March 2, 2015

I'm Baaaaack!

Let's see if I remember how to write a blog post after a month away...

First of all, thank you to everyone who guest posted for me while I was gone. Did you guys like their posts? Any favorites? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!

Second of all, I'm so excited to share some photos from the day I became a Clark and also from our amazing African honeymoon but those will have to wait a few days. I'm still catching up on work and haven't had too much time to dig through everything. But instagram can help you out until then: my feed is full of animal photos from safari, and the #travandbri tag should be able to show you a handful of wedding photos. 

I was lucky enough to come home from our trip to a package from Sheinside. I've been wanting a textured black sweater for ages, and I love the thick material of this one. It's a really nice thick material, but breathes well enough that I'm sure I'll be able to wear it way into spring and maybe even on cooler summer nights. 

Sweater: c/o Sheinside
Pants: LOFT (similar)
Booties: Hinge (love the tassels on these similar ones)

I'm trying my best to catch up on all of your blogs; if you have time, leave me a comment with your favorite post (from your blog or another!) from while I was gone (January 28-March 1) and that way I can make sure I don't miss it!

February 26, 2015

Guest Post: I do deClaire

I'm currently traveling through Africa on my honeymoon, but I've lined up a handful of guest posts from my favorite blogs while I'm gone. Enjoy!

Laura dresses for snow and freezing days like no one else I follow. I love how she makes her wardrobe work for her throughout many seasons - I see items layered in new ways almost daily. I think you'll really love her, especially right now with how cold it is in parts of the country!!

You can follow I do deClaire on facebookpinterestinstagram, and of course on bloglovin.

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Hi everyone! I am Laura and I blog over at I do deClaire. I am so excited to be guest posting for Bri while she is on her amazing, fabulous honeymoon! I hope you have a wonderful time Bri! 

I don't know about anyone else, but lately I've been thinking about winter. For me, January and February are the worst months of the year...maybe even March some years. Why? Because of the weather mostly. They are gray, drab months with seemingly endless snow and cold (and colder) weather. There's really nothing to look forward to like Christmas or New Years. It just seems like a long way till spring. 
So how do I get through all the ice and slush? Layering! I feel like I've become an expert on layering out of necessity. Living in Wisconsin we will probably have snow piles till March at least. Here is some of what I have learned:

1. Add a sweater- Adding a sweater really helps keep you warm. Even a long sleeve dress might not be warm enough, but a thick extra layer makes all the difference.
original post here
2. Start with a base layer- 99.9% of the time I start with a white cotton tank I tuck into my pants or skirt. I might also add a thin long sleeve tee or button up depending on my outfit. And then a sweater, and maybe also a blazer...
original post here
3. The vest over top- Even if you added a sweater you can always add another layer by adding a vest. It adds dimension, another texture or pattern, and did I mention extra warmth?

4. The blazer- It's like a coat, but acceptable to wear during work day. Hurray! 
original post here
5. Don't forget the scarf- The blanket scarf has to be my favorite winter layer. It's a blanket, no wait it's a scarf, but it's a blanket! Whatever, it's warm! Any scarf helps though. I always feel warmer when my neck is covered. Also refer to #3 in regard to adding texture, pattern, etc.
original post here
Other tips-Don't forget about fleece lined tights or leggings, wool socks (preferably knee high), and constantly having a cup of tea or coffee in your hand.
Hope this helps you survive the remaining winter months. Thanks again for having me guest post! 

February 25, 2015

Guest Post: Behind the Blonde

I'm currently traveling through Africa on my honeymoon, but I've lined up a handful of guest posts from my favorite blogs while I'm gone. Enjoy!

Rebecca is one of my favorite new bloggers. She's got a lot of similar items, which makes it really easy for me to imagine myself in some of her outfits and use them as inspiration. And I have a feeling we'd be great friends in real life, if we ever get the chance to meet.

You can follow Behind the Blonde on pinterest, twitter, and instagram.

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Hello Ladies! I am so excited to be guest posting on Work Clothes, I Suppose, sharing my own little outfit inspiration! I started blogging a little over 7 months ago and Bri is actually the very first blogger I started to follow :) Her outfits always inspire me and I have been loving reading all about her wedding planning and such lately - I wish her the best of fun on her honeymoon right now! Lucky duck!

Shop the Look:
Shirt: Gap, similar here ($7 Mocha)
Jacket: Maxx Jeans, similar here ($90)
Scarf: similar ($45 grey)
Jeans: H&M ($50)
Boots: Forever Young Shoes ($55)

This scarf is actually my husbands, He purchased it for when he lived in Russia for a few years so you can imagine how warm it really is; so comfy and cozy! I have been wearing a lot of white this Winter; who here has gone through just about 5 pairs of white pants within the last 2 years?! White pants are seriously the hardest to keep nice! And Tide-to-go pens seem to save everyone else's white but it just doesn't work for me for some reason.

