Nordstrom Sale Finds

I shopped the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale presale and came away with some great finds, so I wanted to highlight them here. I already wore a few pieces, and I may or may not be wearing the shoes again today...I'm pretty happy with them! I'm not totally sure what I'm keeping and what I'm returning yet, but I'll update with that once I do my July budget recap!

 photo IMG_8612_zpsuf4jppgx.jpg

Both this top and these shoes are from the sale. Top is from Wayf and I'm so in love with it. Booties are Lucky and are SO COMFORTABLE. I've been looking for shoes like this for a while but hated how uncomfortable they all were, and these are huge winners in that category. They are only $70 now and will go up to $120 post-sale. 

 photo IMG_8618_zps4iuwah1i.jpg

I also tried to fill in my wardrobe gap of a white button down by ordering two - this BP tunic ($32 now, $48 after) and this Halogen one. It is only $40 now and goes up to $68 - gosh I love this sale! I also ordered this striped tee, but I'm not sold on it, so we'll see if I end up keeping it! For only $18, it might be worth it if its cute on.

 photo IMG_8617_zpsfqartesk.jpg

I tried to round out a few shoe gaps as well by ordering these flats in blue ($70 now, $110 later), these nude wedges ($110 now, $170 after), and these block heel sandals in black ($67 now, $100 after). 

I also ordered a few pairs of pants - these black faux leather skinnies for $65 ($98 after), these ponte leggings for $52 ($78 after), and these slacks for $52 ($79 after). 

Lastly, I ordered this dress in navy for $105 ($158 after) and this sweater in burgundy ($46 now to $69 after). I'll definitely be keeping the sweater, but I'm not sure I need the dress at the steep price of $105, even on sale. 

 photo IMG_8620_zpsjfwlmngw.jpg

Presale ends today and the sale opens up to everyone tomorrow through August 8. 

Other items in this outfit: white jeans, sweater (borrowed from Mom's closet), wrap bracelet, earrings, open cuff bracelet

I'll be showing off the rest of my finds on snapchat throughout the weekend, so make sure to follow along (@bmarie35)!

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Roadtrip Workwear

A few weeks ago, after the long 4th of July holiday weekend, I decided to stay in Lake Chelan with my family for an extra day before driving home, which meant that I'd be driving straight from Chelan to a meeting when I did finally make the trek over. Heading from 90 degree weather into a 3-hour drive to 65 degree weather at first posed a bit of a clothing challenge. But luckily I brought this outfit with me so that I could wear the blazer once I arrived in Seattle, but not until then. 

 photo IMG_8372_zpsd6szpjdy.jpg

Blazer: J. Crew  |  Tank: similar  |  Pants: Banana Republic (similar)  |  Flats: BP

 photo IMG_8377_zpst9xgdxii.jpg

Isn't it just the prettiest place? I can't get over the views from my parents place - and with the horses next door, it makes it feel more remote than it is, which I adore. 

 photo IMG_8379_zps9b8i2vjf.jpg
 photo IMG_8374_zpsl4izqgpy.jpg

On a totally different note, have you hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yet?? I shopped on day one of presale and should be getting my packages today and Thursday, so I'll be putting up a post with my reviews - and on snapchat, too! Stay tuned :) 

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Master Bedroom (so far)

As we work through this remodel, we're spending basically every dime we have on the actual building. We plan to use all of our old furniture to start while slowly saving up to buy new furniture - with one exception: the master bedroom. Part of why we started this whole project was to get a dream master bedroom before having kids - a space with a king bed, an attached bathroom, and enough closet space to actually store our clothing. And as part of that, we need to furnish the room - with mostly new things!

We've made a few decisions already, but there are still a million more to be made, so I thought I'd ask some advice here! Here's what we know:

 photo masterbedroom_zpsevils7tb.jpg

The room will have the same grayish cork flooring we have in the basement and will be painted Benjamin Moore's Classic Gray with solid white trim. The room is divided from the nursery/office and bathroom/closet areas with two HUGE barn doors that are dark stained wood with black hardware. They will be mostly left open, so we'll have big wood statements on either wall. The built-in half-wall cabinets are going to be white like the trim in the room but with a wood top that matches the barn doors. We debated on beds for a while and ultimately decided we want a fun color, so we ordered this navy blue bed from Target after seeing it on the Emily Henderson blog (which I love!). And to pull in a bit more blue, we got this rug on a HUGE sale. 

