December Five Goals

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This December, I'm going back to something I posted on Instagram two years ago and focusing my goals on this adorable list of replacements as my five (or really six) goals: 

 photo Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 7.35.23 AM_zpsznkvikvs.png

I know it can be hard for me to focus on the green words in this list and not just the red words. But this year, I really do want to do both red and green! What are your goals this month and holiday season?? 

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Scarf Season

I don't think I have really talked about it here yet, but man I LOVE scarf season. During our recent closet redesign I went through and cleaned out about half of my scarf collection and I still have enough that I have one per hole on the larger size of this hanger (which they don't carry anymore at Ikea, apparently). But they are now all nicely organized, which makes reaching for them SO much easier as I get dressed every day. 

 photo IMG_9746_zpspzy2p4nw.jpg

I've had this specific scarf for years, and I'm loving the prevalence of this color in my seasonal wardrobe. If I had to pick a favorite color of this fall & winter, it would be maroon, for sure. Well, either that or black - for some reason I'm really loving black again this fall, even though I had been going away from it previously to focus on navy! Do you guys notice yourselves pivoting through the colors you gravitate towards? What is the color you keep reaching for this fall?? 

 photo IMG_9755_zpspsv20hkm.jpg

Shirt: Nordstrom
Sweater: similar
Booties: Steve Madden
Scarf: similar
Jeans: Paige Denim

 photo IMG_9750_zpsm6njqn2k.jpg

This weekend is a big one around here - my college roomie & her boyfriend are in town from Denver and we've got a packed weekend planned. We'll be heading out to the farm to cut down our Christmas Tree and then we're all hosting our 9th Annual Classy Cocktail Christmas Party! It's my favorite party of the year because of its 2 legacy rules: no jeans, and no beer; and one new rule: no kids! Everyone dresses up, drinks classy cocktails or wine, and mingles all night long. Hopefully I'll take a few pictures of all the beautiful dresses that my gorgeous friends show up in so I can show them off next week! What's on the agenda for the first weekend in December for you?!? Let me know in the comments!

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November Budget

I didn't do ANY shopping during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. At least, nothing for myself. But I did get started on holiday shopping for my loved ones, so that feels good to get some of that started. Here's what I bought earlier in November:

 photo november_zps7emikylz.jpg

Dress: $69
Floral Blouse: $23.80
Puffer Vest$39
Plaid Shirt$27.50
Total: $159.30

You'll see the plaid shirt on the blog later this week, as well as a post on my December goals! After spending some time away from the internet to spend time with family over the Thanksgiving holiday, I'm back at it, wrapping up work for the year and working on the blog when I need work breaks. 

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The Perfect Closet(s)

As we worked through our remodel, one thing I knew we wouldn't skimp on for budget purposes were the closets. Working with our architect, we had planned loads of storage space for the top floor, including his & hers walk-in closets. Growing up we had California Closets, so I knew that's where I wanted to start our hunt. We ended up looking into some other alternatives along the way - the Ikea closet system, a DIY version from Home Depot, and custom closets from The Container Store - but none of them had the benefits that the California Closets systems have: lifetime warranty, a design consultant who comes and measures/designs, and installation of all the components. Oh - side note - this is 100% not sponsored by them. I just loved our experience (and the result) and wanted to share it here. 

Okay - on to the closets:

I'll go from when you walk in from the bathroom, starting on the R and then wrapping all the way around to the L. 

First up, shoes. I'm waiting on a few additional shoe shelves from them (they'll arrive on Wednesday) but this shelving area is amazing. Being able to store all of my sneakers, flats, heels, and wedges in one area is so life-changing. Prior to this, I had things separated in three different areas of my old closet downstairs. 

 photo IMG_9639_zpshwouu9vk.jpg

Next to the shoes are a couple of shelves and then four drawers. The drawers house (from Top to Bottom) underwear, pjs, workout pants/capris, and swim/summer wear. On top of the shelves, I have two pair of riding boots, and then right now, the shelves are still empty! I'm thinking one of them will be for clothes I take off that I'm going to wear again (like the hoodie I live in for an entire week after work before washing). And maybe some jewelry storage on the other? 

