Pick My Wedding Outfit, round 2, part 1

You guys were so much help last time we did this - ever since then I've been excited for round two. We have another wedding on Saturday and this time I'm not sold on a dress, so we've got a few different types of options. There's a voting area at the bottom, and just like last time feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts - mix the shoes from one outfit with the dress and jewelry from another? - anything you want!

So here's the details on the wedding: Travis is a groomsman - it is his friend from college getting married. It's up in the San Juan Islands at a place called Rosario - the ceremony will likely be outside (unless there's rain!) and the reception inside. Because of that, I'd like to wear either wedges or thick heels, so I haven't included my fun heels from the last wedding in the mix. Travis will be wearing gray, so I'm not too concerned with matching/clashing with him. 

Alright - so as you can see by the text above I had every intention of showing you a few options. But when I put on all the dresses I had, I hated them all. Like, HATED. So last night I frantically ordered two dresses from Nordstrom to choose between (this one in pink and this one in dark coral). I also ordered these in dark beige. So we'll see which one fits better, and if I can get my act together tonight, I'll be posting some accessory options for you to choose from for the dress I like most. 

 photo dresses_zpslbto3cul.jpg

For now, which dress do you like better? And how would you style them??

My Favorite Dress Is:
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If all goes well, there will be a second post up tonight with accessory voting options! 

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Safety Nets

 photo IMG_9307_zpsqugg9xjp.jpg

Do you guys have those outfits that you know you can reach for when nothing else makes sense? The safety net of a favorite dress? Or a top that goes with any bottoms? This shirt (and its fraternal twin) have been in constant rotation lately, and I'm loving how versatile they are. They have sleeves, which means I don't have to worry about something to layer on top to be professional. They are thin, which has been great in this warmer summer weather, but drapey, too, which for me means they lay in a very flattering manner. And they are both shades of pink, which fits into my new blue-and-pink-color-focused wardrobe. If only I'd gotten a blue version, too!

 photo IMG_9311_zpsaqgl8fqk.jpg

Shirt: Nordstrom  |  Pants: Nordstrom  |  Shoes: Nordstrom
Necklace: c/o Happiness Boutique  |  Bracelet: Stella & Dot

 photo IMG_9308_zpssxcwipkn.jpg

I'll have another outfit with this shirt next week on the blog. And after the Third Thursday Threads link-up (which is still open) full of skirts, I know I'll be pairing this shirt with my black a-line pleated skirt soon! So basically, I hope you're okay seeing a lot of this guy in the coming weeks/months! 

Also! I'm serious about wanting denim help, so check out this post and leave a comment with any tips/tricks/thoughts you might have! Thanks!!!

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Denim for Fall + Style Help!

After writing the shopping list post last week, I realized that I've only ever posted skinny jeans (and one pair of boyfriend jeans) on this blog. (Except this one time I wore hand-me-down jeans from mom in one of my first posts - wow blast from the past.) And I'm honestly a bit afraid of other jean shapes being trendy, because I'm not sure they are as flattering on me. 

Point being, trends are heading back toward flares, boot cuts, and wide leg and I'm terrified. Funny part is - I remember being terrified of skinny jeans. Thinking they'd make me look too curvy. Thinking they'd point out my already short legs even more. Thinking they'd be uncomfortable and only go with long, loose, baggy tops. Oh how things have changed, right!?

So I've been looking around at inspiration for my first modern pair of non-skinny jeans. And I'm finding some looks I really like. Just kidding. I'm not at all! I'm terrified and not yet on board. At all. I mean, sure, when I look at Pinterest, I like some of these outfits:

 photo Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.01.37 AM_zpsabhuurmp.png

But I know that in six months I'll be wearing a pair or two, so I figure I'm going to start with something safe - a pair that I can dress up with a blazer and heels or booties for work, and also wear with a simple t-shirt for a weekend. I wore flares all the time last time they were popular, so that shouldn't be TOO hard, right? Starting with a dark wash feels safest. I think I'll order the Beckett Bell Bottom from Rag & Bone and also the Transcend Bell Canyon from Paige. Plus, I think a lot of you like Joe's Jeans, right? Maybe the Flawless Vixen Sassy Boot Cut too??

I'll be ordering some options and I'll make sure to show them all here, so please do take a minute to leave me any thoughts or tips you have! Which brands of designer denim do you love the most? Are you on board with non-skinny jeans? If so, how do you style them? What tops? And what shoes? And when do we get to wear our beloved riding boots? I loved this post from Audrey mostly because of the comments - so many awesome answers and opinions, and would love to see that here too! 

