October Budget

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's been a while since I did a budget post around here, but I finally bought a few new things this month, so I thought I'd share them! Rather than buying a lot, I've been enjoying my Le Tote subscription, which provides me with new clothes all the time that I can wear and then send back. It definitely keeps me from getting bored with my clothing, which is one of the main reasons I shop. But in October, I had a few things I purchased for the bachelorette trip to Nashville and to get prepped for colder weather, and those definitely deserve a mention!

Tank, BP, $28
White Dress, Nordstrom, $78
Oversized Cream Sweater, H&M, $20

Gray Skinnies, H&M, $20
Blanket Scarf, Target, $17

Not pictured: 
Kimono, BP, $38 (seen here)

Total: $201
Overall, not too bad, considering the white dress was one of the cheapest ones I tried and ended up being perfect for my bachelorette party. I probably should have come up with a separate wedding-related clothing budget for this year of being engaged, but I'm doing my best to pick options that will be able to remain a part of my closet even after I'm married.

Trends at the Office

Monday, October 27, 2014

Most of my counterparts at work now are men who wear pretty basic workwear. Slacks, dress shoes, a button-down, and sometimes a sweater. And the customers I'm meeting with? Well, they are in cargo shorts and a t-shirt. Or, if I'm meeting with a boss, maybe slacks and a polo/dress shirt. So when I show up for meetings in a patterned blazer with a brightly colored tank top, I stand out. I haven't figured out yet if its a good thing or a bad thing, but I'm thinking good. I'm young for my role here, and while I shouldn't necessarily shout that from the rooftops, I'm definitely going to take advantage of the fact that I can play with brights, and patterns, and trendy styles for as long as I can get away with it. 

So for now, receiving tanks like this from Le Tote is good by me. And pairing such a bright top with a patterned blazer? Yep, sign me up. 

Shirt: Le Tote
Blazer: Nordstrom (similar)
Slacks: Loft
Pumps: Bandolino

Where do you guys draw the line on workwear? Which trends do you love for work, and which are off-limits? Do you ever try to pick something more boring or conservative to appear older and more professional? Tell me your ways, oh wise ones!

A Leftover

Friday, October 24, 2014

Whoops. An outfit from summer still hanging out in my drafts. But I'm in Denver today and it is almost 80 degrees so posting it now doesn't seem as crazy. Just hang in there with me, alright? 

I've had this shirt forever. In fact, I remember buying it with my mom right when I started my new job back in 2009. The last new job I ever started, since I still work there. Crazy. Anyway, I got this shirt, and I adored it, and I wore the heck out of it. And then it got overworn and boring and I couldn't pull it out - except I'd wear it with a pair of mustard flats with rosettes on them and my navy work slacks. Every time the same.

Lots has changed since then, and sometimes I don't even wear it with blue or yellow. I'll show you that sometime soon, I promise. But here's an outfit I love that is inspired by the way I used to dress, I guess!

Shirt: LOFT (similar)
Jeans: LOFT
Cardigan: BP (similar)
Flats: Steve Madden

Coming next week: 5 posts. I know, earth-shattering news around here lately!

Wedding Update: The Bachelorette Party

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Travis and I are getting married in exactly 100 days, so it felt like the right time to share another wedding update, and since I just got back from my bachelorette weekend, I have lots to share!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw more than you wanted from my bachelorette party last weekend. But since my friends also shared a bunch of awesome photos, I wanted to share them here! 

Top L-R: They made "Bri's last ride before she's a bride" shirts for everyone, Broadway St in downtown Nashville, all the girls at the Corsair distillery
Middle L-R: Final night with me in white and everyone else in black, visiting the Johnny Cash wall, Sprocket Rocket adventures
Bottom L-R: Pre-Sprocket Rocket ride, boots for days, pajama party in the hotel to kick off the weekend

I think this is up there with the best weekends of my life. Thursday night started off with a pizza & pajama party in the hotel where they all gave me gifts and quizzed me on Travis trivia he'd helped with, and then we went out to a bar near our hotel. On Friday, we had a lazy morning of shopping and wandering around downtown before riding the Sprocket Rocket beer-cycle through Nashville. We had a great dinner with live music and then went out on Broadway to the Honky Tonks! And on Saturday, we went to brunch, shopped around a new part of town, and then did a distillery tour & tasting at Corsair, which was awesome. A final dinner out and then out for more drinks, dancing, and karaoke wrapped up the trip before our flight home on Sunday morning. 10 of my best friends and my sister came with us and it was so amazingly fun to spend time with all of them! We even got to celebrate 2 different birthdays while we were in Nashville. 

Best. Weekend. Ever!

If you've missed other wedding updates, check out the most recent one here (it has links to all of the earlier ones, too).

The Any-Season Dress

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

You probably recognize this dress - as soon as I got it mid-way through the summer, it became my most-worn dress. I throw it on when I can't find anything else to wear. I toss it in my luggage as a last-minute just in case option when I'm packing for a trip. And I haven't stopped wearing it now that the seasons have been changing. In fact, I maybe love it more now that I can throw it on with tights, an oversized sweater, a scarf, or some boots. I can't wait to layer it with a crewneck sweater - I think that'd be an awesome look! Or with a chambray underneath, if the fit is right? Any other suggestions? 

Dress: Old Navy (with 3/4 sleeves)
Cardigan: Nordstrom (similar)
Tights: HUE (new favorites)
Boots: Sam Edelman

Also, these glasses? They are from Firmoo.com, where they are currently having a "get your first pair free" promotion. For glasses that are only $36 to start, this is such an awesome program to get hooked. I highly recommend you give them a try!! 

Don't forget - tomorrow I have a wedding update - bachelorette party edition!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm still insanely swamped at work. But here's what I know:
 - Reading & replying to emails and comments from you guys is still a #1 priority, and it keeps me sane.
 - Seeing the amazing pink outfits on Third Thursday Threads is totally inspiring (link up here if you haven't yet!). 
 - I had the best bachelorette party weekend I could have imagined, and I'll be sharing details THURSDAY. So come back for that - trust me!
 - There's a bar cart behind me in these photos that I love (house tour someday on the blog?) and so I had to call it out in the title.

Sweater: LOFT (hand-me-down from mama, similar)
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: J. Crew Factory (similar)
Booties: Nordstrom

Have a great Tuesday and see you back here tomorrow (I promise!).

Third Thursday Threads: Pink

Thursday, October 16, 2014

As I mentioned when I announced this month's theme, my mom is a breast cancer survivor, and this month is all about breast cancer awareness. There are a lot of places you can help, and I'm happy to provide more information if you're interested in it. But what I will say is this: check early, check often, and encourage the women in your life to do the same. 

And now, on to the pink link-up!

This jacket was a London purchase that I've hardly worn at all. But this blouse comes in the mail from Le Tote, I see the pink in it, and it suddenly all comes together. The gray booties were a bit of an unusual choice for me given the rest of the color palette, but I love the way it turned out. And since they are the most comfortable shoes ever, I was happy all day. 

And let's not forget about the co-host for the month. Gina from On The Daily Express was the most-clicked outfit in September, and I'm just as excited about her October pink outfits as I was about her awesome fall combinations:

Jeans: LOFT
Booties: BP
Shirt: Le Tote
Jacket: Zara (purchased in London, similar)

In case you're new here, here's how this works:
2. Link to a specific post, not your general blog URL, and please be wearing or talking about a Pink outfit.
3. Visit the other bloggers who have linked up!

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