 photo IMG_9637_zpsn1w8whkn.jpg

The closets are built into the slanted parts of the house, making the back wall shorter than the front wall. This made the perfect space for all of my normal-length hanging. And the slant on the shelf fits my booties like it was built for it (although that hadn't been the original intention!). When the California Closets consultant was here, she measured my clothing to make sure things would hang at the right heights, so she measured from the top of the hanger to the bottom of a handful of items - and look how perfectly it all fits! From L to R hanging is: golf polos, tanks, short sleeve blouses, long sleeve blouses, button-downs, cardigans, blazers, vests, workout outerwear. I'm amazed how much fits along that wall, and its nice tucking the less-worn items behind the drawer areas. I also have my work suitcase tucked back there since I have to use it so often!

 photo IMG_9638_zpsiikwmnfg.jpg

The far L side of the closet has 4 more drawers (these ones are socks, Everlane & graphic tees, sports tees & long sleeves, and then workout tops). I've swapped out that lululemon workout bag with 2 more pair of riding boots, and the shelves are filled with sweaters and sweatshirts and jeans/casual pants. The hanging space has my long cardigans that don't fit on the short wall, slacks, skirts, and scarves. 

Not pictured here are my dresses; they live in the other room on the top floor (the one that can be an office or a nursery, depending on our current situation). I didn't take a good picture of that, but here's one from snapchat a couple of weeks ago:

 photo IMG_9700_zpskfjiifcj.png

I'm just as impressed with the layout of Travis's closet, which is quite different from mine. When the closet consultant was here, we counted items for each of us and she built a layout based on that. So he has hanging area for his work shirts, his suits, his cardigans, and his polos & sports jerseys, and then he has more drawers for his sweaters, tees, sweats, and other items. And his shoe rack has different height & width shelves based on how much bigger his feet are than mine! I am so happy with how everything turned out - our closets are organized, easy to keep clean, and while they were not the cheapest route we could have gone, they are backed by a lifetime warranty I completely trust. 

In other "not cheap house project" news, today we're FINALLY getting our blinds installed - the very, very last thing we have to cross of the list before we can put our house 100% back together. We can't wait to host Thanksgiving this year to show off our completed project - and with that will come some blog posts with more detail, finally!

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This Is Supposed to be about Work Clothes, Right?

I hope so, because I finally had Travis take a couple of photos of me in my workwear. When I saw Kendi wear this dress a few weeks ago, I had to order it right away. I love the idea of a giant oversized sweater, and I think having one in dress form is even better! I kept it simple this first time wearing it with some basic black booties and a black scarf now that we're finally experiencing some cold weather. I'd love to hear how you'd style it - let me know in the comments!

 photo IMG_9679_zpsqmcvvizx.jpg
 photo IMG_9677_zps1d08ll88.jpg

Dress: Nordstrom
Booties: similar
Scarf: similar

 photo IMG_9673_zps0ttthyyc.jpg

I'm working to find a good spot to take pictures in the house - it gets dark here SO EARLY that I have to be inside, so bear with me while we test out a bunch of different rooms! Hopefully more to come in the work clothes category in the next few weeks, though! 

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Trav & Bri, Recently - vol. 58

Recently at home

 photo IMG_9637_zpsdlegfvy5.jpg

One of the areas we decided to splurge on for the remodel was the closets. Growing up, my mom always had perfectly built closets that used all of the space to its full potential, and I knew I wanted to do that in this house - especially because our old closets were so underwhelming. We got California Closets to come out and design Travis's closet, my closet, the nursery/office closet, and the pantry downstairs, and it has made SUCH a difference with the weird spaces. You'll see it all soon, but for now, here's a peek inside my closet (and if you read this before about 2pm, check my snapchat (bmarie35) for a full closet tour of both mine & Travis's! 

Recently purchased
I just took advantage of the clearance sale at J Crew Factory to pick up another color of my favorite ever vest - this time, I went with navy. Since focusing my closet on pinks and blues, I've been needing some more outerwear and footwear in coordinating colors, and I'm so excited for this vest to arrive, just in time for cooler fall and winter weather! 