Oh! Speaking of white and stains and just not being able to keep white pure - I found the perfect solution to get stains out of a coat or puffer vest: A Magic Eraser. That sponge is definitely full of magic because it erases everything. I spilt nail polish all over my new white puffer vest (my husband really does call me the ruiner of everything, everything I touch seems to just self-destruct), I tried to get it out with water, soap, nail polish remover, tide-to-go pen, EVERYTHING, but nothing worked. I felt like it was just seeping more into the vest leaving it a hopeless cause. Then my husband comes over with the magic eraser, wipes a few times, and gone. It was all gone like nothing was ever there. Magic, I tell you.

If you haven't stopped by my blog yet, please hop on over! I would love to get to know you! I share my outfits, the little adventures I take as an almost graduated bachelor student, and also let you in on my secrets in the kitchen ;) 
Thanks so much for reading! I hope my outfit inspired a new one for you to wear!

February 24, 2015

Guest Post: This Ever Evolving Life

I'm currently traveling through Africa on my honeymoon, but I've lined up a handful of guest posts from my favorite blogs while I'm gone. Enjoy!

I don't remember when I started reading Inge's blog, but I do remember that as she was wedding planning in the last year, just like I was, I found myself really drawn to her posts. She did a way better job chronicling her wedding planning than I did, and it's been so fun to see a couple of posts with the wedding photos now that her big day has passed. I think you'll really love her style, too!

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Hi everyone! I'm Inge (pronounced Inga) and I blog over at This Ever Evolving Life.  I'm thrilled to be guest posting for Bri while she and Trav are off on their honeymoon! In true Work Clothes, I Suppose fashion, I thought an outfit for work would be most appropriate today. I get a lot of work outfit inspiration from Bri, even though we have very different careers. I'm a first grade teacher, but both of our work environments seem to have similar business casual approaches to the dress code. Recently I tried something a little different, using a mix of new and old pieces in my closet, and was really happy with the result!

Tee: Target (similar)
Cardigan: Express - gift (similar)
Skirt: thrifted Geoffrey Beene (similar)
Boots: Circus by Sam Edelman (same)
Necklace: J. Crew Factory (same)
Leggings: HUE (same)

This was my first time wearing leggings as tights, and I don't see how I can go back now! In comfort and warmth, leggings have got my tights beat. Plus one of my biggest problems with tights are scrunched up, uncomfortable toes, which was not a problem here! I can tell that this will be an outfit worth repeating.

Congratulations again to Bri and Trav! I can totally relate to that feeling of joy and excitement, as my husband and I were just married this past November! Because we are both teachers, we will have to wait until this summer to take our honeymoon, so I'm excited to see what Bri shares with us about their amazing trip!

February 23, 2015

Guest Post: Anderson Lorentz

I'm currently traveling through Africa on my honeymoon, but I've lined up a handful of guest posts from my favorite blogs while I'm gone. Enjoy!

I met Laura in person before I met her blog, which rarely happens. Her husband works with me and we started chatting one day about my blog, and pretty soon he was setting Laura and me up on a blind lunch date. We had a blast, have started reading each other's blogs, and have been lucky enough to attend a couple of local events together. Blog+real life friends are the best!

You can follow Anderson Lorentz on pinterest and instagram.

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A huge congratulations to Bri and Travis on their wedding! I'm so excited to be guest posting while Bri is away enjoying her amazing honeymoon! My name is Laura from Anderson Lorentz, a fashion and lifestyle blog founded by myself and my cousin Angela. We started A&L to stay connected when I moved from MN to WA. It has been a great way for us to share the things we love, I hope you get a chance to stop by! 

In light of the New Year, I have started thinking more and more about simplifying my wardrobe, bringing only the items I truly love into it. With a strong focus on classic pieces, I feel like I'm able to make better decision on purchases now that I'm committed to sticking with this strategy. I even have a running list of items that I love. This helps me to stay on track rather then mindlessly shopping the sales rack for pieces that might only be worn once or twice. Unofficially, I have tried to challenge myself each day to shop my own closet - the mix and matching process has always been the most fun for me so putting a 'new' outfits together each day with the clothes I already own is great!

Have you ever taken part in a closet challenge re-mix? Any closet staples you cannot live without?

:: Shop The Post ::

Thanks for reading, 

Photos by Brendan Lorentz
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