Third Thursday Threads: White Pants

Welcome to the first Third Thursday Threads on the new blog. Let's hope this thing works...!

I recently got a new pair of white jeans from LOFT. While I loved my old white pants, they were starting to thin out in their old age, and I wanted to replace them before I had anything embarrassing happen. I ordered the high-waist, ankle-length LOFT jeans in a 29/8, and lucky me - they fit me really, really well. 

 photo PicMonkey Collage_zpsvhxb46g4.jpg

I'm really excited to start wearing them this spring - and into summer - and I know I'm going to get a lot of inspiration from the outfits you guys link up. I haven't worn them in a real outfit yet, since I just got them and then have been on the road for work. But I'm sure after this link-up I'll be wearing them in some awesome new ways, so I'll be sure to show those off!

And now for the link up! Please link up a blog post about white pants. Please link back here to Work Clothes, I Suppose. And of course, please visit the other blogs who have linked up - I'm sure you'll find some gems!

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White Pants Inspiration

Happy Tax Day! Or not so happy, if you owe the IRS more money. BUT anyway, tomorrow is the big day - the first Third Thursday Threads on the new bloggity blog. And the theme is white pants. Which I think lots of you have and love but maybe haven't pulled out  yet this season. So as a reminder, if you want to link up an old outfit, you are MORE than welcome to. But if you want to throw together a new outfit, I thought I'd stop in real quick to share some of my favorite white pant inspiration for the spring:

 photo Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.13.41 AM_zpssccrsaig.png

As you can see, I'm loving white jeans with pastels, bright springy colors, stripes, and chambray. Can't wait to see how you all wear white pants tomorrow!

Sorry I don't have more for you today - this has been my schedule so far this week:
Sunday: stay up late to watch GoT (bad decision given my schedule Monday & Tuesday)
Monday: 10pm flight to Portland, delayed, arrive at hotel at 11:45pm
Tuesday: Up at 6am for an event, at event from 7-12, fly to Seattle at 2pm, at an event from 4-7pm, home to shower really quick, 10pm flight to Spokane, arrive at hotel after getting rental car at midnight
Wednesday: Wake up exhausted after sleeping in a teeny tiny bit (till 8!)

I'm in Spokane now until tomorrow, then it is home for a few days before I leave for Anchorage on Monday morning. This girl needs a vacation :)

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A Winter Blazer for Spring

I'm still figuring out this whole Squarespace blogging thing - if you have a minute today and can leave a comment to let me know what you like, what you hate, and any other thoughts you have about the new look & feel & capabilities, please do so!

As soon as I got this blazer, I felt like it was the most "me" blazer I'd ever owned. I'd been lusting after it for a while and my mom was nice enough to get it for me for Christmas. Thing is, I've only worn it a few times since then, and only one of those outfits have made it on the blog. I struggle with what pants to wear with it, and right now, I'm struggling with how to make it appropriate for spring. Any tips? 

 photo IMG_8796_zpszei0msyv.jpg

Blazer: Banana RepublicJeans: LOFTTank: hand-me-down from mama (similar), Flats: Banana Republic (similar)

 photo IMG_8794_zpspnormtk5.jpg
 photo Last Worn_zpshhwtoou0.jpg
 photo Collage - Green Blazer_zpsho1jyn8e.jpg

Meet My New Green Blazer

Also, just a reminder, but Thursday is the "white pants" link-up for Third Thursday Threads. I'll spend the next couple of days figuring out how to host a link-up on Squarespace, and you figure out what outfit with white pants you're going to link up! Deal? 

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Never Before

Sometimes when I get dressed, I put things together that I can't believe I haven't paired together before. It makes me feel like a bad blogger, a bad dresser, and like I should never shop again because I obviously haven't even worn all of the possible combinations I can make with pieces I already own. I felt that way when I put this scarf and these pants together. The colors in the scarf are actually identical, although they don't photograph quite that way. Also identical? This new lip color I'm wearing (Brave from M.A.C.). It's my new favorite everyday color. (Side note: the swatch colors online are SO wrong for all of these colors. This is why I never buy lipstick online without trying in stores!)

Never Before - Work Clothes, I Suppose

Shirt: Nordstrom (Top 10 Item)
Slacks: LOFT (similar)
Scarf: gift, similar
Booties: BP

Never Before - Work Clothes, I Suppose
 photo Last Worn_zpshhwtoou0.jpg
Never Before - Work Clothes, I Suppose
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Trav and Bri, Recently


Recently at home
The chicks are getting bigger and have taken up the entire bathtub now. They are super adorable and I'm loving my snuggle time with them each evening when I'm in town. It was really hard for me to be in Boise this week and not get to see them every day. We've picked their names, and I love them all so much - and I think they work really well once they are grown-up egg-laying hens, too! Meet the girls:

Trav and Bri, Recently - Work Clothes, I Suppose

Hattie (Harriet), Dottie (Dorothy), Gertie (Gertrude), and Charlie (Charlotte)

Recently purchased
We bought a chicken coop this week to get the backyard ready for these growing little creatures. It has a garden box on top of the coop area, and a big run, so it should be a fun place for me to grow some extra veggies and share them with the chicks once they are older. We'll probably wait a couple of weeks to assemble and install it in the backyard; once we do I'll make sure to share a photo!