Recently styled
I've been living in my Zella leggings and a hoodie lately while we've been putting the house back together. I think that after today, we'll be 99% finished! Cannot wait! 

Recently consumed

Last night, Travis and I went down to Pyramid Brewery for a really fun party to kick off winter - the Snow Cap Party! Pyramid Beer's Snow Cap beer is 30 years old and they threw a great party to celebrate, complete with performances by The Colourist and Robert Delong and beer served in mugs made of ice! They even branded the gloves they gave out to hold our ice mugs! 

Recently in love

We celebrated Niko's 6th birthday over the weekend. He's turning quite gray in his old age, and its super adorable. Also adorable? I found a bin of old stuffed animals I had saved for my someday kids, and in an effort to not be a hoarder, I gave Niko one of my favorites to snuggle (& destroy). Isn't he so cute with Little Foot?! 


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Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites posts are some of my favorite in the blog world. Here are some of mine right now!

 photo friday favorites_zpsgubmysb5.jpg

First up, the Nordstrom Fall Sale! I didn't pick up much, because I had purchased SO MUCH during the Anniversary Sale, but I did snag this shirt that goes perfectly with my closet colors of blues and pinks. After wearing it yesterday, I think everyone should have this shirt. It comes in other colors and patterns if this one isn't your style! 

Today is Veteran's Day, so take some time to love on the Veterans in your life and tell them how much you appreciate their service. It is also Niko's birthday! This dog has been such a joy in our lives, and we'll show him that love by taking him for a vanilla ice cream cone today - his very favorite. What do you guys do for your animals on their birthdays???!

In other sale news, the Sephora VIB Sale is going on now. I haven't dug through yet to see what I'll be picking up, but I'm sure it will include a couple of current favorites, like this Hello Flawless foundation and my favorite dry shampoo. I'd love to hear what all you'll be picking up, as I'm eager to try some new things. If you haven't yet, read Fran's buying guide for the sale - she's got this thing planned out perfectly! 

Another favorite activity of mine is planning vacations - and the one I'm working on right now is a weekend getaway to Palm Springs with Travis for our wedding anniversary in January. Best part of getting married in the middle of winter is the excuse it gives us to sneak out of rainy Seattle to better weather every winter. Have you been to Palm Springs? Let me know your favorite places to eat, drink, stay, and play when you're there! 

Last favorite is an obvious one - this week we passed our FINAL INSPECTION on the house. We are done with this remodel and we are finally unloading all of our belongings into their new spaces and taking down the stickers in our windows. Once things get organized a bit, I'll be sharing TONS of before/after pictures of the project. I'm so happy with how it turned out - to see some progress photos, check out #clarkremodel on Instagram! 

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Hey, Remember Me?

 photo IMG_9469_zpsajwnivix.jpg

Well, that was a big, long, unplanned blogging break if I've ever seen one! But good news: I still know my squarespace password and my photobucket password and I still remember (mostly) how to do this blogging thing. So here I am!

I didn't really intend to stop blogging. Life just got, hard. The remodel was starting to drive me insane as we reached the end. Work got really busy (Who am I kidding? It's always busy.) and my work outfits were just so tired after I had re-worn everything not in storage for the 18 millionth time. Living in a dusty, dirty, often dark and gloomy basement didn't inspire me to wear much more than leggings and a hoodie, and it sure didn't inspire me to work on anything else even remotely creative. Looking back, I really should have gotten one of those daylight-faking lights for the basement because I think I was in a weird kind of seasonal slump based on not seeing enough daylight.

Anyway, I stopped blogging. Without meaning to.  Without saying anything, or planning anything - one day I posted and then I didn't for a really long time. 

A few of you asked me on social media if I was done blogging, and I had crummy answers for you. Maybe? I don't know? I'm still figuring it out? And really, I wasn't sure. But here I am, posting again, looking forward to the holidays and the new year and the future that could be shared on this here little blog. 

I won't be back every day. But I certainly won't go 2.5 months without a post again. So if you're still reading, say hi! Leave me a comment and tell me what you've been up to lately. And trust me, I'll be sharing lots of updates in the coming weeks of what the heck I've been doing with all the time I wasn't spending on blogging! 

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