To start, at the end of the bed we'll have Travis's mom's cedar chest - but eventually we may replace it with a small loveseat or bench with shelving. But we still have a lot we need that I want to start picking out and trying! 

First up, a ceiling fan! I'm really torn here, but am looking at something a bit more modern, like this one from West Elm. We don't need it to have a light, but if it has one that's great too - so we have lots of flexibility here! Any favorites you can link me in the comments? 

 photo Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.54.39 AM_zpstkwd8f9e.png

We need bedside tables, and I have no idea which color I want to pull in - wood to match the barn doors? Introduce a metal that we can carry throughout the room like gold? White to match the built-in cabinets? And should I match them on both sides, or let each one have its own personality

And what about throw pillows? I think we'll go solid white on bedding to keep it simple at first, but we have essentially unlimited options as far as pillow colors. My cousin introduced me to Studio McGee, and I LOVE their pillows, so maybe I'll pick a couple from there and then fill in with some cheaper ones? 

Other things I'm keeping my eye out for include a plant or two for the corners, lamps for the bedside tables, and some airy curtains to hang on the sides of the three windows behind the bed. They'll have blackout blinds for nighttime, but I love the idea of some airy lightweight curtains there as well. If you have any favorite styles of ANY of these things, comment comment comment! 


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Summertime Favorites - July Edition

Summer is officially here (it really starts on July 5 in Seattle but it hasn't gotten quite nice enough yet, if you ask me!) and I wanted to highlight some of my recent favorites that I'm sure will be on rotation ALL.SUMMER.LONG! I'll be revisiting this in August, too - we'll see what sneaks into the list between now and then :) 

 photo summer favorites 1_zps7davbky5.jpg

First up is a Stella & Dot piece - this beautiful white arc pendant. My sister actually bought it for me and it has become a favorite layering piece. White pants and white espadrilles will be on rotation a ton, and I love the idea of pairing it with a simple but impactful white necklace. Shop here for a chance to win some fun summertime white stud earrings:

If you follow me on snapchat you probably saw a few video snippets of me raving about my new favorite nut butter, Nuttzo. I got it at Costco but looks like you can also get it on Amazon! I love that they blended a bunch of nuts and seeds together to get the amazing flavor and crunch they did. Definitely give it a try if you're into that sort of thing. 

I'm a big sunscreen person and have recently been trying to also take better care of my hair when it comes to heat and UV damage. This does that and also smells incredible - I highly recommend it! 

I'm on the hunt for master bedroom furniture - it is the only room we are starting 100% from scratch on and want to have done around the same time the remodel is done. The hardest part is the ceiling fan (I'm serious!) and I think this one in copper penny will look good. Thoughts?? I know it is hard to know without seeing the rest of the look in the room - that post is coming soon though! 

I lived in my birks all last summer, and this summer is no different. From a quick walk with the pup to a dressed down midi dress, I'm loving the ease of slipping them on! I have the classic Arizona in tan and am debating getting them in black!

What are you reaching for over and over so far this summer? Let me know in the comments! 

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July's Five Goals

July is here, bringing us to the halfway mark of the year. I'm so happy with the progress I've made with these small monthly goals, and I'm excited for the goals I'll take on in the second half of the year. 

First, let's look back at June!

  • Submit expenses weekly. YES! And this one is such a relief knowing I'm getting paid back in a more timely manner. Hoping this becomes a solid habit. 
  • Wear more dresses. EH, nope. I tried, but then realized most of my work dresses are in storage still. I just don't have much to pick from right now. 
  • Buy new bras. NO, but for good reason. Waiting for the Nordstrom sale in July so I can save some money! 
  • Make a beauty video. NO. I still really want to do this, though! June was crazy-busy with work and I just couldn't find the time. 
  • Do my hair. YES! I'm not getting super creative yet, but I have been paying more attention to it in the morning, and it is making a difference.
  • Also, a quick update on a May goal - order One Year book - I finally did this when my mom sent me a discount code for a free book. Hooray!! Makes me so glad I waited. 
 photo july goals_zpsq31j7pza.jpg

Now, on to July's goals!