Recently styled
It was already time for a little bang trim, so while at the salon I added some lowlights into my hair. I went pretty blonde for the wedding, and wanted to get my hair back to a more manageable, natural, dirty blonde color, so the lowlights will help a lot with that. I'm not a big fan of the length right now, but I'm glad I have fun new bangs to distract me (they still feel new even though they have been around a month now).

Trav and Bri, Recently - Work Clothes I Suppose

Recently consumed
It's no secret that Trav and I love a glass of wine after a long day at work. We're big fans of some local wines, so I thought I'd take the chance every once in a while to share what we're drinking. If you guys find these in stores in your non-Seattle hood, let me know - and buy them and try them!
Cairdeas Reserve Nellie Mae: This is currently our favorite white wine, and when we went to the market last weekend to cook ourselves a seafood feast, you better believe we paired some of the meal with this beautiful viognier/roussane blend.
Chelan Estate Pinot Noir: While Oregon is known for its Pinot Noir, some good stuff is coming out of Washington too, and this is one of the only Pinot Noirs in the Chelan AVA. I love it, and could drink bottle after bottle if I would let myself!

Recently in love
This couple is focusing on saving money and choosing health now that we're married. We've got a few big decisions to make in the next few weeks (no, not a baby or a dog or a job or a move) so we're trying to put ourselves in the best position to make the right choices. And for that, lots of budget talk. But saving money stresses me out, which makes me want to eat ice cream, so we're also trying to focus on buying, cooking, and eating healthy at least during the week.

Trav and Bri, Recently - Work Clothes, I Suppose

Top Left weeknight dinner: Flank steak, baked sweet potato fries, roasted purple asparagus
Top Right weeknight dinner: Blue Apron meal - chicken, barley, carrots (the best of the 3 we tried)
Bottom Left weekend dinner: Fresh basil pasta with peas, asparagus, bell peppers, and fresh mozzarella with greek olive bread
Bottom Right weekend breakfast: Waffle with fresh strawberries, bacon, coffee, and a mimosa (because Easter)

Coming this week
Third Thursday Threads: White Pants
An outfit with sneakers
Travel outfits (aka cell phone pics)

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Swear I'm Not Cheating

This outfit doesn't include anything from my Top 10, but I took the photos before I started the challenge and didn't want to have them sit around all month until May when I will be done rocking the Top 10. PLUS, Sarah did the same thing, and it's her challenge, so if she breaks the rules by posting an old outfit, I can do it too. Right, Sarah?

In other news, I managed to kind of stick to the Top 10 when I was in Boise this week. And by kind of I mean for 2/3 of my outfits, I had a Top 10 item. I also took no pictures of the outfits, so they really don't even count. Bad, bad blogger over here. 

One more important and unrelated thing: Third Thursday Threads is here next week! I'm getting specific this time around, so you can link up an older outfit if you want since a lot of the country may not be white-pant-ready, but the theme is WHITE PANTS. I'm on the hunt for new ones, and looking for more ways to style them, so this is a totally selfish theme choice. But its my blog and I've picked every theme, so I guess I'm always a bit selfish when it comes to picking themes. 

Swear I'm Not Cheating - Work Clothes I Suppose
Shirt: Le Tote, Necklace: Le Tote, Pants: Nordstrom, Flats: BP

Shirt: Le ToteNecklace: Le TotePants: NordstromFlats: BP

Last Worn:

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Work In Progress

Hey guys,

Just wanted to stop in really quick to let you know that there may be a few days of wonky behavior here on the blog. I'm migrating everything over to squarespace and while I've put a bunch of planning into the process, I'm having a bit of trouble with some of the little details. I promise it'll all get resolved over the weekend, though, and Monday's post will be live on the new

Until then, please bear with me!

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Game Night

I wore this outfit last Friday to go to a game night with some friends. We ordered an enormous pizza, played the Game of Things, and had a great night catching up with some friends we hadn't seen since our wedding!

I'm really loving this top with this vest; the top is a recent score from J. Crew Factory that I wish I had owned all winter long! 
Jeans: LOFT
Booties: BP
Purse: Madewell

So far so good on this Top 10 thing. In other news, I got a bang trim. Any tips for cutting your own bangs? They grow out so fast!