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Alright, I need your help! I've got to find a dress to wear to Cassie's rehearsal dinner in a couple of weeks. Couple of weeks meaning I've gotta shop from somewhere I can pick up in store, or that has fast shipping and awesome return policies. I'm looking mostly at Shopbop, as I have some credit there, and Nordstrom, because they can never do me wrong. But I've included a couple of other options too. 

 - Alright, so it is an outdoor rehearsal dinner up in the San Juans, so it could be windy/cold/even rainy. Something that can look cute with a coat over it would be a benefit. It could also be super warm, so I'm not looking for a wintery dress :) 
 - I'd like to be able to wear it again! Maybe to a wedding this fall (I've got 2), even.
 - No white, I'm not the bride, people!
 - I'm super into floral lately, but am 100% okay looking outside of floral as an option.
 - I want to be able to wear it with shoes I already have (that part should be easy). Flats would be preferred.

And here are some options I've found:

 photo PicMonkey Collage_zpsvmdm0fp9.jpg

1  |  2  |  3  |  4


I love the idea of black & white in dresses 1 and 3, because it will go so well with EVERYTHING and I can spice it up with fun jewelry. But 2 and 3 have color, which I always prefer for weddings, for some reason. I'm a bit worried about the cutout & cap sleeves in is probably my least favorite. 2 is the most unusual for me, but for some reason I'm *really* drawn to it. Maybe also because I think my brown leather jacket would look amazing over it, and that'd help with cooler weather? I have no idea. 

So, two questions for you to answer in the comments:
1. Which of these 4 should I order?
2. What other dresses from other retailers should I consider? Link 'em to me!

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Trav & Bri, Recently - vol.51

Recently at home
We've had some big rains this last week, which unfortunately led to some water leaking into the house. Thank goodness it is already a construction site so they can so easily fix it all!

Recently purchased
A pair of really high but super comfortable wedges for Cassie's wedding this summer. I can't wait to wear these over and over all summer long! 

Recently styled
White, white, and more white, thanks to inspiration from this month's Third Thursday Threads link up. Have you checked out all of the amazing outfits that were added to the link up? If you haven't linked up yet, you should!

Recently consumed
We're headed home today from Spring Barrel Tasting weekend in Lake Chelan. Lots of the wineries open up their barrels from the previous years crush to give us all an early preview of whats to come. I love how the tool they use to pull wine out of the barrel is called a thief - makes it seem so sneaky :) 

 photo IMG_7424_zpsliivqifp.png

Recently in love
My sister is engaged!!! She said yes to her boyfriend Mike last weekend and we couldn't be more excited for them. I was lucky enough to see her just a few days later when on a work trip in Portland, so I of course had to bring her some champagne and flowers! 

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Work Clothes
A White Pants Roundup

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Ear Climbers Are Back!

Just wanted to stop in real quick because the #1 top-selling Stella & Dot product has been sold out FOR MONTHS and is now back! These ear climbers are amazing, and while they won't ship until June 21, they are available for order. AND if you order them using this link, (just search ear climbers) you'll get entered to become the Mystery Hostess for this online party, earning another $50-$100 in free jewelry! They are $39 each and I promise they are SO WORTH it - I ordered myself a gold pair and cannot wait for the surprise package on June 21!!

Okay that's all! Back to your normal Friday now :) See you Sunday with Trav & Bri, Recently!

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Third Thursday Threads: Warm Weather White

I seriously cannot get enough of white right now. I want to wear a crisp white shirt every single day - and then on the days where I can't, I want to wear my bright white soludos, or my white jeans. Time to get an awesome white dress, I think - like for work. Something like this, maybe? Or this

Anyway, this Madewell tee is still bright white and I'm loving it for everything. For work, some simple black pants and fun flats have been perfect for the warmer weather, although I'm also excited to try styling the shirt over a dress or skirt. 

 photo FullSizeRender-12_zpsxuwx8toj.jpg

I went to Banana Republic lately thinking their new Sloan pants looked a lot like my favorite purple pants. And you guys - they are the same! Well, almost. Enough for me to count it as a match. So I got a new pair in black and then also in a black + white pattern. AT. FULL. PRICE. I'm not sure I'll keep both colors, but I'm for sure keeping the black because I was in need of a new pair, big time. These are them, in this outfit. 

 photo FullSizeRender-13_zps818kefyg.jpg

It's also time for me to get some new flats. I wear mine until they just get old and raggedy. I'm not sure what I'm looking for, yet, though, in terms of style. If you have any suggestions for favorite flats lately, leave them in the comments, okay?? These are the BP Moveover, which I love, but the current ones aren't quite the same. I do like this style, but I'm sure it would look awful on my wide fatty feet. I may try them anyway since I've been wanting floral flats for so long!

 photo Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.13.28 PM_zpsusvt9age.png

Now, on to the link up! If you don't know the rules, let me refresh your memory. Please link to a single post, not your whole blog. Be sure your post is all about warm weather whites, and please link back from your blog post to WCIS! And as always, try to visit some of the other blogs linking up. This striped blazer and this tweedy blazer from last month's link up were some of my favorites! 

Out & About: Cassie's Bachelorette Weekend

We of course took a million photos during Cassie's Bachelorette Weekend in Walla Walla, but only two that show what I actually wore. The focus of every other photo was the drink in our hands, of course. What's wine tasting without a million photos holding wine glasses?!?!

