March 26, 2015

Honeymoon Packing List

As you guys know, I recently got back from my honeymoon. We went to Tanzania - a week in the central region of the mainland on safari (mostly in the Serengeti), and then a week out on the beaches of Zanzibar. The final two days of our safari was to be spent in Istanbul, which was snowy the week before we left. We did it all in carry-on luggage, which was a huge accomplishment, given I had no idea what I'd really need on safari, and I wanted to feel pretty on my honeymoon. I had a mini meltdown the night before we left town for the wedding because I felt like I'd look dirty and disgusting the entire time we were in Africa. Travis pointed out that I was insane, and we decided to stick with carry-on luggage instead of adding more so that I could take excess makeup, jewelry, and outfit choices. One quick note: we didn't ever make it to Istanbul, as our flights out of Africa were cancelled due to a huge snowstorm in Turkey. So we never wore the 2 key things we brought for that part of the trip (a pair of jeans and a puffy jacket) even though they are in the packing list, since we did take them with us.

Packing Tips: 

1. Layers: We knew that the safari could have cooler mornings and nights and yet reach 95 degrees during the day, so I needed to be able to layer. In addition, I wanted to be able to wear some pieces from our safari on Zanzibar, where it would be 90 degrees all day every day. Packing items that could layer was key. Plus, in Turkey, we'd need something to keep us warm in the snow. 

2. Rewear: We asked for some key gear for our honeymoon for Christmas, and we were lucky enough to get some of it. The rest of it we purchased or borrowed from my parents. Ex Officio gear was key, as we could shower in the underwear and it would dry overnight, ready to wear again the next day. We also had some of the items that come with bug repellent built in, which helped Travis a ton. I get eaten alive whenever bugs are near, so it didn't help me much. 

3. Half the stuff, double the money: I can't tell you how many people gave us this advice, and they were so right. A tiny carry-on bug spray was plenty, as we could easily buy more when we arrived. Same applied to sunscreen and other toiletries. And I knew that I'd be able to buy dresses wherever we were, so I didn't need to worry about not having enough clothes; I'd be able to find what I didn't bring.

What We Packed:

not pictured: ex officio underwear (4), bra (1 regular, 1 sports), leggings (1), sleep shorts (1), scarf (1), beanie (1), jeans (1), Uniqlo puffer coat (1), bug-repellent socks (3), swim cover-up (1), tapered cargo pants (1)

Not pictured: khaki shorts (1), tank top (1), bug-repellent socks (3), jeans (1), Uniqlo puffer coat (1), long-sleeve tee (2), hiking boots, baseball cap (1), swim trunks (1)

How we wore it:

On safari, we quickly learned that while it was hot out, shorts and a t-shirt was a bad idea because of how intense the sun was, so we wore the same outfit the entire time - long pants, and a long-sleeved button-down lightweight shirt. Some days we wore hiking boots, some days we wore sandals. It was extremely dusty, so that way just one outfit got filthy and the rest of our clothes stayed (mostly) clean. In the evenings on safari, we'd wear shorts or another pair of pants we had brought with a long-sleeved shirt, mostly just to protect from bugs.

On Zanzibar, we spent most of the time on the beach, so Trav lived in one of his two pair of swim trunks, and I was in one of three swim suits I took. For breakfast, we'd wear shorts and a tee over them, and then during the rest of the day, just a tank or cover-up. For dinners, I alternated between two outfits - a maxi skirt + Everlane tee, or a maxi dress with birkenstocks. I brought one necklace, and then bought one while I was there, and that's how I dressed it up. Pretty simple. 

1. I had a really hard time finding fashionable packing lists for safaris, but frankly, you don't have to be wearing anything you don't already own. A pair of khakis, a long-sleeved light-weight button down, and some sandals, and you'd be just fine. Don't overthink it.
2. We paid our resort in Zanzibar to wash a few Everlane t-shirts, as we'd worn them a bunch and were planning to continue wearing them, and that was way easier and more cost-effective than paying to check bags and lugging around a ton of extra stuff.
3. We didn't wear everything that we brought, but I'm okay with that. We felt prepared, and since we were out in fairly remote areas, that reduced stress. Besides the super-cold-weather gear we brought, I didn't wear my leggings, and Travis didn't wear one of his long-sleeved shirts.

Let me know if you have questions in the comments; I'm happy to provide some more details!

March 25, 2015

A Year of Le Tote

My timehop yesterday told me that a year ago, I ordered my first Le Tote bag. I figured it would be a good time to reflect on my experience and why I love their service so much. Please note - I'm not being compensated at all for this review, but if you do sign up via my referral link, I receive discounts from future month's totes. 

If you aren't familiar with how Le Tote works, I recommend you check out this page of their site. But it is pretty simple: you pay a monthly fee, and you receive styled totes filled with clothing and accessories. You can keep each tote for as long as you want, or return it as quickly as you want, to receive a new one. If you keep anything out of the tote, you get it at a reduced member price, and they send you an extra one the following tote. You can cancel at any time, and even put your membership on hold, which I did while I was away on my honeymoon. 