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Trav and Bri, Recently - vol.22

Recently at home
Niko is spending a week on vacation with my parents over in Lake Chelan. That means he's getting some extra attention all day long, some serious training (thanks mom!) and lots of new smells to explore on walks. Also known as heaven on earth for this pup!

 photo IMG_3212_zpssv9rruok.jpg

Recently purchased
Nothing! But I've got my eye on a Kate Spade backpack that I think would be an amazing fall addition. Why oh why do nice handbags have to be so expensive?! In other news, while browsing the handbag section of Shopbop I found this brand called Dogeared (you may recognize some of their cute jewelry) - aren't these the cutest cosmetic pouches you've ever seen?!?!? I'm boring, so I really love the one that simply says "random crap".

Recently styled

 photo IMG_0001_zpsfzirq7k5.jpg

For wine tasting in Lake Chelan, I pulled out my romper and my Ray Bans (which I kept from DITTO) and couldn't have been more comfortable. The pair I just got to borrow are these by Elizabeth and James and I am really liking them. And the sunglasses case it came with is unlike any I've seen before! Remember, if you want to give Endless Eyewear a try but don't want to pay, use code WORKCLOTHES for your first month free. 

Recently consumed
My reading list has been out of this world long, including way too many books on my kindle that I hadn't gotten to. I've recently finished two books by Chris Pavone; The Accident and The Expats . I'm not sure I loved either of them, although once I started them I didn't really want to put them down. Now on to book #3 as part of my end of summer bucket list. I'm hoping I can get a few more than three read, but we'll see.

Recently in love
Travis's cousin and his wife welcomed their first baby last week. We went over to meet him when he was just 2 days old, and he was wide awake and super alert for most of our visit. Tiny babies are just the most amazing things in the world to me, and baby Grant is no exception!

 photo Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 12.22.53 PM_zpsjwhyudjv.png

Coming up next
Another edition of pick my wedding outfit
End of summer bucket list check-in
A work outfit or two

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Shopping List

As part of my closet cleanout series (part 1, part 2), I wanted to talk a bit more about how I plan to shop moving forward. As I mentioned, I'm focused on four main goals: 

  1. Buy replacements, tossing/donating the old piece.
  2. Stay color focused - neutrals + pinks + blues. 
  3. Don't buy one piece in multiple colors.
  4. Shop with intention, from a focused shopping list.

I've started adding items to my shopping list, which I'll do my best to maintain here on the blog. It's a tab up top so you can check on my progress (or buy me presents - jk!) at any time. 

I thought I'd show you a few things I'm looking at currently, which may pop up in my September Budget Recap (August is clean with no purchases so far!). 

 photo PicMonkey Collage_zpsphxzoynp.jpg

Cream Knit Cardigan I got rid of mine because it just wasn't the right one. I don't know how to explain why, but part of it was that it had a tiny snag that had led to a hole that just didn't feel professional. But I wore it all the time, so I definitely need to replace it!

Skinny, medium-wash jeans I LOVE my LOFT skinnies, but it's time to get a more durable pair, as these are my favorite style and I wear them all the time. No distressing, no weird details - just a simple pair of skinnies to wear all the time!

Classic Button-down Blouse in White I had one and never wore it. But there were a million times I wanted to wear it - it just wasn't comfortable. So I'm on the hunt for that classic white blouse that I can wear with anything and everything! I'm torn on if I should go basic or if I should go with some fun details. What do you think? 

With all of the items above I'm finding TOO MANY options. But for cognac wedges, I'm not finding enough! I love my simple black wedges and need a tan/cognac pair for work. The Ipsy comes in a dark orange, which definitely isn't right. These come in almond, which also isn't right. My cognac flats are looking a little ragged lately, too, so I'm on a general cognac shoe hunt. Any favorites???? 

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Third Thursday Threads: Skirt Two Ways

I have three skirts that I actually enjoy wearing. A black maxi skirt, a black pleated a-line skirt, and a tan pleated midi skirt. And even then, I tend to kind of wear them the same way every time. So I'm breaking my own rules and instead showing you one way I've worn each skirt. Because here's the thing, people! We're having this link up because I NEED TO SEE YOUR INSPIRATION. I don't have good outfits on my own. I'm relying on your linked up posts to see how on earth to wear skirts more. Don't let me down, okay?! 

 photo skirts1_zpsgwwqt75s.jpg

Check out all of those different hair styles! Whoa. 