We had great weather on the first day and stopped in Prosser for lunch at Wine O'Clock. It was delicious, and so nice to sit outside, as we had rain the rest of the weekend off & on. Here's the whole gang with the bride being the blondest of the crew :) 

 photo IMG_7253_zps6emeh3ta.jpg

Jeans: Old Navy  |  Shoes: Soludos  |  Tank: LOFT (similar)  |  Necklace: S&D Sutton
Purse: Madewell  |  Sunglasses: Smoke x Mirrors

On Saturday we went wine tasting in custom shirts we had made, so no photos of that are worth sharing, but on Saturday night we got all dressed up in black while Cassie wore white. I neglected to bring a black cardigan, and since we ended up having colder weather, I had to live in this one while we were out. 

 photo IMG_7399_zps7wiqg130.jpg

Jeans: Paige Denim  |  Flats: similar  |  Cardigan: similar  |  Tank: Similar 

We had such a fun time celebrating Cassie, and the wineries were all so welcoming. If you have a chance to hit up the Walla Walla Wine Country, I highly recommend it!!

Trav & Bri, Recently - vol.50

 photo IMG_7213_zpssdwf5lbp.jpg

Recently at home
There are just a couple of good things about all of the travel I do - and one of them is the views from the airplane window, specifically when flying in and out of Seattle. You just can't beat all of the water, the islands, the mountains, and the big city all piled in on top of each other. The other good thing? Frequent flier miles to help me go on actual fun travel!

 photo Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 7.47.29 AM_zpsxhubgitn.png

Recently purchased
Dot Dollars have begun!! This means that for every $50 you spend, you get $25 to spend at a later date! I'm picking myself up a Tulum Necklace, and probably one of the Chevron Pave Rings. The Mystery Hostess show is still going on, which means that in addition to Dot Dollars, you could get all of the hostess benefits! If you've been on the fence about anything, now is your time to spring for that favorite item on the wish list! Mystery Hostess show ends 5/24.  Shop here!

Recently styled
The white version of my Madewell shirt, which will be making its blog debut for this weeks Third Thursday Threads!! What will you be wearing for Warm Weather White??!?

Recently consumed
A lot of great wine in Walla Walla for Cassie's Bachelorette Party! We hit up L'Ecole 41, Reininger, Enchanted Cellars, Three Rivers, and more! It was a blast, and is also the reason this post is a day late!

 photo IMG_7188_zpsqvj4ymvn.jpg

Recently in love
If you follow along on snapchat/instagram, you already know this, but Niko had a bit of a run-in with the bottom of a door, and currently is looking quite adorable and pathetic in his wrapped paw and cone. 

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Third Thursday Threads: Warm Weather White!
A #clarkremodel update
Work Clothes

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Work Clothes: On The Road This Week

Today I'm off on my friend Cassie's bachelorette weekend. Follow along on snapchat (@bmarie35) to see our Walla Walla wine tasting adventures! But earlier this week I spent a day in Spokane and a day in Boise. Here's what I wore:

 photo FullSizeRender-10_zpsbsc37rlz.jpg

Shirt: Nordstrom  |  Cardigan: J. Crew Factory  |  Pants: similar  |  Shoes: BP

 photo FullSizeRender-11_zpsmwgmrycv.jpg

Skirt: Nordstrom  |  Shirt: LOFT  |  Cardigan: LOFT  |  Shoes: Nine West

Same airport bathroom for both pictures - one on Wednesday night as I flew into Boise, and one on Thursday afternoon as I flew home! 

What do you have going on this weekend? Anything fun? Let me know in the comments! 

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Third Thursday Threads Theme Announcement

Okay so apparently I'm awful at doing this "2 weeks in advance" thing. But this'll have to do this time around! 

As the weather has been getting nicer, I can't help but pull out all of the white pieces in my closet. My favorite white tank has been on a strong rotation, as have these white jeans. I've done a "winter white" link up before, so now its time to do some warm weather white! 

Going with my white pants OR white shoes has been these white espadrilles. I took my mom's advice and got some Scotchguard to protect them from dirt, and I've been wearing them nonstop ever since! So far they are still bright white, but I'm sure that'll fade a bit over time. 

 photo IMG_7148_zpsxn3u13vo.jpg

Jeans: LOFT  |  Shoes: Soludos  |  Shirt: Madewell
White Bracelet: S&D

 photo IMG_7147_zpsiz5r3wxz.jpg

Also - I'm keeping the white version of this Madewell shirt. It has a bit more of a basic white t-shirt look, but I still love the structure and shape of it! My only other white t-shirt is an Everlane basic v, so this will help diversify my options a bit. 

AND - don't forget to take a look through the Stella & Dot shop to see if you want to join in for the Mystery Hostess show. As I'm sure you've seen on Adina's blog and on the news, there's been a big, very devastating fire up in Alberta, and right now Stella & Dot is donating all of the proceeds of this bracelet to the Canadian Red Cross. But don't buy it there - if you want one, buy it through this store and you'll get an entry to become the hostess of this online trunk show, earning benefits like 2 pieces at 50% off and $50+ in product credit! 

Okay - enough of all of that. Come back next Thursday, May 19th for our Warm Weather White Third Thursday Threads link up!! Leave me a comment with what you think you might wear :) 

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