1. Use MyFitnessPal daily. I used to be really good about this, and I'm going to focus on it again this month to try to stay on track with all the fun activities (that all seem to come with food!) I'll be doing this month. Do you use it? I'd love to be accountability partners if you do!

2. Wash my face before bed. Okay, this one is probably gross to some of you, but I never wash my face before bed, and when I've tried it, it always leads to more breakouts. But I'm going to try it again - this time with good overnight lotion! 

3. Buy King Bed. We know we want a king bed for the upstairs, and since we know a lot of places take a few weeks or even months to deliver the products, we want to pick it out in July! Any favorites? 

4. Take vitamins daily. I totally missed this in May, so I'm tackling it again now. 

5. Try a new workout class. I've been in a bit of a rut with workouts, so its time to challenge myself to try something new! Any favorite classes I should look into?? 

Linking up with Nicole, as always! 

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Trav & Bri, Recently - vol.56

 photo Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 7.21.30 AM_zpsvzktsmrk.png
Not our house. Source.

Recently at home
Tired of construction updates? I'm not! But I'm going to skip one this week and instead ask for advice about the house! We're painting our house Hale Navy (which yes, I know is popular, but it isn't in our neighborhood so I'm taking full advantage and going with it anyway) with white trim, and we want a contrasting door color. Originally we thought a coral would be fun, but up against Hale Navy, it looks too pink. So tell me - what color would you paint our front door???!

Recently purchased
Bathroom shower tiles and a front door handle. Nothing fun for myself since this budget post went live, though! If I had, I would have picked up this dress, or something very similar. I've gone through the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog and circled everything I want so I'm saving up July's money for that! If you haven't checked it out yet, take a look through the catalog and let me know your favorite pieces in the comments!

Recently styled
I've been rocking the sleep bun for years, and when I was on Cassie's bachelorette party, I noticed that a bunch of my girlfriends didn't know what it was! Whether my hair is straight or curled, this is how I go to bed - it helps with volume at my roots, holding the curls when I do have them, and keeping my hair from getting greasy on days when I don't want to wash it. Do you sleep bun? If you want to try, here's the Sephora clips I use, and here's a quick tutorial

 photo chelan food_zpsmd8ztk6t.jpg

Recently consumed
We're in Chelan for the fourth with my family and yesterday was a day with my favorite food, all day. Homemade cold brew to kick the day off, a trip to the Lakeview Drive In on the boat, and a giant steak salad for dinner. When I eat fries and a burger and beer at lunch, all I want for dinner is salad, and luckily the whole family agreed. Oh! And my parents neighbors brought over peanut butter cup ice cream - homemade! - that we ended the night with! So sweet of them!

 photo IMG_8239_zpsrdlt24dt.jpg

Recently in love
Besides my parents, this guy is the only one who has his boaters license (the test in WA is SO LONG and the rest of us keep procrastinating!) so he took the helm for the ride home from our favorite waterfall so Dad could relax. Such a handsome captain, isn't he?! My suit is from Target (sold out, but this is similar, and this is not so similar but I adore it anyway), sunglasses are these, and yep, I'm still rocking my favorite little wallet (my 30th birthday present from Trav!) which is now available in this adorable pattern

Coming up next
July goals
Work Clothes
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Summer White

I've talked before about my love for winter white AND my love for white in summer, but having these white espadrilles has totally changed how much I'm able to wear white in the summer. The espadrilles plus this Madewell shirt I'm addicted to, and all I have to do is swap out different pants for different looks. 

 photo IMG_0214_zpsfdamqnjy.jpg

Top: Madewell
Pants: Old Navy
Espadrilles: Soludos
Necklaces: S&D

 photo IMG_0222_zps9qzgedlu.jpg

I wore this for a day of touring around Vancouver with my sister, and it was the perfect outfit for a day that started off a bit chilly and ended with some gorgeous sunshine! I haven't had time yet to do a full recap, but my suitcase for that trip was full of olive, gray, white and blue, and it was the perfect spring tourist suitcase. I hope to get a debrief up next week, but sadly it just might happen. 

 photo IMG_0219_zpscjgomyme.jpg

I had planned to do my July goals today, but they'll be up next week - for any of you in sales or who work with salespeople, June 30 was the last day of my Second Quarter at work and so this week as been absolutely insane. I'm unplugging after my team calls this morning to enjoy the long weekend with family in Lake Chelan! 

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