Alright - now for the link-up! Please only link up posts with skirts; I will remove those that don't match the theme. And please link back here in your post. And, as always, check out some of the other bloggers who link up! I bet you'll find someone you love. 

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Evening Glow

The night we took these pictures, the sunset was incredible. I could see it out the window of the restaurant where we were enjoying a birthday dinner for Travis's younger sister - and now my sister-in-law! We didn't get photos before dinner, so after dinner we had to resort to indoor pictures. When I go back to photos like these I realize just how important snapping shots outdoors is - even if during imperfect weather, the photos feel more live than indoor shots. What are your guys' tricks for finding the perfect time to take your outfit photos?? 

Anyway, we were sitting at dinner and my watch became the topic of conversation - I love this watch but rarely wear it (or any of my other watches) due to my fitbit, so having a statement piece around my wrist again felt like such a treat. 

 photo IMG_3140_zpsgzzugijt.jpg

Jeans: LOFT  |  Tank: old, similar  |  Shoes: Clarks c/o OnlineShoes.com (similar)
Sweater: BP  |  Watch: c/o Jord

 photo IMG_3133_zpsvbav0v2q.jpg
 photo IMG_3134_zpsm5rmcmdd.jpg

An instapic from earlier in the night for close-up watch detail

 photo IMG_3122_zpskl4lqxdf.jpg

Disclaimer: Jord sent me this watch in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own, and let me tell you - I love this watch. It's SUPER lightweight, but sturdy. And this watch gets me more compliments than any of my other watches - and I have some great watches. 

Don't forget - TOMORROW is the link-up: Skirt Two (or more!) Ways. Can't wait to see how you wear your skirts multiple ways!! 

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The Things I Don't Own

I've noticed lately that the world of shopping is shrinking as the world of borrowing grows. I lived in the city for two years without owning a car - I simply borrowed one from Zipcar whenever I needed one - and nowadays I could use uber or lyft. I remember a company in Seattle years ago called Bag Borrow & Steal (or something like that - oh - it still exists!) where you could borrow expensive handbags. Netflix started their business by mailing DVDs that you could borrow and return as desired. 

And the market is shifting more and more that way. Need a fancy ballgown for a gala? Rent a dress from Rent the Runway. Want to have millions of clothing options at your disposal but don't have the bank account to buy it all? Rent from Le Tote. Want designer sunglasses but aren't ready to take the plunge and own a pair? Rent them from DITTO. Want to have a fun rotation of jewelry to choose from? Get Rocksbox. The list could go on and on, seriously. 

And I love that the market is heading this way. I love thinking about the future of what I won't have to own anymore, but can just borrow, and it really excites me. What's your dream subscription/membership product? Right now I'd love to be able to borrow work bags - I have my standby, but how fun would it be to change up styles and colors? Is this a thing? I have no idea. 

Anyway, this outfit below is made up of sunglasses I don't own, a dress I don't own, and a necklace I don't own. Basically all I get to keep is the shoes. (Well, and the glasses because I'm buying them, because I love them way too much. But that's another story.)

 photo IMG_9325_zpsud0nmmed.jpg

Dress & Necklace: Le Tote (get $25 off!)
Sunglasses: DITTO (use code WORKCLOTHES for a free month!)
Shoes: Steve Madden (similar)
Sweater: BP (similar)

 photo IMG_9316_zpsfgyguadu.jpg

I took a break from Le Tote for a while, and was so happy when I re-started to see all of the awesome new arrivals. There are some pieces on there that I can't wait to see in a future tote for fall. And tell me - would you keep this dress? It fits pretty perfectly and with all of the tropical vacations I have coming up, I'd love to have a patterned maxi. But at $58...it might be a bit too expensive. Thoughts?

 photo IMG_9331_zpssn4xg80e.jpg

These glasses, on the other hand, are total keepers. They are brand new ray bans in a style I really love for only $115! If you guys have ever dreamed of having fancy designer sunglasses but aren't ready to spend hundreds of dollars, a DITTO membership is only $19/month - free for the first month with code WORKCLOTHES - and TOTALLY worth it, in my opinion. And they aren't even paying me to say this, although I do get a credit if you sign up with that code. 

And now to end the worlds most wordy post, don't forget that this Thursday is Third Thursday Threads! The theme is "Skirt Two (or more) Ways" and I can't wait to see how you guys are all styling your skirts! I need some serious inspiration if I'm going to teach myself to be a skirt wearing gal!

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