I've received a total of 87 items from Le Tote in the last year. There's a tote currently on its way to me, but I won't count that one, which has 5 more items that I haven't seen yet. 

Of those, I kept 8 pieces total: 

I've posted 9 times about Le Tote just since January 1, 2015. Last year, I wore an item from Le Tote in my engagement photos with Travis. I posted outfits that included Le Tote items more times than I was willing to count for this post. And while I know I've been smart about what I've kept and what I've let go, I regret not keeping certain pieces, like the dress on the left, skirt in the middle, and dress on the right (even though it was too short):

Most importantly though, I've shopped way less. I'm not going to go into specific budgetary figures, but in 2014, I spent ~30% less on clothing than in 2013, according to my tracking at That counts my Le Tote subscription and anything I purchased from them! Not bad, right? 

I've decided to continue my subscription with them. I'm not sure for how long, but for now I am really enjoying it. If you haven't tried it yet, and you want to, you can sign up here. Or here if you don't want to send any referral dollars my way. It's been a good year, and I'm really looking forward to more awesomeness! 

March 24, 2015

In Bloom

For all of you still dealing with snow, I'm so sorry. I realized today that there are tulips and a million other things blooming in my yard. Spring has sprung! Time to clean out that bolting kale in the garden boxes behind me and get the new seeds planted for spring. This year we're doing a lot of what we loved last year: more kale, carrots, zucchini, beets, and lettuce, and less radishes. Man, radishes grow like crazy here, but I get tired of them so fast. There's only so much you can do with a radish. 

We have three garden boxes out front - each one 8'x4' and can hold about 30 plants if done right. Our kale lasted through the entire winter this year, with one little freeze that killed off a few plants, but it has been a treat to get fresh (free) kale whenever we want during the winter. (Don't look too closely in the background; our neighbors across the street are in the middle of a house-painting engagement.) 

Pants: NYDJ (gift from mom)
Tank: Le Tote
Cardigan: Nordstrom (similar)
Wedges: Nine West
Watch: Shinola

I don't know if you guys have tried NYDJ, but I really love their work pants. They come a bit higher, which makes tucking shirts in a bit impossible sometimes, but they are super comfortable. Worth a try if you haven't yet! I think I am aging myself 20 years with this opinion, but whatever. 

PS: Third Thursday Threads is still open. Head on over to link up, and check out all of the awesome sale-shopping tips everyone has shared.

March 22, 2015

Trav and Bri, Recently

Recently at home
We've been making an effort to get all of our art and photos and mirrors hung in the house. First step was getting the bedroom wall ready, as we're going to fill the three white frames with some of our favorite wedding photos. The piece on the far left is from my sister - during my bachelorette party, she asked Travis a bunch of questions, and then I had to try to answer them. She put all of the questions and answers on a canvas for us, which I absolutely LOVE glancing at before bed.

We also updated our bedding for spring/summer. Ignore the messy side tables...I was mid-organizing when I took these photos. 

Recently purchased
I got Travis some fun shoe laces recently, and with the nicer weather, it was finally time to swap them into his work shoes.  The blue ones are the new ones, and so far I'm loving how they add an extra spot of color to his suits for work.

Recently styled
I went to a friend's bachelorette party last weekend, and snapped a couple of mirror pictures before I left. These shoes were a late-fall purchase, and I absolutely love them with these black skinny jeans. It was the first time I'd worn them with something other than a dress.

And here I am with the bride-to-be Katie and our other friend Stephanie:

Recently consumed
A glass of wine and dinner with my grandma for her 96th birthday. And yes, I realize I'm insanely lucky to have (hopefully) inherited such amazing genes. Check instagram for a collage of the last three years of celebration. 

Recently in love
This weekend Travis and I out on the Washington coast razor clamming with Travis's cousin Jeff & his wife Chelan. It'll be a rainy but extremely fun weekend trying something we haven't done before. Taking advantage of all the greatness this state has to offer is something I don't do often enough, so I'm really glad when I do have the chance to do it. I'm sure I'll take some photos and include them in next week's post!

March 19, 2015

Third Thursday Threads: Favorite Sale Item

Welcome to Third Thursday Threads: Favorite Sale Item! I've been making an effort to spend less, while still buying quality items. So, sales. Right? That's the way to do it? Well, that's what I hear from all you amazing bloggers, which is why I'm hoping to learn from you all this week. Post an outfit, with an item you got on sale, and then leave me a comment with your sale-shopping secrets. Deal?

These pants are my very favorite sale item, judging by how often I wear them. Which is absolutely all the time. They were pretty out there for me at first, but they were on sale, so I bought them. And now I wear them in so many more ways than I ever thought I could. Now if only I could do this more often!

Pants: LOFT (similar)
Shirt & Necklace: Le Tote
Cardigan: Hand-me-down from mama (similar)
Watch: Shinola (gift from Travis)
Booties: BP

In case you're new here, here's how this works:
1. Follow Work Clothes, I Suppose however you'd like and leave a comment about sale shopping
2. Link to a specific post, not your general blog URL, and please be wearing or talking about your favorite sale purchase.
3. Visit the other bloggers who have linked up!

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