicing up an outfit with fun shoes is definitely more fun than layering on jewelry, if you ask me!

2. Trav's been hinting lately that he'd like us to have softer blankets on our couch for movie nights. These throws look soft - anyone have any experience with them? 

3. My sister loves anything elephant, and Jonathan Adler's known for having some of the cutest animal products out there. I'm loving everything, but especially the mugs

4. As you know, I've been hitting up the gym more often than before, and one of my favorite classes each week is called "Supple Human" and is essentially the best yoga class you've ever heard of. I'm tempted to pick up one of these amazing yoga mats for myself! 

5. These pj sets from Splendid are insanely adorable. As someone who loves a lazy Saturday morning on the couch and has friends who feel the same, I'm tempted to pick up a couple of them for my besties. 

6. Every year I pick up a couple of spare gifts for those just-in-case occasions. Typically I like to have a candle, a pair of earrings, and a bottle of champagne on hand, wrapped and tucked under the tree. The earrings for this year will definitely come from Gorjana.  

What are your favorite things to pick up for friends and family at Christmas? Do you guys keep any gifts wrapped just in case? Which of the pj sets would you want to receive - I'm having a hard time deciding! 

Also note that brand exclusions may apply for this sale. Check here for more information. 
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Cognac Booties

You guys already know about my love for the BP Trolley Boot. I swear 50% of my winter outfits have either the cognac or the taupe booties involved. And earlier this fall, the zipper on the cognac ones busted. BUT thanks to Nordstrom and their amazing customer service, they tracked down a new pair for me at no cost - they were backordered and FINALLY arrived the week before I left for Hawaii. And I wore them 3 times that week. :/ 

 photo IMG_9885_zpssoxztvju.jpg

Booties: BP  | Skinny Jeans: Paige Denim c/o Shopbop  |  Tank: LOFT (similar)
Cardigan: J. Crew Factory

 photo IMG_9884_zpsfxlptktv.jpg

I'm still working on getting this whole tripod picture taking thing down, so sorry about the bad lighting in these shots. I should probably do a quick edit, but...I'm in Hawaii. So I'd rather not spend more than ~8 minutes on my computer writing this post. So far we've spent a day at the beach snorkeling and sunning, went exploring on a 6+ mile walk, and have gone deep sea fishing. This vacation is going just great!

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Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.33

Recently at home

The view from our "home" for the week is a beautiful one, even on an overcast morning. 

 photo IMG_4164_zpsvmexo2oi.jpg

Recently purchased
Nothing yet, but while I'm here, I hope to pick up a new cover-up and a new hat. And maybe a new swimsuit, since I decided I don't love either of the new ones I bought online, so they are heading back. I also may pick up a new golf polo, but only if they have a sleeveless one that's really lightweight - its hot on the links here!

Recently styled

Anything and everything that'll go with these glasses. I made a swap to my DITTO subscription right before I left for Hawaii, picking up these amazing Smoke x Mirrors Volunteers for my trip and I'm loving them so far. They are super high quality with their UV protection, and its noticeable in how clear the view is through them. Remember, you can still get your first month free with code WORKCLOTHES.

 photo IMG_4167_zpsf8kgd0az.jpg

Recently consumed

So. Much. Poke. If you aren't following me on snapchat, you should be! I'll be posting updates there more frequently than on instagram while I'm on my trip. Username: bmarie35 - and my snaps are open so feel free to send me stuff too!

 photo IMG_4168_zpsojj1hoct.jpg

Recently in love
We're loving being back in Hawaii together - this time all 6 of us: Trav & me, my parents, and my sis + her bf. Last night we played rounds and rounds of Mexican Train Dominoes (why is it called this?!?!) and had so much fun. Tonight we're thinking we might play BANG, which is one of my favorites. 

Coming up next
A Hawaii packing post (I hope - working on it now...)
Some work clothes from last week
Sissy style: Hawaii

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Third Thursday Threads: Blanket Scarf

So happy this day is here! I didn't have much daylight to take photos, so hopefully you guys don't mind the dusky dark background. But I'm so pleased with myself for wearing this scarf like this - I see people do it on Pinterest but hadn't been brave enough until now. And you guys - I felt so warm and cozy all day, even though we were having rainy, windy, stormy weather. Definitely going to do this again.

 photo IMG_9882_zpscgdhlafx.jpg

Dress: similar  |  Scarf: Target  |  Boots: similar

 photo IMG_9883_zpsqcowalqe.jpg

Now it's time for you to link up! Here's how to do join with your blanket scarf outfit: 
1. Link to your blog post directly, not to your main page.
2. Please mention the link-up in your post.
3. Check out other posts!

The link up will be live through the end of the month, so come back to link up whenever you have your outfit ready!

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The Best Jeans

So I've talked about them a few times, but I'm going to talk about them one more time. Or maybe even more. I can't promise anything.

But you guys, why didn't you all tell me about Paige Denim sooner?! I'm obsessed with the black jeans and am about a week away from ordering myself a pair of blue jeans from them too. And maybe some distressed jeans. I don't know if I can be stopped. I can't for the life of me rationalize their $100+ shirts, but for just under $200 their jeans are incredible. 

Okay I'm done. But seriously go try some yourself. Okay now I'm really done. 

 photo IMG_9878_zpsv9r3cudg.jpg

Jeans: Paige Denim (c/o Shopbop)  |  Shirt: Le Tote  |  Wedges: Nine West

 photo IMG_9879_zps0nozqjij.jpg

Tomorrow is Third Thursday Threads: Blanket Scarf, so don't forget to come back with your outfit to link up! I leave the link-ups open for at least a week, so if you haven't prepared, don't fret! Come back before Dec 1 and you'll be all good. I wore an outfit today that was something totally new for me, and I can't wait to show you tomorrow. 

Also - I can't go through this post without saying THANK YOU to all of you for the awesome encouraging and supportive comments you left on Monday's post. I was super nervous to post anything like that, and I'm so glad you all made me feel like this is a safe place for sharing more personal things in my life. Thank you. So much!

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